Do You Know Who Makes Fullway Tires? Is It Good Or Bad?

Tires perform more than just keeping your vehicle moving on the road. Your overall driving experience depends on this must-have automotive component. That’s why there are so many sizes, models, designs, and other specs from different brands.

Fullway Tire is a Chinese tire manufacturing company. It’s a sub-brand of the China-based Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Corporation Ltd. They’ve been manufacturing top-notch tire models to import & sell to the USA.

Likewise, you can opt for expensive down to cheap tires in the market. But only a limited number of brands can deliver great satisfaction at reasonable prices.

Who Makes Fullway Tires

About Fullway Tires

Fullway Tires, or Fullway for short is a secondary brand of Qingdao Fullrun company. Fullrun is a tire and rubber company specializing in producing affordable rubber products. However, the company’s main focus is currently confined to quality tires.

Quick Fact 01: Qingdao is a major port city in the eastern Shandong province in China.

The parent company was founded in 2003 but gained momentum in the 2010s. Meantime, Fullway tires continued to market satisfying alternatives to luxurious brands. And it eventually pushed the less-known brand to occupy a fair percentage in the USA.

Quick Fact 02: Fullrun developed a complete premium tire series to own 50+ patents.

There are mainly passenger car and SUV tires available under the Fullway brand. The tires are available in a wide range of sizes to meet the customer’s requirements. Fullway even has well-sophisticated summer, winter, and all-season tires in its store.

Where are Fullway Tires Manufactured?

Fullway tires are manufactured in Qingdao to distribute the products domestically and internationally. Despite being a well-set brand, there’s no manufacturing warehouse in the USA.

Quick Fact 03: Its only overseas factory situated in Malaysia started production in 2018.

However, its international customer service is always available. You can directly submit your queries from its official FullRunTyre website. Also, there are online services to let you contact the company.

are fullway tires any good? 5 reasons to buy one

Why choose a somewhat less-recognized Fullway over others? Well, take a look at its absolute best benefits to make up your mind.

#1 – Superior Performance

Fullway tires give your vehicle superb stability on any road. The impressive rubber quality is ready to meet the changes in vehicle speed.

And you won’t have to worry about the weather unless it’s a seasonal option. Even the noise levels are low enough to promote your comfort.

#2 – Excellent Rating

Most of the Fullway options feature a good treadwear rating. And you can enjoy an extended lifespan of the rubberized component.

The ratings remain within 380 to 420 for Fullway tires. That means you can expect around 60,000 miles of driving with every tire.

#3 – Thermal Resistance

Resistance and dispersion of heat seriously affect the tire material. But the majority of the Fullway tires have a straightforward ‘A’ rating.

That’s how Fullway tires hold their life expectancy through good thermal resistance. And the outer surface enables superior heat dispersion.

#4 –Dependable Traction

Some tires also have an ‘A’ rating for their unmatched traction. A proper grip on the tire is a must for controlling the vehicle.

HP108, HP116, HS266, and HS288 fall under this category. And they barely skid on wet concrete or asphalt roads during brakes.

#5 – Larger Selection

There is no need to stick one particular tire to the wheel rim. Fullway lets you check other alternates within the brand.

Whether it’s passenger cars, SUVs, crossovers, or light trucks – you have options. Use the ideas to get the best Fullway tire.

Top 4 Fullway Tire Models in the Market

The considerably rich product line makes it difficult to choose a mere number of options. But most of the popular models belong to either of the four series –

#1 – HP108 Series:

It’s arguably the most sought-after Fullway Tires series. Different section widths define every model from others. And all the options are suitable for driving in all seasons.

Its 225 and 205 versions are Amazon’s Top Choices. Also, there are other variations like 245, 315, 235, 215, 275, and 245. However, either option is available for purchase as a set of two.

#2 – HS266 Series:

Another all-season choice from Fullway with several variations. The series is available under 20” – 30” sized rims. Speed ratings can feature H & V and even W occasionally.

You’ll receive an enhanced steering response on the road. So, you’ll get a good degree of controllability and traction. But the noise level is slightly higher than the previously mentioned HP108.

#3 –HS288 Series:

It’s another all-season category with sufficient varieties. And the section widths are mostly higher in this series. The maximum width counts 305mm against a minimal 235mm.

Its directional and aggressive test pattern optimizes the multi-pitch alignment. Long-lasting treads can handle high-speed drives. Also, you’ll have superior traction, cornering, and noise reduction.

#4 – HP168 Series:

However, the series got popular for its excellent wet-road driving support. Directional tread design enables superior and smooth traction against asphalt/concrete wetness.

And the available variations keep going with a 10mm section width interval. You’re getting 215mm up to 275mm within the category. That’s sufficient for the sporting tire-like components.

These happen to have popularity within the USA. However, there are additional tire models you can buy. Head to the Fullway Products in Fullrun website to explore the less-popular models.

Best Use of Fullway Tires

It’s important for you to know the suitable vehicle and season for the tires. And the fact is valid for all vehicles, regardless of the brand. Check the suitability for the mentioned Fullway Series right below.

Tire SeriesVehicle TypeSeasonal Suitability
HP108Passenger Car/SUVAll Seasons
HS266SUV/Light TruckAll Seasons
HS288Light Truck/SUVAll Seasons
HP168Passenger CarWet Seasons

Top 3 Fullway Tires Alternatives – that ever better

#1 – Cooper

The American tire company has been in business for 100+ years. And you’ll find a larger selection under different categories and price tags. Several options are considerably affordable against the integrated features.

#2 – Kumho

The South Korean tire company has been manufacturing the component for 60+ years. A full range of choices makes it one reliable brand. And the majority of the offered models are available at fair prices.

#3 – Hankook

Another South Korean manufacturer is doing business in 180+ countries. Its tires are critically acclaimed for their uncompromised quality. And you don’t have to break the wallet to afford most of the available tire options.

Other brands like Toyo and General you can look into for affordable tires. Many other brands claim to be cheap, but only a few options are worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Fullway?

Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Corporation Ltd., a Chinese company, owns Fullway Tires.

Are Fullway tires made in China?

Yes, Fullway tires are currently made in China. Also, you can get Fullway tires made in its Malaysian factory.

Is Fullway a good brand?

Fullway is yet to become a top competitor in the market. But its top-quality alternative tires are indeed dependable.

Fullway tires hp 108 overview >> Check out the videos:

Wrapping Up

We hope to cover more than just answers to who makes Fullway Tires. Maybe it’s time to save bucks with its affordable alternatives.

Introducing magical improvement in driving seems 4 Fullway tires away. Start enjoying a smooth ride with less noise and further stability.

Are you looking into Fullway, or have you been using the brand? Let us know your thoughts by dropping relevant comments right below.

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