Who Makes Les Schwab Tires | A Detailed Brand overview

The Company Les Schwab Tire Center produces Les Schwab tires. This company was founded in 1952 and named after its founder, Les Schwab. 

However, Meritage Group LP bought this company in 2019. So, it implies that Meritage Group LP makes the Les Schwab tires. Although this company has a variety of products alongside tires, it is mainly known for the tires it manufactures. 

Les Schwab tires are hugely popular around the world. Based in the US, the company Les Schwab has been making tires for a long time. They are one of the leading tire manufacturers in the US. 

Where are Les Schwab tires made and manufactured?

Les Schwab Tires are made and manufactured in the US. But, they are a private company, unlike Goodyear or Michelin. So, they also get various private brand tires.

Les Schwab imports tires from Mexico, China, and other foreign plants. There are many private labeled lower-cost tires that those countries export. These tires are not manufactured in the US. So, Les Schwab tire center imports those tires manufactured outside the US.

How long have Les Schwab tires been in business?

Les Schwab tires started its journey in 1952. The founder of this company, Les Schwab, bought Ok Rubber Welders that year and founded the company. From that time onwards, Les Schwab Tires has been producing tires. 

However, the privately-owned company has changed ownership in 2019. Now, a California-based investment company Meritage Group owns it.

The warranty policy of Les Schwab

Les Schwab Tire centers are mainly known for their service more than anything. They are arguably one of the most respectable companies around the US for their aftersales service.

Les Schwab Tires will replace the tires after 25% wear of treads if they are not repairable for any reason. They will also provide free services within the limited warranty period.

However, this limited warranty does not cover services for damages due to any of the following:

  • misuse or abuse,
  • vehicle accidents,
  • Misalignment,
  • imbalanced tires,
  • over or underinflation,
  • off-road use,
  • repairs from elsewhere,
  • use on commercial vehicles,
  • excessive loading 
  • tire contact with poles, garbage bins, or curbs 

How many miles do Les Schwab tires last?

The lifespan of a Les Schwab tire is said to be about 50000 miles on average. However, there are many factors playing their roles in the tire life. 

Depending on your driving habit, your tires can either last more than the average lifetime. The opposite is also true.

Also, the condition of the road, season, and vehicle type plays a huge role in the lifetime of your Les Schwab tires.

What Vehicles Can Use Les Schwab Tire?

Les Schwab tires are compatible with almost all types of vehicles. They have a wide variety of tires for numerous types of cars. They also have CUV/SUV tires, Light Truck tires, Trailer tires, and RV tires.  

Different Sizes of Les Schwab Tires?

You can shop tires based on the compatibility with your car. Les Schwab tires have a width range starting from 27 mm to 385 mm. These tires also have a diameter ranging from 14 inches to 32 inches.

Are Les Schwab tires good? 5 reasons to buy them

To put it simply, Yes. Many people consider Les Schwab tires the best in the US. Here are five good reasons to buy them:

  1. Durability: Les Schwab tires are very durable. Be it the city roads or off roads, Les Schwab tires last for a long time. The treads wear out a lot less when compared to other tires. 
  2. Service: Les Schwab Tires have excellent after-sales service compared to other brands. They provide free services within the warranty period of your tire. Along with that, there are 4000 Les Schwab tire centers scattered around the US for providing service. 
  3. Quality: Les Schwab tires have extremely good quality.  They use premium materials for the tires. Also, these tires wear out way less compared to other tires, thanks to the build quality.
  4. Performance: In terms of performance, Les Schwab tires are arguably one of the best. They have excellent performance both on and off the street. The control and grip of the tires make them appealing to many people. 
  5. Design:  Les Schwab tires are well-engineered and designed. They have a good balance, which is the main reason for their excellent traction and grip.

best Les Schwab tires that this brand makes

Les Schwab makes various types of tires. They have tires for different weather conditions, different road types, and different vehicle types. 

Now, we will be discussing two of them from the seemingly infinite amount of models of tires:

Les Schwab Reputation Tires:

The Reputation tires come with a top-of-the-line tread life with smooth and excellent handling capacity. These tires can perform very well regardless of the season. 

Les Schwab Extreme Contact Sport:

These tires are known for their crisp controlling ability. Also, these tires provide excellent grip on all surfaces. They are mainly ultra-high performance tires providing long-lasting tread life and superior performance in almost all conditions.  

Watch this video review:

Are there any drawbacks?

From Design to performance to after-sales service, Les Schwab Tires have it all. However, These tires are not exactly cheap. Also, Les Schwab tires are mainly available in the US. So, It will be hard for you to own a Les Schwab tire if you live outside the US. 

Are there any good alternatives available?

There are indeed a few competitors to Les Schwab tires. We will look into a few of them:

  1. Michelin: Michelin is one of the five top-selling tire companies around the world. They have extremely well-engineered tires.
  2. Goodyear: Goodyear tires are a global brand and one of the frontrunners in the tire manufacturing world. These tires are also excellent in design and have appreciable control.
  3. Cooper: Cooper also makes excellent tires. They have a wide variety of tires available for all types of cars. These tires are long-lasting and reliable.

people also ask (FAQs)

1. Who bought Les Schwab Tires?

In 2019, A California-based investment company Meritage Group LP bought Les Schwab tires.

2. Is Les Schwab family owned?

Les Schwab was previously family owned. However, right now, It is under an investment company named Meritage Group LP.

3. Are Les Schwab Tires made in China?

A huge number of Les Schwab tires are made in china. These tires are mostly private brand tires.


In this article, we have explained who makes Les Schwab tires and everything related to them. We think that, if you are living in the western US, Les Schwab tires can be a great option for you.

However, Les Schwab tires are only an option. There are a number of brands that rival these tires. But, considering their after-sales service, you can choose Les Schwab tires. 

We hope that through this article, you got the idea about the manufacturers of Les Schwab tires.


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