Who Makes STP motor oil? (the history of STP oil )

Most of the riders know about STP motor oil. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular synthetic oil brands around the globe. According to a study, STP motor oil share in the synthetic oil market is 13.4%.

So yeah, this draws riders attention, and many of my fellow riders want to know who makes STP motor Oil?

Energizer Holdings is the current owner of STP Oil. Previously, Armored Auto Group exclusively manufactures STP motor oil. It was a joint venture of three renowned businessmen named Logger, Hill and Hart.

Let’s go through the article to know more about this.

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Who owns STP Motor Oil?

Andy Granatelli was the CEO of the STP formula one team in 1970 and was also the main figure in the events of automobile racing named “Hurricane Racing Association” and he achieved an award for this.

Who makes the STP Motor Oil?

The manufacturer of this is Energizer Holdings, Inc. Most people agreed that STP mileage works to prevent leaking of the oil and reduce friction between the metals.

The Armored Auto Group and Spectrum Brands was the previous owner of this. In October 1954, the first STP product was made known by the three businessmen Charles Dwight (Doc) Logger, Jim Hill and Robert De Hart in St Joseph, Missouri.

The Studebaker-Packard Corporation received the company in 1961.

What Does STP Brand Stand For?

The acronym form of STP is SCIENTIFICALLY TREATED PETROLEUM. But don’t ever think they are not worth the name. On the contrary, the STP brand always maintains a higher standard. Personally, many car owners prefer this oil over other expensive, so-called super synthetic motor oils. 

Is STP a Good Oil Brand?

STP is an American brand and symbolized automotive aftermarket products, notable lubricants such as motor oil or additives. If you ask me if STP is a good oil brand or not, I will request you to rephrase the question.

Ask me if it is the best oil brand or not? It is not THE BEST, but I will rank it in the top 5 good oil brands of the world.

Is STP motor oil good for mileage?

I have found the STP motor oil can serve you from 6000-8000 miles without recharging the oil again. Some of my fellow riders claim it can go as high as 25000 miles! Let me share with you a short case study of mine; I have a Honda pilot.

When I used this oil, it showed no leak to excessive smoke, and with a single shot, it travelled for 7000 miles!

What Are the Benefits of STP Motor Oil?

Benefits of STP Motor Oil

The STP brand has brought improvement for the motor oil. It is not as good as Mobil 1 High Mileage or Royal purple HMX synthetic oil, but it is workable for 5000 to 7000 miles without changing the oil once. So STP motor is undeniably useful.

It is not as remarkable as Valvoline and Mobil 1, but it provides many benefits and some drawbacks.

  1. It helps to insulate your engine from damage and tear, which is scientifically proven.
  2. While cleaning essential parts of the engine, this motor oil manages the formation of dirt particles.
  3. It protects coloration and corrosion.
  4. While maintaining cost-cutting, its oil helps to lessen engine wear which is beneficial for diesel engines and gasoline.
  5. It tries to save the engine from severe effects of wear, and it improves fuel cost, provides turbo protection.
  6. It provides engines not to get too hot and permits the oil to control lubricating features for a long time to hold the engine indestructible until the oil changes. In addition, it provides long oil change intervals.
  7. It is friction modifiers and corrosion inhibitors.
  8. The design of the upper parts of the bottle of the oil makes it easier to pour as it has a broader spout which prevents wastage by holding the oil from spilling and keeps our engine clean.
  9. The size of the engines can be changeable and ensures good performance in both hot and cold weather.
  10. This motor oil probably saves a lot of money as we do not need to meet the garage regularly and lower oil consumption.

What Are the Disadvantages of STP Motor Oil? the cons

Here are some disadvantages of STP oil:

  1. It is more expensive than conventional motors.
  2. It is not suitable for high mileage engines if it is more than 7000 miles.
  3. It is not suitable for use in SAP  oil.

This motor oil helps protect against engine wear with the formula of high viscosity that prevents the metals by providing a thicker cushion of oil between the moving engine parts. However, some aftermarket oil additives contain harmful components. In contrast, STP does not have and most of the people using this think safe for use in most engines.

Are STP® oil additive products safe for four-cycle engines?

STP oil additives have been planned for use in four engines: cars, trucks, vans, boats, motorcycles, and other engines. However, it is better not to use in such vehicles with a wet clutch.

Are STP® oil additive products safe for Two-cycle engines?

STP oil additive products are not safe for two-cycle engines. Because they have been not examined and are not allowable for use in two-cycle engines. The critical point is the four-cycle engines have a different requirement for stickiness than two-cycle engines.

STP does not cause sludge because its oil contains washing powder that helps to remove dirt particles in the motor oil and stop it from gathering together inside your oil. We can use oil treatment products frequently and better to add after swapping the oil. However, they should be used once per swapping the oil.

Why shouldn’t we use STP oil treatment at home?

We should not use STP  oil treatment in your home heating oil as it contains unknown chemicals which might cause difficulty. However, it works efficiently as it gives much protection against the heat of the engines. In addition, if the STP engines stop leaking, it will increase the safety provided by the remaining engine oil.

Extra protection:

Luckily, STP motor oil gives extra protection for used or older engines:

+Polymer seals and gaskets are renovated by it.

+It contains a chemical called zinc anti-water agent.

+It helps to prevent engine leaks, noise and smoking.

What to Look for When Buying Motor Oil?

This might be not easy to choose motor oil for your vehicles which will help them run efficiently. In addition, it helps to maintain the duration of the engines and life span.

But choosing an appropriate motor car may be a difficult task. We should know some information to select the right motor oil for your vehicle or any vehicles.

The things we should know. They are:

  • Viscosity
  • Synthetic and
  • non-synthetic

Let me give you some clarification below:


It measures the oil’s resistance to flow, displaying how well oils flow at different temperatures. For example, seeing the number on the oil cap is essential, which indicates how well the oil will soak in cold temperature.

[SAE10W-40]-The word ‘W’ represents winter. If the number is lower, the oil will flow better when the outside is cold. The second number represents the flow of oil when the car is running.90.556-degree celsius to 107.222-degree celsius is the average operating temperature of most engines.

If the temperature is low, the oil flow in machines will be much better, and we can decide it by noticing the cap of the oil. Thus, when the climate is cold, motor oil will flow slowly, and when it is hot, the oil will flow faster.

Secondly, consider if you should be synthetic or non-synthetic. If you use any one of them, you should know the differences between them and their uses or properties. These differences are given below:


It is an excellent chemical that is used for high tech engines.

It is expensive, and it can withstand higher temperatures. It has thermal stability. It has relatively low strength.


It is used for normal conditions and can tolerate standard heat, and it needs to be changed very often. It is likely to contain impurities and cause the formation of sludge. The cost is reasonable.

Ultimately, you may want to consider high mileage oil if your cars or other vehicles such as vans, trucks have more than 60000 miles. You can use or choose from synthetic or types of convention. High-mileage oil helps to keep long-lasting engines that will function finely.

Why is it important to choose right motor oil?

 However, It is important to keep your vehicles working whether you are excursionists or you only use your cars to get to work. Therefore, it is required to find an authentic motor oil to reach out the continuance of your motorized vehicles and prevent long-running problems, which is the righteous option for particular vehicles. 


closing thoughts

Before ending up, let me summarize the comments of fellow riders on the STP oil for motorbikes.

The customers of the STP motor oil usually gave a good review. To the best of their knowledge, they said that it makes their cars good with smooth operation. Therefore, most of the people are happy with the product and use it in the oncoming time. 

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