Who Makes Motorcraft oil? (motorcraft oil history)

Motorcraft is one of the well-known and familiar brands worldwide. It is the part of Ford Motor company. This brand is also famous for auto parts, oil and equipment.

It is not an easy task to win the people’s hearts which Motorcraft has been doing very smoothly since the company started. It’s mega news for all car owners that the brand is producing 12 variations of Motorcraft oil. I think you are very curious about the Motorcraft brand.

Now the question is, who makes Motorcraft oil?

Motorcraft oil is made in the USA mainly by ConocoPhillips. They partner with s-oil in South korea to import high-quality base stock they use in their synthetic oils.

Maximum automobile users are not informed about the manufactures of these oil company. So we must deliver the info about it. So we hope, after perusing this article, you will get all of your answers.

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Who makes the oil for Motorcraft?

At the very first line of the article we have already written, Motorcraft oils are Ford Motor Company’s products. Motorcraft oil produced in the US by ConocoPhilips.

Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford motor company, which is the story of the ’50s. But unfortunately, they ceased their production from 1963 to 1973. However, after 10 years, the company restarted their business. It manufactured the oil with various types of automobile materials from the Autolite brand.

Critical information about the manufacturer: if you try to find out the manufacturer’s name and Its place, you will get an S-oil company. The dependable sources claim that the manufacturing location in South Korea. The USA is also known for manufacturer of Motorcraft oil.

However, S-oil is the parent organization. It partners with ConocoPhillips as a reputable company with the world standard they carry on their operation in 30 countries.

Are Motorcraft parts made in the USA?

Yes, not everything, a significant part of Motorcraft things made in China or Mexico or Canada. But it all depends on being part of his contract. Nearly 90 percent of Motorcraft’s parts are made in US and Canada.

Almost all Ford vehicles sold in North America made with a few plants based in Mexico and Canada in the United States.

Does Motorcraft make full synthetic oil?

Ford motor company recommended USA based Motorcraft oil is synthetic type. It provides high and low-temperature performance and helps to minimize all the engine problems like temperature oxidation, turbocharger deposits, rust corrosion and foaming.

So undoubtedly, we can find Motorcraft oil is synthetic based.

Can you use a Motorcraft oil filter with synthetic oil?

Motorcraft oil filter is one of the best automotive filters among all of the filter brands for its structural elements and system. Undoubtedly the product produced with high quality. Obviously, you can use a Motorcraft Oil filter with synthetic oil. The automobile user’s feedback is always positive about it.

Infact you can use Motorcraft full synthetic engine oil to get the high performance of factory vehicles. You know already that it is unlike traditional oil filter. It serves you a smooth and outstanding performance with Motorcraft full synthetic oil.

So leave the worries and give all the tensions to this most popular oil brand and use it with authority.

Should I use Motorcraft oil in my Ford?

When you choose a brand, you have to use the oil after checking the excellent quality, considering the correct weight. For example, Ford motor company promotes that the Motorcraft brand synthetic oil helps keep the engine in your Ford or Lincoln vehicles running too good.

It provides better performance in the engine of your Ford. It is such an outstanding oil ever. The products of Motorcraft included those made fully synthetic and others with a synthetic base blend.

It is one of the most standard synthetic-based oils. It lasts longer than any other Conventional options obtainable in the market. This applies to Motorcraft oil, as it lasts longer and reduces the friction between engine components.

Whether pure synthetic or synthetic blende’s, Motorcraft oil provides long-lasting services that improve the quality of your car’s engine. Motorcraft oil is corrosion-resistant and performs better while driving in any conditions.

And yes, It can serve you for six consecutive months! So if you want good quality at a lesser cost, you can use Motorcraft oil in your Ford. Moreover, Motorcraft engine oil is excellent for a diesel engine and a gasoline engine. For these reasons, Motorcraft oil makes a top option for many car owners.

Does the Motorcraft oil filter have a check valve?

There are many oil filters in the market. However, very few oil filters have great potential in improving engine performance. I can make you informed that a Motorcraft oil filter is one of the best oil filters.

Motorcraft oil produce by Purolator Filter, LCC. Henceforward, before pursuing a Motorcraft oil filter, you must know about its structure. Here I’m going to show the internal & external features in the form of point.

  1. It  has good construction with metal inner tube and metal end caps
  2. The silicone anti-drain back valves, which blended filter media
  3. It contains an internal pressure relief valve

SO yeah! Motorcraft FL1A has a check valve to prevent oil drain back. The Motorcraft oil filter can beat with any other oil filters because it is suitable for any oil for its unique structure and synthetic oil.

Should I buy other Motorcraft products to use its oil filter?

The Motorcraft brand provides many kinds of products like Air conditioning, Batteries, starting and charging, Fuel pump, Chemical and lubricant etc.

Now I want to suggest that you should buy other Motorcraft products to use its oil filter. Because using all the products will reveal the full functionality of the filter, which cannot be experienced by using the products of other companies.

And it is better not to buy products from other companies because only the Motorcraft brand will give you good quality oil filters at low rates. Though it is an ancient company, keeping up with the times, they make high-quality products just like any other company.

The good thing is that they consider the customer’s demand. So as soon as you see the customer feedback, you will understand why you need to use all the company’s products to get the best performance from this Motorcraft oil filter.

As I said at the beginning, it has won the hearts of all of our customers. So now the decision is yours.

Are a Motorcraft oil filter long-lasting?

The filtration efficiency and effectiveness of Motorcraft oil filters are fabulous. ConocoPhillips has designed the oil filters. It is already got the tag of international standard and one of the best worldwide. So let’s take a look at the features of the oil filter of the Motorcraft.

  • Motorcraft oil filter has pressure relief valves which prevent unfiltered oil from reaching to the engine.
  • Its silicon made anti-drain valves are for higher heat resistance
  • It has metal made centre tubes that restrict the pressure wave and prevent leakage
  • The filters have high quality and well-bonded endplates.
  • Filter media is created methodically to meet Ford OEM requirements.
  • Its quality construction is outstanding compared to others because it has a high-quality steel base and case.

So there is no doubt that the Motorcraft oil filter is a long-lasting one, and you can select it with your close eye for your automotive intends.



Now we hope that you found all of the proper answers about your best braded company and now you are very clear about Its manufacture and Its place. For example,  you want international class one standard oil and automobile parts.

 In that case, you have to choose the Motorcraft products because there is a clear conception about its quality and configuration by all of the automobile users.

So, we think these vital details will help you get information against your questions about the Motorcraft brand. We have also tried to gather info from the relatable source. To get the best performances of your car, you can use the oil, oil filter, and other equipment that you need. We always expect the best condition of your car.

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