who makes lion sport tires – Is Leao Tires Legit?

The Shandong Linglong Tyre Co., Ltd. makes Lion Sport tires in China. The tires are distributed in Canada and the USA by their subsidiary company, Linglong Americas, Inc.

Shandong is a province in China famous as the base for most Chinese tire manufacturing companies. The Linglong company is one of the top-tier Chinese manufacturers.

Now that you know who makes Lion Sport tires, let’s see if they are any good and worth the money. 

Is Leao Tires Legit?

Leao is a subsidiary brand of LingLong Tire Manufacturer. They are one of the largest tire manufacturers in China. The company has been making tires for over forty years. 

The primary focus of Leao is on passenger cars and light truck tires. They make both high-performance tires and all-season tires at a reasonable price to capture a larger market. 

What Other Products Do LingLong Tires Make?

LingLong Tires made the Leao Lion tires to fulfill the need for high-performance and all-season tires for passenger cars and light trucks. Apart from these, they also manufacture all-steel truck and bus radial (TBR) tires. 

Where do Lion Sport Tires sit in the market? 

Lion Sport tires are tilted toward budget-friendly tire options. 

Leao managed to offer high-performance and all-season radial tires at a low price. Most of their tires come in around the $100 range.  This is possible due to the low production costs in China.

However, just because they are inexpensive, doesn’t mean that they are cheap in any way. The quality is definitely there and I will share them in a bit. 

How Many Miles Do Lion Sport Tires Last?

Lion Sport tires are expected to last anywhere from 40,000 miles to 60,000 miles. 

The longevity of any tire largely depends on its type and driving conditions. As Lion Sport tires are high-performance and all-season tires, they will wear out faster than seasonal tires. However, if you take good care of them and don’t drive on off-roads too often, they will last you an extended period of time.

With this average mile per year, Lion Sport tires can last at least 3 years and up to 5 years, which is the standard lifespan for tires. 

How Does the Lion Sport Tire Warranty Work?

Leao offers a 40,000 miles treadwear warranty with Lion Sport tires. They also come with a manufacturer’s warranty. 

are lion sport tires good? why should you Have This Tires?

Leao is a qualified tire brand, and they are available in over 170 countries. The tires’ quality meets hundreds of manufacturers’ base standards. 

Let’s check the features that make Lion Sports tires worth the money. 

#1 – Great Traction 

Lion Sport tires have a symmetrical tread design that offers them superior traction on all types of roads. The center rib on the directional tires gives them further stability in the steering. As all-season tires, they provide excellent grip and control on both wet and dry roads. 

#2 – Highly Comfortable

Leao Lion Sport tires have a minimum void on the footprint, which helps to reduce the noise from the tires. Just like any standard high-performance tire, Lion Sport tires provide satisfying results in terms of cornering, handling, and control. 

#3 – Treadwear Warranty

Most Lion Sport tires come with a 40,000-mile treadwear warranty, and a few of them have a 50,000-mile warranty. This is a great advantage, as high-performance tires don’t usually have warranties. Leao also offers a manufacturer’s warranty with the tires. 

#4 – Reasonable Price

Considering the quality, performance, and utility of Lion Sport tires, they are an absolute bang for the buck. 

In my opinion, the tires are priced very reasonably. They start at around $80 and go up to $150. They start in the $80 range and go up to $150. In contrast, a tire of this quality would cost anywhere from $100 to $300.  

Leao Lion Sport Tire Reviews

Before I share my verdict on Lion Sport tires, I had to see what their customers thought of the tires. Leao Lion Sport tires have 80% positive reviews across all platforms. 

I was pleased to see most customers consider the tires a worthwhile investment. The biggest amount of praise I found was for the affordability and handling capacity of the tires. 

Leao Lion Sport HP3 Tire Review | Leao Tire Review >> Check out the video below:

are there any good Lion Sport Tire Alternatives?

So far, you have met the manufacturer who makes Lion Sport tires, and you have learned that the tires are actually really good for the money.

Let’s look at another tire manufacturer that’s located near Leao Lion’s factory and offers similar tires in the same price range. 


RoadOne tires are manufactured by Tongli Tyre Co., Ltd. in Shandong province. The manufacturer lies in the top-tier list of tire manufacturers in China. Similar to Leao Lion Sport, RoadOne offers high-performance and all-season tires at a budget-friendly price.

PS: In one of my earlier blogs, I reviewed waterfall CO. LTD, a Shandong-based tire manufacturer that produces RoadOne tires. You can check that blog here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

In this part of the blog, I want to address a few more short questions that many people have. Then, I will proceed to share my verdict on Lion Sport tires. 

What company makes Leao Lion tires?

LingLong Group- A Chinese manufacturer makes Leao Lion tires.

Where are Leao Lion tires made?

Leao Lion tires are made in Shandong, China. Shandong province is home to some of the largest Chinese tire manufacturers. 

Are Lion Tires Good? 

Yes, Lion Tires are good for the money. They are inexpensive, high-performance tires. Although they are made in China, there is no lack of quality in the tires. 


So, would I recommend Lion Sport tires? Yes, I would recommend them to anyone with a low budget for a high-performance tire. 

Sure, they won’t be as good as Bridgestone’s $400 high-performance tires. However, the quality Leao is able to provide in the $100 range is truly impressive. 

I’d love to hear what you think of the Leao Lion Sport tires. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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