Are Yokohama Tires Good Quality Brand? (quick Answer!)

Yokohama is mainly a Japanese brand of rubber. But for more than 50 years, they have been producing tires and supplying them all over the world.

Dedicated tires for almost all types of terrain and vehicle are the best side of this brand. That’s why owners of any type of vehicle can trust and use this brand’s tires.

But there is something more amazing about this brand. They are working to reduce carbon emissions while producing these tires. One of the raw materials for these tires is orange piles. Even the brand claims that these tires can save about 80% petroleum burning while driving.

To know the whole story of this brand, and Are Yokohama Tires Good or not?

let’s jump into the article and stick to the end.

Are Yokohama Tires Good

who makes Yokohama tires?

Yokohama tires are made by the Yokohama tire Corporation. The company was founded in 1917. Though this is a tire company, the mother company is mainly famous for producing rubber.

A Japanese company named Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd is the mother brand. But they only work with quality rubber. So, basically, their business is runner based.

But they have several manufacturing units for tires in North America. In 1969, they started their journey in America. Since then they are producing tires for almost all types of vehicles.

Where are Yokohama tires made and manufactured?

You already know that Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. is a Japanese company that produces and sells rubber. But their North American arm named Yokohama Tires corporation is dedicated to manufacturing tires.

Since 1969, these units have been producing tires and currently making about a million tires annually with over 2100 workers and several manufacturing units in Salem, Virginia, and West Point.

Besides, their research and development sector is in North Carolina and Cornileus. They are constantly working to invent new and better tires.

How does the Yokohama brand warranty work

Yokohama brand has a warranty policy of 50000-70000 miles. But that is not constant for every model of tires they have.

Rather the tread life warranty differs from model to model. Some models of Yokohama tires have 80000 miles warrant. Again, some special tires provide a warranty for 85000 miles, which is really rare within this budget range.

How many miles do Yokohama tires last?

That depends on how you use your tires and how you drive. As I have just mentioned, some Yokohama tires can last for 85000 miles as per their warranty, the durability must be good enough.

Let’s say, if you drive 10000 miles per year, you can easily use those tires for 6-7 years consistently. But you should change the side and rotation of tires after every 5000 miles of driving.

It is worth mentioning that the lifespan of tires really depends on how you’re using them. So, by maintaining it properly, you can increase the durability of tires.

What Vehicles Can Use Yokohama Tire?

Yokohama produces a plethora of products for different types of vehicles. From SUVs to sports cars, almost any type of vehicle can be compatible with these tires.

Some of the best brands of cars like Porsche, smart, wagons by Dodge, FIAT, etc can provide really high performance with a combination of Yokohama tires.

Besides, owners of luxury brands like Audi and Mercedes can also use Yokohama tires without any hesitation.

What Are the Different Sizes of Yokohama Tires?

There are different sizes of these tires. A unique code indicates unique tire shape and service details.

For example, a general tire size code for Yokohama tires indicates service type, service description, and tire dimensions. The letter P, LT, T, and C is the primary indication of the speed limit. Besides, there are plenty of varieties for different types of vehicles.

Are Yokohama tires good? 5 reasons to buy them

So, now we’ll see why you can consider these tires for buying,


You have already come to know that Yokohama is basically a rubber company. So, they provide the best material for these tires.

Environment friendly:

These tires reduce fuel-burning and help to decrease carbon footprint too.


Affordability is one of the best features of these tires. These tires offer premium service within budget.


Undoubtedly the stability, control, and handling capacity of these tires are worth mentioning.


Even most of the high-end brands don’t have tread life warranty of 85000 miles that these brands offer. They are confident because their products have that quality.

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Are there any drawbacks of Yokohama tires?

I’ve already mentioned that none of the models of Yokohama tires are perfect in all aspects. Rather, there is a saying about these tires that these brands are not unique in any features.

Well, let’s elaborate. In the Yokohama tires, you may see all of the features that modern tires are offering. But none of them are special. Besides, the price of these tires is a bit higher.

Tires from these brands that are dedicated to snowy roads, can’t perform well on dry roads and vice versa. So, you should identify which model would meet all your demands. Then go for that one.

best Yokohama tires on the market

Yokohama has a wide variety of products available in the market. Among them, here I’m going to describe two of the most popular models.

Well, not any of them are perfect though. Every model has some drawbacks. So, you should consider these before buying them as well.

1. Yokohama Advan Fleva:

These tires are less expensive compared to other models of Yokohama. With excellent braking capability on dry roads, these tires provide great handling and control.

The Tread life of these tires is considered good within budget. But the problem is that traction and grip on wet roads can be improved a lot. Besides, riding comfort is not as good as expected.

2. Yokohama BluEarth Winter:

The next popular model is BluEarth Winter. These are real dedicated tires for snowy roads. The tread design is specially engineered for performing on ice.

As a result, the handling of vehicles on ice with these tires will be way easier than normal tires. But the dry road performance of these tires are not good. So, as soon as the ice melts, you may notice a visible performance drop.

Are there any good alternatives available for Yokohama tires?

Some of the available alternatives to Yokohama tires are shared here,

Haida tires:

These tires are popular for providing great handling stability. Besides, the price of these tires is really too less than other available options. As per some customers’ reviews, these tires are better than most other stock tires.

Landsail tires:

These tires have a lot of both positive and negative reviews on different online platforms. They are great on wet roads. But the problem is while braking the tire doesn’t perform well. As a result, the overall performance gets dropped. But compared to the price, these tires are excellent.

people also ask (FAQs)

Is Yokohama tire worth the money?

Of course, in terms of overall performance, these tires are really worthy.

When should you change the side of Yokohama tires?

You can rotate or change tire sides after driving every 5000 miles.

Is Yokohama a trusted brand?

Undoubtedly this brand is trusted as they have years of reputation.

To know more about Yokohama tire, watch this!


Yokohama tires are great tires for those who’re looking for affordable tires. In all conditions, these tires can serve quite well.

But when it comes to the specialty of the brand, there is nothing unique to mention actually. But the overall performance is so good that these tires are becoming more and more popular.

So, if you’re looking for the answer to are Yokohama tires good quality, then you can rest assured. Because without any hesitation, these tires will be a great companion while you’re driving.

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