Is High Mileage Oil Good – Should You Use High Mileage Oil?

Vehicles that have run over 75000 miles are considered high mileage vehicles. To provide extra layers of protection, some people use high mileage oil in their high mileage vehicles. so Is High Mileage Oil Good or not?

For older vehicles, the engine parts can get damaged due to long-time service. In this case, regular oil may not be proper to provide the required safety to those parts. That’s why high mileage oil can be a good option in that scenario

This is a type of motor oil that has some additives mixed in it. These additives provide extra protection for the engine parts and increase the lifespan. For older cars and even for some new ones, using this oil can be wise. To know about all the aspects of high mileage oil, read the article to the end.

Is High Mileage Oil Good - when to use high mileage oil?

What is high mileage oil?

As the name indicates, this oil is something that is preferable for high mileage vehicles. But why?

Because there are some additives in this type of oil. That can reduce wear and tear in engine parts. Not only that, in most high mileage oils,  detergent and antioxidants are also present.

However, all of these have special functions of their own. Let’s see, how these additives make high mileage oil unique.

#1 – Additives:

In high mileage oil, with the regular oil composition, some additives are mixed. These additives remove the frictional effect of the oil. That’s how the efficiency of the oil is increased. Also, these additives help to reduce leakage in the seal or gasket.

#2 – Detergent:  

Detergent helps to clean the sludge of the engine. This is really helpful as it ensures the optimum performance of the engine. Thus this oil becomes more effective.

#3 – Antioxidants:

In vehicles with more than 75000 miles of running history, engines parts can get damaged. Due to this long time of service, the strength of the materials also decreases.

Antioxidants prevent damage to these parts. It eliminates the possibility of corrosion. Most importantly, these additives help to reduce the wear and tear of internal parts.

Thus, this oil becomes more efficient. And that’s why these oils also cost a bit more price. But, is it worth it to buy and use high mileage oil? 

What is High mileage oil? The truth >> Check out the video below:

How does high mileage oil increase engine performance?

If you use high mileage oil in your vehicles, you can see the visible changes in the performance of the engine. Here, I’m sharing some of the things that will be improved after using high mileage oil:

Lower oil consumption:  

High mileage oil is thicker than regular oil. So, less oil is needed to complete the lubrication or cooling function. High mileage vehicles may have leakage in the seal or gasket. In that case, it will provide protection. So, no oil will step out. And you will save more money as well.

Reduce noise:

In high mileage vehicles, due to wear and tear of engine parts, unexpected sounds may generate. This can be irritated for the user. The good news is, that using high mileage oil can solve this issue. And thus, driving can be more hassle-free and enjoyable. 

Reduce engine smoke:  

As you know, in high mileage oil, there are some additives mixed. These additives help to reduce the emission of blue or black smoke. 

Engine cleaning:  

Due to long time use, sludge can be produced inside the engine. This sludge resists the continuous motion of rotating parts inside the engine. Using this oil will keep the engine clean and thus solve the issue.

So, because of that usefulness, I think, using high mileage oil will be a good decision. If you have a car that has been serving for so long, don’t you think it deserves some extra care?

High mileage oil Vs regular oil: What’s the Differences

Well, now you know what is high mileage oil and how it can be useful in older vehicles. But have you noticed, how it differs from regular oil?

If you have read everything till now, you may have already discovered the differences. If not, don’t worry. Here, I’m summarizing the differences between high mileage oil and regular oil:

  • Regular oil only provides lubrication to engine parts. On the other hand, high mileage oil not only provides lubrication but also reduces engine damage.
  • There are no additives mixed in regular oil to provide wear protection. So, during use, it will lose its viscous properties. But high mileage oil will continue to serve for a long time due to the presence of the additives.
  • For newer vehicles or vehicles that are more fuel economic, regular oil can be good. But high mileage oil can be used in both newer and older vehicles. It will perform well in every case.

When to use high mileage oil?

So, here comes the next topic, how do you know that you need to use high mileage oil?

There are some symptoms that indicate that your vehicles need this oil. After a long time of service, as the machine parts get damaged, it decreases the performance,

Here, I’m sharing some situations, under which you should switch to high mileage oil if you are using a regular one.

  • If you observe excess sound when starting the engine, it may indicate that the engine parts are getting damaged. So, in that case, your vehicle needs high mileage oil. This will reduce the sound and provide protection as well.
  • If you see oil under the parking area of your car, that means oil is leaking out. In high mileage vehicles, that is a common thing. Since the seal and gasket get damaged, it begins to leak. Then, you should check whether using high mileage oil solves this or not.

In the above scenarios, using high mileage oil can be a better decision than sticking to regular oil.

what is the best high mileage oils?

Automotive shop interior. Motor oil product shelf

According to some users’ experiences and social media reviews, I’ve come up with a list. This list contains the best high mileage oil available in the market right now.

These oils have varieties of prices and features. Among them, you can choose the one that will suit best for you.

#1 – Valvoline High Mileage:

These oils have all the features of a basic high mileage oil. This is a synthetic blend type oil. The cost is affordable and provides great protection against friction and wear.

#2 – Castrol Edge High Mileage:

Castrol Edge synthetic oil has Titanium technology that increases the strength of the oil film. This also improves fuel economy. At high temperatures, this oil can perform without any issues.

#3 – Royal Purple High Mileage:

This oil increases the fuel economy. Besides, Royal Purple oil is good for reducing corrosion. The detergent effect in this oil helps to clean engine sludge.

Note: The cost of most of the high mileage oils is 15 to 50 cents per fluid ounce. Spending this much money may be a good decision if you want to protect your car.


High mileage oil can create a bit problem in cold weather. In colder situations, sometimes it prevents the engine from getting started. This is due to the additional viscous effect of this oil.

But if you’re asking, is high mileage oil good or bad, the answer must be yes, it’s good. In spite of this little drawback, which can also be resolved, this has much more facilities to offer.

So, just like an older human needs extra care, your car is no exception to that. Since it has served a long way, maybe it’s time to spend a bit more on the engine oil. 

Thus your favorite car will be in a better condition for a long time!

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