Who Makes/owns Quaker State Oil? (Quick Facts About Quaker)

Quaker state oil is a product of the brand “Quaker state”. But this is only the brand name, not the parent company. So, you may wonder, who makes Quaker State oil actually?

Shell PLC is the parent company of this oil. This USA-based company has a wide variety of products available in the market. Since 2002, this company has been producing Quaker state oil.

In that year, Shell plc purchased the Pennzoil-Quaker state. The fantastic performance, durability, and versatility of their products helped them to acquire a strong place in the recent market.

Who Makes/owns Quaker State Oil? (Quick Facts About Quaker)

About the Manufacturer

This oil has gone through several companies. Let’s see the long story in shorts here:

Rising of this brand:

Just as I’ve said above, this is a motor oil brand. This brand sells motor oils which are manufactured by Shell plc. But this was not the scenario always. Rather, the oil company was a self-brand itself.

The company began its journey in 1912. The initial name of the company was “Quaker State Oil Refining” when it started marketing oils in 1924. They started to produce high-quality products and gained the trust of the customers soon.

In the year 1931, it combined itself with 18 other oil companies. After these dealings, the name of the company changed to “Quaker State Corporation”. With the target of supplying lubricating oils to Frankline Automotive company, they made a contract.

Thus it began its way to becoming a leading company inside the USA.

Falling of this brand:

After several decades, the position of this brand began to fall down. In 1992, their annual sale dropped exponentially. The company had no option without selling it to the rival company Pennzoil.

In 1998, Pennzoil bought the company and named it ‘Pennzoil-Quaker state company”. But just after four years of business, Shell plc purchased the company in 2002.

Till now, Shell is the parent company of the brand. But the products are still available under the brand name “Quaker state”. 

Where is Quaker state oil manufactured?

The headquarters of the company is in Texas. But if you look for the parent company, which is the Shell Oil Company, then its headquarter is in London, UK.

This oil is not produced in London. Rather, it is handled by the sub-brand of Shell Oil Company which is the Quaker state. The whole manufacturing process takes place in the factory in Texas.

Before moving to Texas, the company was in Pennsylvania. This city is called the city of oil. But due to some internal decisions of the company, they decided to move to Texas, 

Till then, even though the mother company Shell plc is in London, the oil is manufactured in Texas as the official headquarters is there.

Is Quaker state oil good? 4 reasons to buy one

This oil has been so popular for a long time. Though the company has shifted to several owners from time to time, the quality kept increasing.

Let’s see some excellent functions that are offered by this oil.

1. Great wear protection:

This oil is great for the protection of engines from wear. Almost all motor oils from this particular brand, like full-synthetic or high mileage, have this property. 

2. Reduces sludge and deposits:

Most of the motor oils these days provide this facility. This motor oil is also well known for reducing engine deposits and sludge.

3. Ability to handle extreme temperatures:

In some oils, a problem may appear. That is the oil begins to lose its working properties under extremely high temperatures. But when it comes to Quaker State oil, it can handle this type of high-temperatures. Except for high-mileage oils, all others have this feature.

4. Reduces oil breakdown:

In high temperatures, many oils lose viscosity. Thus the oil breaks down and the proper lubrication is not achieved. The good news is that this is not the scenery for the oil we are discussing today. Rather it reduces oil breakdown in high temperatures.

types of Quaker state oils on the market

The types of Quaker State oils that are available in the market right now are described here:

Quaker State high mileage oil:

This oil is good for a vehicle that has mileage over 75000 miles. Because it can provide protection to the engine over that limit. It also provides good wear protection.

Quaker State full synthetic oil:

This one is good for fuel economy. Besides providing maximum wear protection, it also has better lubrication capacity and also reduces oxidation.

Quaker State Euro full synthetic:

This type of oil reduces sludge formation and engine deposits. The oil is also capable of pumping even under freezing temperatures. And this makes the motor oil unique and worth it to choose.

Quaker State motor oil:

Reduce engine sludge and deposits. This oil provides good wear protection.

Also, this full synthetic oil is even cheaper than some conventional oils. So, as you see, this oil is worth the money.

Best use of Quaker state oil

You may be glad to know that, Hyundai also uses this oil in their vehicles. The motor oil company has a long history of providing good quality oil. Almost all engines can run on this engine oil.

Those engines that are compatible with full synthetic oil, can use the oil as lubricating oil. Even according to some research, it is also known that the Ford Mustang car model also supports it.

For high mileage vehicles or cars that are driven in very low temperatures, the oil can be a good choice. This versatility makes this oil so popular all around the globe.

Some of the best alternatives to Quaker state oil

There are many similar products available in the market. Here I’m providing some of these:

Castrol Edge:

Can perform satisfactorily under highly pressurized conditions. Oil drain can be done between 20000 miles. And it Provides great lubrication to engine parts.

Valvoline advanced:

The brand claims that this oil is 40% better than most other available oil in terms of engine protection. Again, it also reduces oil breakdown in critical conditions.

Mobil 1:

Good for high mileage engines. This one performs well in terms of lubrication and protection from wear.

Full overview of Quaker State Oil >> Check out the video below:

people also ask (FAQs)

Is Quaker state oil synthetic?

Yes. Quaker state oil is synthetic which is really good for both new and old vehicles.

Is Quaker state oil and Pennzoil the same?

No. Penzoil is for dual engines and shorter change frequency whereas Quaker is the opposite. Quaker is good for a longer oil change frequency.

Is it good to mix Quaker state oil with others?

You can mix Quaker state oil with other oils (Like Penzoil) as long as the viscosity is similar and matches your vehicle’s user manual.

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closing thoughts

The owner of this oil company has changed so many times from the very beginning. 

From 1924 to 2002, with this long journey, the company evolved a lot but the brand name remains the same.

But currently, Shell Oil company owns the brand.This company is producing a variety of engine oil for almost every driving condition.

What matters for the user is the quality, not the name actually. We can observe this from the story of Quaker State oil.

Even after so hand changes, the brand is still standing there in the market.


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