Who Makes Thunderer Tires – [Brief Brand Overview]

Thunderer tires are widely popular all over the world for their durability and quality. Though these tires are available under the brand Thunderer, they don’t manufacture these tires.

The American Omni Trading Company makes tires for Thunderer. Since 2007, this company has been manufacturing tires for Thunderer and growing its market still now. American Omni has a great reputation. Their tires are fantastic when it comes to the lifespan of tires. Each day, Thunderer is producing about 20000 tires and distributes them worldwide.

Thus a new company has made its own place in the tire market and added value to users’ life. But what is unique in these tires? Are they worth the money? Let’s explore each of these in detail.

Who Makes Thunderer Tires

About the Manufacturer

American Omni Trading Company makes Thunderer tires. This is a large company that has been serving fantastic tires for more than 25 years. And still, they are evenly popular since they are maintaining the quality.

This company not only makes tires for the Thunderer. Rather, it also supplies products for companies like Crop max, Venezia, etc. And undoubtedly, all of the products of each of these brands are of high quality.

The designs of the tires produced by this brand are unique in design. The special design and material both enhance the durability of these tires. Thousands of drivers around the world love these tires for their trucks and SUV

About the Thunderer brand

The Thunderer is not that much older as a company. This company started its journey just in 2007. Within this little time, the brand has made its own place in the highly competitive tire market.

The brand basically operates from Nakorn Pathom Province, Thailand. They are selling tires for passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. With a highly expert team and fantastic design facilities, this company is continuing to provide some best products.

where are thunderer tires made & manufactured?

The brand Thunderer is based in Thailand. The whole marketing and selling operations are operated from Thailand too. But as the brand manufacturers tire from American Omni, these tires come from the USA.

American Omni Trading Company is situated in the USA. Their manufacturing unit is in Thailand and in the USA. But the headquarter of this company is in Houston, Texas. All the business dealings and operations are done from the headquarters.

But according to the available information sources, the main manufacturing unit for tires is in Thailand.

are thunderer tires good? 4 reasons to buy one

To judge whether a tire is good or bad, you need to consider some criteria first. And no exceptions for Thunderer tires too. So, let’s see what to look for before choosing a tire.

Besides, I’ll also discuss how Thunderer tire can serve on that specific parameter. Let’s get into it,

#1- Design:

Design is the primary concern when choosing a tire. Because the traction and force that a tire can absorb depend on the design of the tires. Mostly the Thunderer tires are of radial design tires. This enables the vehicle to perform better on irregular roads.

#2- Friction:

Another important thing for tires is the friction force that the tires can generate. Without proper friction force, the tire may get slipped in front of the road. This may cause a serious accident. In the Thunderer tires, the friction is maintained properly. So, there will be no issue regarding this.

#3- Durability:

If you are an active driver, this is something to be concerned about. Changing tires not only costs a handsome amount of money but also creates great hassle. And if you drive more, then the tires will get damaged soon. In this case, Thunderer can be a good option as they have reputation for durable tires.

#4- Size

Last but not least, you should check and confirm the size of your desired tires, Thunderer has varieties of tires for Trucks to SUVs. So, you can choose your desired tire from the wide collection.

Because of the features that you can see in the Thunderer tires, these tires can be a wise option to choose from.

best Thunderer tires on the market

As I have mentioned earlier, Thunderer manufacturers about 20000 tires each day. So, you can imagine how large production facilities and products they have.

Here I am going to share some of the best tires from the brand Thunderer. This list is based on customer reviews and personal experiences. Though different tires have different features, you need to select the one that suits your purposes best.

Trac Grip M/T R408

People have claimed that, even after driving 5000 miles with this tire, they are still satisfied with the performance. These tires can serve well both in dry and wet conditions. 

The friction between the tires and roads is so good that you can drive even in the snow. And it won’t slip and you will enjoy hassle-free driving.

ST Radial R501

This tire is really well according to the price. Undoubtedly buying these tires can be a good deal. These tires can also serve satisfactory results both on dry and wet roads,

Mach V

These tires can provide fantastic driving comfort. Whether in Trucks or SUVs, these tires can serve for a long time without even any maintenance.

Ranger ATR

These tires will generate minimum noise while driving. The friction force is also great both in hot and cold environments. Besides, the unique design also adds reliability when it comes to the performance of the tire. 

Some of the best alternatives to Thunderer tires

There are alternatives even for the best of the bests. Thunderer is no exception to that. There are some great available tires that can be a good replacement for Thunderer tires.

Here, I am going to provide the best alternatives for Thunderer tires. Let’s have a look at these:

Hankook Dynapro AT2 RF11

This tire can provide a fantastic experience both off-road and on-road. The great stability and perfect blend of design enable the driver to drive more smoothly. The rim size is 16 Inches of this tire.

Ironman All Country

These Mexican tires can carry a load up to 3086 pounds. With 17 inches rim size, this is one of the finest tires for light trucks.

Cooper Discoverer STT

The thread of this tire is designed in such a manner that stone can’t be stuck in this tire. Again, this tire can be very useful on muddy roads as it provides extra traction due to its super design.

Any of these tires can be a good alternative to Thunderer tiers. All of these tires are available in both online shops and in offline stores.

people also ask (FAQs)

Are Thunderer tires worth the money?

Thunderer tires are great for durability, design, and reliability. So, definitely it worth the money.

Are Thunderer tires safe?

Thunderer tires are of high performance and provide fantastic stability and control over vehicles.

How many plies are Thunderer tires?

In most Thunderer tires, there are plies. Some models even comes with 10 piles.

Thunderer Tires – Review for Racing, Daily Driving & more >> Check out the video below:

Last words

No product can sustain for so long unless it maintains its quality to the top. Since Thunderer has survived for this long time, of course, they have the quality to compete in the market.

No products are there without some limitations. Thunderer tires also have some pros and cons compared to others. If you str still confused about the quality, just check who makes Thunderer tires.

Such popular brands like American Omni Trading Company obviously never compromise with the quality as it will hamper their reputation. So, hopefully, choosing the Thunderer tires won’t be a bad decision.

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