Who Makes Autozone Oil – How Good Are Autozone?

Autozone oil is quite popular among car users. At a reasonable price, this brand provides satisfactory products. Sometimes these are even better than some high-priced oils!

Autozone is basically a synthetic oil. Probably you already know that synthetic oil is more efficient and provides better performance than conventional oil. Some sources also have claimed that synthetic oil can provide 47% more protection to your engine than a conventional one.

Now you may be wondering who makes Autozone oil? Autozone is manufactured by a company named STP or more accurately STP-Motor Oil company. Hence STP stands for “Scientifically Treated Petroleum”.

The brand STP has been serving with Autozone oil for years. They also supply automobile products including oils and other additives. But is this Autozone oil good for your car? Or is it worth buying Autozone oil?

To know the answers, just keep reading this article to the end. I’m going to cover every detail on that.

What is the Quality of STP today? (brand history)

The brand STP has been serving with Autozone oil for years. They also supply automobile products including oils and other additives. But is this Autozone oil good for your car? Or is it worth buying Autozone oil?

To know the answers to such questions, just keep reading this article to the end. I’m going to cover every detail on that.

The beginning of STP-Motor oil company:

The STP-Motor Oil company is an American company that was founded by 3 businessmen in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Since then, the company has gone through many phases.

First, it was a company that produces chemical compounds. The only three persons who were running the business were Charles Dwight (Doc) Liggett, Jim Hill, and Robert De Hart. With only 3000 USD, they started the business.

They named their only product which was an oil product as STP oil treatment. STP means “Scientifically Treated Petroleum”. In 1991, Studebaker Packard company acquired the STP. They also started marketing it as “Studebaker Tested Products”.

The expansion of STP-Motor oil company:

In the meantime, the CEO of the company hired a person named Andy Granatelli to promote the product of STP. He then started to promote this brand from the market to racing fields. 

In 1984, the company was purchased from Esmark. Esmark owned the brand for several years during this time. But in 1984. A company named Beatrice Foods acquired the STP brand.

After this, the company changes hands several times. At last, in the year 2010, Avista bought STP from Avista Capital Partners. Then it was named Armored AutoGroup. Eventually, it was purchased by Energizer company for about 12 million USD.

Where is this Autozone oil manufactured?

As I have mentioned above, the Autozone oil company or STP-Motor Oil company is an American company. The headquarter of this company was primarily in Saint Joseph of Missouri.

But from 1995, the headquarter of Autozone oil company is in J.R. Hyde in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee. It is in the USA. Also, they have about 6400 stores all over the United States, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

Are these Autozone oil good? worth it? 

Autozone oil is basically a synthetic oil. So, before judging Autozone oil, you must know about synthetic oil first.

There are basically two types of oils, conventional and synthetic oil. Autozone has both of these types of oil available. Though both of these oils are good for protecting the engines, synthetic oils are preferable.

Synthetic oil:

Synthetic oil provides more effective performance than conventional oil. Again, synthetic oil can operate continuously at high temperatures without breakout. Wheater there is a hot or cold temperature, you need not worry about the oil performance if you are using synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil is good for turbo, long-lasting performance, and better protection for engines. And the good thing is, all of these good signs are true for Autozone oil.

Conventional oil:

Conventional oil is also good for vehicles. It is obtained directly from crude oil. It also works fine under high-temperature conditions.

So, undoubtedly you can buy and use Autozone oil for your car, as it is also comparatively cheaper.

When should you use Autozone oil?

Though Autozone oil is compatible with almost every car, I’m going to mention some special cases, where you can choose Autozone oil. Have a look at this to see, if you are fit for that.

You should use Autozone synthetic oil in the following case:

  • If you’re looking for cheaper synthetic oil.
  • When you want long-time service from oil.
  • In case you want to take special care of the turbocharger.
  • If your vehicle operates at extremely high or extremely low temperatures.

If you don’t have this case, you can go for conventional type oils. Autozone has several options to offer you for this type too.

Available types of  Autozone oil on the market

Autozone has varieties of oils to offer you. Both conventional and synthetic types of oils are available for ordering on the website of Autozone.

On the website, you can also check whether the particular oil is compatible with your car or not. Here, I’m going o mention some most popular and available product lists from Autozone:

1. STP Engine Oil High Mileage Conventional 5W-30 1 Quart:

This is a conventional engine oil with high mileage and 204 deg. ferhenhite of flashpoint. It comes with a 1 qt container. There is also the option for 5 qt and 10 qt.  SAE oil grade is 5W-30.

2. STP Engine Oil High Mileage Conventional 10W-30 5 Quart:

This is also a conventional engine oil. The flashpoint is 206 degrees Fahrenheit and the oil class is high mileage. The container size is 5 qt and the SAE oil grade is 10W-30.

3. Valvoline MaxLife Engine Oil High Mileage Synthetic Blend 5W-30 5 Quart:

Now, this one is a synthetic type with an oil class of high mileage. The SAE oil grade is 5W-30. The composition of the oil is a synthetic blend type. Hence, it comes in a container of 5 qt. The flashpoint is 394 degrees Fahrenheit 

4. Valvoline MaxLife Engine Oil High Mileage Synthetic Blend 10W-30 5 Quart:

This is also a synthetic blended oil with an oil grade of high mileage. The price for a 5 qt container of this oil is 27.99 USD on Autozone’s website. The flashpoint of this oil is  390 degrees Fahrenheit.

These are some of the best products from this company. There are plenty more available on their stores and site.

Best use of the Autozone oil:

Autozone oils are compatible with almost every engine. Besides, you can always check wheater the oil you are willing to buy matches your vehicles or not.

Like Toyota, BMW, or Bently, you can find all the popular brands of cars listed on the website. So, just check it to find whether Autozone oil will be best for your car or not.

Some of the best alternatives for the Autozone oil:

In the highly competitive market, there are plenty of options to choose from as engine oil. Some of the best alternatives to Autozone oil are listed below.

These are most popular on Amazon:

1. Amazon Basics High Mileage Motor Oil

This is a synthetic type of advanced oil. It provides much more efficient service in both high and low temperatures. Ideal for engines over 7500 miles.

2. Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology

This offers 40% better protection than most other industry-standard oils. Also, it is super effective in high temperatures.

3. Castrol GTX Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil

This oil provides 1.3x better sludge protection. Again, better thermal protection can be obtained from this oil. The price is also reasonable.

People also ask (FAQs)

Is Autozone oil synthetic or conventional?

Autozone has both synthetic and conventional oils.

Which is better- synthetic or conventional?

Synthetic oil provides better protection and can work at high or low temperatures.

Which oil is good for the cold countries?

Synthetic oil will be better because it can operate at low temperatures without breakdown.

How many miles does Autozone oil go?

Autozone oil can serve for about 75000 miles depending on the oil type.

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who makes stp oil for autozone? closing thoughts:

In this article, I have tried to cover every detail related to Autozone oil manufacturing. Also, I’ve explained why you should use Autozone oil and how it can be more useful at times.

If you have any further queries, please do let me know. I’ll be very pleased to answer any of your asking’s. Thanks for reading.


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