[Answered] Who Makes Supermax Tires: are they good?

Supermax Tires are getting more and more attention in the ever-increasing American tire market.

The brand is yet to become a major competitor in the industry. However, they feature an extensive lineup that has already made an impression. One common query from the clients about the brand concerns who makes Supermax Tires.

Supermax is actually a sub-brand of the USA-based Horizon Tire Inc. And Horizon Tire itself is a Chinese-owned company planted in America. Horizon Tire manufactures Supermax tires in China to import, distribute and sell across the USA.

But there’s more to know about Supermax Tires. Anyone interested in its rich product line should have the essential facts. And we’ve gathered the informative details you need on the Supermax Tires brand.

Who Makes Supermax Tires

About Supermax from Horizon Tire Inc.,

Supermax isn’t exactly a solely-operating tire brand. And it’s not a full-scale American brand either.

Horizon Tire Inc is the parent company to own Supermax. It also owns Antares, Rydanz, Sotera, and Waterfall in the market. Horizon Tire itself is a China-owned tire manufacturer planted in the USA.

The company has been doing business in America for 10+ years. Currently, its business is spread across the entire USA. The tires are sold through top OEMs, distributors, and retailers.

A total of 4 distribution centers in the USA to ship the order immediately. You can contact the Southern California, Texas, New Jersey, or Georgia offices. Also, make online contact from its official website.

Supermax or Horizon uses the ‘container direct shipping’ method to reach customers across the USA.

who & Where are Supermax Tires Manufactured?

Horizon Tire, the parent company, has branch offices in China. There’s a Beijing office, and another branch is in Qingdao. Supermax tires are mostly manufactured in China to get exported to the USA.

Also, there’s a factory in Thailand to manufacture Supermax TM-1 tires for the pacific rim regions. Horizon Tire Inc. collects the necessary tire/rubber material from the area for production.

Beijing and Qingdao offices handle the production and export. And the US-based centers cover sales, ads, and customer services. However, all the Supermax tires are marketed as per the USA standards.

Are Supermax Tires good: is it worth to buy this tires?

Why should you even consider a yet-to-occupy fair market share? Well, there are reasons Supermax tires are definitely worth checking.

1. Functional Design

There are central rib blocks with featured circumferential grooves. It enables better vehicular handling without compromising your comfort.

2. Improved Traction

You can skip worrying about too-dry or too-wet road conditions. An exclusively engineered tread offers superior traction to run on any surface.

3. Excellent Safety Factor

Shortened breaking resistance comes with extended safety factors. Thus, you can comfortably avoid close calls more often on the driveway.

4. Rolling Resistance

Greater rolling resistance means more consumption of fuel. But Supermax tires have reduced resistance to promote your overall fuel economy.

5. Impressive Options

There are different series to fit into different vehicles of varying sizes. Also, you can find alternatives to the same tires within Supermax itself.

Top Supermax Tire Models in the Market

It’s impossible to enlist only a few models from the long product lineup. However, things can get easier with popular series from Supermax.

TM-1 Series:

A total of 42 models are available under Supermax’s most popular series. All the featured models are suitable for either passenger cars or SUVs. That’s what makes TM-1 an affordable option for everyday car owners.

The sizes cover a 175 – 245 range with standard LR/PR values. Also, the speed rating is ‘T’ for most tires against some ‘V’ rated ones. Only one model comes with an ‘H’ rating. Meantime, the loading index covers a satisfying 82 – 107 range.

HT-1 Series:

However, HT-1 is the ultimate series with a maximum number of models. Nearly 90 different models are available to fit your vehicle. Not to mention, HT itself refers to highway terrain. And the majority of the tires are suitable for SUVs.

Meanwhile, a fair percentage of the models suit light trucks. The minimum size is 215 against a maximum of 285 with the options. The speed rating is widely varied with either T, H, S, V, R, or W ratings. And the loading index ranges from 98 up to 126.

UHP-1 Series:

UHP stands for Ultra-High Performance. The series is more like an alternative to TM-1 tires within Supermax. Its tires are suitable exclusively for passenger cars only. And the tires are capable of dealing with everyday roads.

About 20 different tire models are currently available under the series. The size goes from 215 to 305 under the ‘W’ or ‘V’ speed rating. The LR/PR ratio is either STD or XL for the tires. And the maximum loading index is 118 against a minimum of 90.

RT-1 Series:

Supermax has additional options to let you drive on rougher terrains. The term RT means rugged terrain. And there are 11 different tire models categorized under the series. Either one is suitable for jeeps and passenger cars.

All the models share almost the same specs except size, rim, and section. The LR/PR ratio is a constant E/10 for the options. Even the speed rating is the same ‘Q’ for 11 models. But the loading index remains close within a 109 – 127 range.

MTR Series:

MTR or Motor lineup is more like a sub-series under HT-1. What makes it discrete from others is the compatible vehicle types. The well-specified tires under MTR are compatible with trailers or large trucks only.

Also, there are several sub-categories within MTR itself. HA3, HA4, HT2-Plus, HD4-Plus, HF1-Plus, HD1-Plus, HD2-Plus, HT1-Plus tires are available here. And you can make necessary purchases from all the options accordingly.

All the Supermax tires are ready to roll in any weather condition. So, you better save the worries about road wetness or dryness.

Best Use of Supermax Tires

Not all tires are equally workable with different road/vehicle types. That’s why we tabulated the facts right below for an easy understanding.

Tire SeriesVehicle TypeSuitable Road
TM-1Passenger Car/SUVRegular Roads
HT-1SUV/Light TruckHighway Terrains
UHP-1Passenger CarRegular Roads
RT-1Passenger Car/Jeep/SUVRugged Terrains
MTRHeavy or Large Truck/TrailerHighway Terrains

Top Alternatives to Supermax Tires

Top Alternatives to Supermax Tires

You can still check Supermax tire alternatives in other brands. However, the following name brands should get priority.

Bridgestone –

The Japanese tire company is an established brand worldwide. And there are plenty of options to fit your vehicles. You can find affordable and expensive tires in its lineup.

Pirelli –

The Italian brand has set many standards in the industry from time to time. Its tires are great for passenger cars and SUVs. However, the company intentionally specializes in 2-wheelers mostly.

Goodyear –

It’s one of the only two genuine USA-based tire companies. The uncompromised quality makes it one top choice. And you can find the majority of the tires within your budget.

There are other well-set as well as less-recognized tire brands. You can consider – Continental, Dunlop, Yokohama, Michelin, Maxxis, Giti, Saliun, and many more.

supermax tires related Questions (FAQs)

1. Who owns Supermax Tires?

Horizon Tire is the actual brand to own Supermax Tires.

2. Do Supermax Tires do overseas business?

Yes, Horizon Tires export, distribute, and sell tires internationally.

3. Where are Supermax Tires made?

Supermax Tires are manufactured in China and Thailand.

SuperMax TM 1 Tire Review >> Check out the video below:

Wrapping Up

Our intentions to provide details about who makes Supermax Tires end here. We hope to deliver more than just a straightforward answer.

You can save luxurious and expensive tires with Supermax for a try. Safety, economy, comfort, stability – everything comes with its integration.

Feel free to share your thoughts, experience, and ideas with Supermax. Drop comments right below to let us know more about the brand.

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