who makes arroyo tires – is it really good? [Explained]

When considering buying tires, manufacturers and brands are important for those who are concerned about fuel efficiency or who drive on snowy roads.

Arroyo Tires is a brand that takes care of all the concerns a driver has about car tires. This brand considers the problems a driver may face before producing a tire and acts accordingly. who makes arroyo tires?

The Arroyo tire is manufactured by an American private label brand that was founded in 2012 and headquartered in Romero Canyon Rd Castaic, California, US. 

Who Makes Arroyo Tires

About The Manufacturer

American Private Label Brands are known as a string of products from a broad range of industries offering low-cost options for provincial, national or global brands. Arroyo tires are made by one of such American private label companies.

So it is clear that the Arroyo tire manufacturing company is not as well known as the other popular companies. However, the process of manufacturing their tires is quite different and relatively new because they use innovative technology in their products. 

What Is The Quality Of This Brand Today? 

Arroyo tire brand started its journey in the tire market in 2012. So it is a relatively new brand and unfamiliar to many. 

There are several goals behind arroyo tire production. The main goal behind the production of these tires was to provide people with advanced technology and the best quality tires.

Other goals include providing safety features, lower noise levels, and higher handling and braking abilities. In addition, Arroyo Tires emphasizes the production of eco-friendly tires to minimize their harmful effects on the environment. 

The Arroyo brand is currently selling high-quality premium tires. You can expect to see new technology in their tires, instead of over-used or outdated technology.

Since they are focusing on advanced technology in tire production, they offer a competitive price for these tires in the market which is much higher than the price of other companies’  tires.

Where Is Arroyo Tire Manufactured?

The headquarter of arroyo Tires Co. Inc. is in Romero Canyon Rd Castaic, California, USA, and the chairman of the company is James Nigra.

However, you will not find the exact location of Arroyo tire production because it is manufactured in different locations and in different countries. People often see a label on an arroyo tire that says “Made in China”. So it can be assumed that it is mainly manufactured in China.

However, in some models, you may see written the label “Made in Thailand” or “Made in Turkish”.  Therefore, the exact location of Arroyo factory is still unknown to people.

Arroyo Tires stores can be found everywhere in the United States. Arroyo brand products are also available in many other countries, such as Spain, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, etc. 

Arroyo tire brands have multiple stores in these countries and are sold regularly. The company’s tires are being sold in Colombia and even Mexico as well.

How Does This Arroyo Tire Brand Warranty Work?

No tire brand can guarantee you a certain number of miles from a given tire. Driving conditions, driving habits, road conditions, and vehicle maintenance all play a part in the life of a tire.

So the tire brand comes with a warranty along with some condition that helps the user to get a replacement if anything goes wrong with the product.

Unfortunately, we did not find anything about the Arroyo tire warranty anywhere. They have not shared anything about the warranty on their website. 

But we think advanced tire technology brands like arroyo tire will be able to offer a strong, sturdy, and long-lasting warranty and will be able to ease any of your problems and worries.

To find out about the warranty of this brand, you may have to go to the company’s store and contact the person from whom you are going to buy these.

Most tire brands have a mileage warranty that typically ranges from 50,000 to 90,000 miles. So it is expected that the range of warranty you get when you buy an Arroyo tire will be at least 50000 miles.

Also, keep in mind that any tire that lasts an average of 50,000 to 60,000 miles is good in terms of quality.

are arroyo tires good? 3 reasons to buy one

Although the Arroyo tire brand is not as familiar as other well-known brands in the market, in terms of performance and quality, It can be said that the Arroyo tire brand is a top-quality brand. 

It is a  relatively new, innovative, and technology-rich brand that has been created with the highest technology to benefit its customers. The most important aspects of these tires are high performance, accuracy, braking, and durability. 

Here are some of the features of the tire that make this brand so amazing :

1. Excellent performance

Arroyo tire brand focuses more on its performance during tire production. They produce tires for customers that promise them better handling and better grip on the ground.

2. High Quality

Although the design of Arroyo Tires is very simple, the tires they make are high quality and durable. In this case, according to the standard, you may find the price of this tire a little higher than other ordinary tires.

3. Noise reduction–  

Some tire sets make so much noise that it becomes unbearable for users. You don’t have to suffer like this if you use Arroyo tires. Arroyo tires are made with advanced technology and design that help reduce tire noise when driving on the road.

How Many Types Of Tires Does The Arroyo Company Manufacture?

The Arroyo Company offers customers three types of tires. These are

  • Performance-based tires,
  • Off-road tires,
  • And passenger tires

Performance tires focus on the performance of the tires as they are manufactured with strong handling and braking. Passenger tires are designed for general users who prefer to travel safely while driving. And off-road tires, on the other hand, are designed for customers who drive on rough, off-road terrain.

people also ask (FAQs)

Are Arroyo Tires Safe To Ride?

So far almost everyone who has used this brand has given good feedback about arroyo tires. So it is safe to say that arrow tires are safe to drive.

Are Arroyo Tires Worth Using?

Most of the arroyo tires last longer than usual. Besides they have different models for different types of roads. Although they are a little expensive in terms of prices but using this brand’s tire is going to be worth your money. 

Are Arroyo Tires Noisy?

Absolutely not. They use innovative design and technology when manufacturing tires to reduce noise.


Although Arroyo tires have come recently to the market, you will find Arroyo tire stores in almost all states of the United States. Its advanced technology and extraordinary performance are attracting customers day by day. And so it is important to know who makes arroyo tires and where these tires are manufactured. 

In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about this topic and we believe that you no longer have any doubts about who makes the Arroyo tires.

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