Who Makes Landsail Tires – Are They Any Good?

Launched only around 13 years ago, the Landsail tires have already proven to be a great affordable substitute for high-end tire brands.

Who Makes Landsail Tires? Landsail tires are manufactured by the Chinese company SENTURY TIRE CO., Ltd. Located in QINGDAO; it’s among the 40 top tire manufacturer brands based on sales. The company was founded in 1992, and right now, it’s making consumer and aviation tires.

Each year, around 33 million tires are produced from the Sentury tire plants. Currently, Sentury or Landsail tires are sold around the globe through exclusive partnerships with various distributors.

Are Sentaida Group and Sentury Tire Co. the Same?

Yes, Sentury Tire Co. was previously known as Sentaida Group. You have probably heard that Sentury tires go by multiple names. Let’s clear all the confusion here. Sentury Tire Co. has five brands under its belt in total. Which includes-

  • Sentury Tires
  • Landsail Tires
  • Delinte Tires
  • GroundSpeed Tires
  • Pantera Tires

Location of SenturyTires Apart from China

As mentioned, the Sentury Tire Co. headquarters are in Qingdao, China. Another fully automated manufacturing facility was established in Thailand to produce 12 million tires yearly. This factory is one of the world’s most advanced tire manufacturing facilities.

The company decided to open another manufacturing facility in the USA in 2016. However, it was put on an ‘indefinite hold’ in 2019. The company recently expanded its new headquarters in Hialeah, Florida. It also established offices and warehouses in California.

where are landsail tires made? History of Landsail Tires

After its launch in 2009, the Landsail tire brand was quickly introduced to the global market, including the USA. Even then, the Sentury Tire Company produced passenger car tires and commercial aircraft tires.

Based on some reports from 2013, the factory in China covers a 9.6 million sqft area and produces 9 million units each year. To expand its production and facilities, the company designed a project consisting of 3 phases-

  • The first phase expanded from 2009 to 2014; it planned to manufacture 14 million passenger and 80 thousand aircraft tires.
  • Between 2015 and 2018, the second phase was planned to produce 18 million units each year.
  • Finally, the last stage expands from 2019 to 2022, where the company planned the production of 48 million units annually.

According to the Sentury Tire USA website, the annual capacity of the company is 33 million units each year.

To meet this production capacity, another advanced plant was established in Thailand.

The various line of Landsail tires includes summer and winter tires for Passenger Car Radial (PCR), Truck/Bus Radial (TBR), and Light Truck (LT).

In 2020, Sentury tires announced the rebranding of the Landsail tires and launched a new website. The company will launch another facility in Spain with a 12 million production capacity by the year 2025.

Certification and Achievements

Thanks to the infusion of modern technology, Landsail tires have achieved numerous milestones since its launch. The most notable is the ‘Industry 4.0’ recognition achieved for maintaining strict standards of sustainability, annual production, productivity, and time to market.

This makes the Sentury tire plants the only tire manufacturing facility with a ‘Smart Factory’ status. Plus, all the Sentury tires are ‘Aircraft Approved and Vehicle Proven’. It means the same strict metrics are followed to manufacture the aircraft and regular passenger tires.

The International Organization for Standardization has approved the company with The ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, and ISO4001 certifications. These recognitions effectively cover many important aspects like tire development, production process control, supply of raw materials, logistics management, various services, environmental protection policies, health and safety of the employees, etc.

Among the other certifications, E-mark, DOT, R117, CCC, INMETRO, and GCC are the noticeable ones. The Sentury Family of Tires includes 13 tire series with as many as 400 different specifications. With around $728 million in sales, Sentury Tire Company was ranked the 37th largest tire maker in 2020.

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are landsail tires any good? 6 Features of Landsail Tires

From all its achievements over the years, you already know that Landsail isn’t a typical cheap Chinese brand. The innovative features and the use of the most advanced technologies make Landsail one of the best affordable tire brands on the marketplace.

Here are the most notable features of Landsail tires-

#1 – Advanced Manufacturing Compounds

Landsail tires are manufactured from advanced silica-based compounds. The rubber has a perfect mix of various raw materials to improve its responding abilities to the driving input. It also maintains excellent harmony on the road with the structure of the tire. Thus, the Landsail tires deliver high mileage.

As the contact area of the tire is designed to work only with this particular silica compound, it helps to reduce the velocity quickly upon hard braking.

#2 – Compatible Tread Design

From traditional to hybrid tread patterns, Landsail tires have it all to match the weather and terrain needs. The extended groove structure consists of lateral and long grooves to improve traction and better handling.

They also help to easily eject the road barriers like small rocks, dust, mud, etc., while off-roading. Researchers at Sentury have spent hours ensuring the perfect tread pitch width and achieving the optimum angles for tread block alignment.

#3 – Rigid Construction

To prevent blowouts on the road, the Landsail tires feature a 3-ply puncture guard. It features three polyester cord fabric layers on the sidewall and high-strength steel-made belts.

Hence, the construction quality of the tires is superior to other tire brands, making them one of the longest-lasting tires. Overall, the heavy-duty car as a design makes sure every input is carried out precisely.

#4 – Excellent All-Weather Performance

Whether summer, winter, or rain, Landsail tires always stay stable on the road without discounting the speed. The four long and wide grooves on the tire forces the fluid away to offer better control and handling on wet roads.

The tread design helps to improve friction and offers maximum grip on dry and snowy roads. As the innovative silica compounds are highly resilient, the tires can easily prevent hardening in winter and expansion in summer. So, Landsail tires are suitable for all types of extreme temperatures.

#5 – Fuel Efficiency

Thanks to the tread compound and extensive research on rolling resistance, Landsail tires are impressively fuel efficient. Plus, the center rib of the tires increases stability while driving at high speeds.

#6 – Noise Reduction Features

A staggered tread block in the middle of a Landsail tire and the quiet groove patterns effectively reduce noise. Landsail tread blocks are uniquely designed to dissipate and dampen unwanted noise and ensure a peaceful driving experience.

Landsail LS588 UHP Tyre Development and Engineering >> Check out the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do Landsail make run flat Tyres?

Yes, LS388 RSC is the Landsail run-flat tire line. These tires are available in 12 different sizes with various load capacity and speed ratings. Landsail run flat technology increases the carcass strength so that you can easily move to a safe place in case of punctures.

The noticeable features of Landsailrunflats include a solid rim in the center for higher stability, four longitudinal and lateral grooves for maximum wet grip, a sturdy shoulder design with integrated heat-resistant bars, fuel-saving tread compounds, etc.

2. Does Sentury manufacture Landsail Tires in Europe?

No, there are no Sentury tire manufacturing plants available in Europe as of 2022. The company has plans to make one in Spain very soon. However, there are many Sentury warehouses and offices available all over Europe. Hence, many local distributors sell Landsail tires.

3. Is there any warranty provided for Landsail tires?

Yes, Landsail provides up to a 50,000-mileage warranty for specific models. You can avail of the warranty if only 2/32″ tread life remains before reaching the promised mileage.

The warranty also covers defects in materials and workmanship. You can replace the defective product within 6 months of the purchase.

Final Words

It’s worth mentioning that Sentury Tire Company is the only owner of this brand. The company expanded its business to 150 countries including America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. So, no matter where you live, you can always get the Landsail tires from your local shops.

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