Who Makes Radar Tires – How Good Are They?

Radar tires are manufactured by Omni-United, a conglomerate tire company with six brands.

Each of the six brands caters to specific customer needs and requirements. The business has its headquarters in Singapore and exports its goods worldwide. Omni-united manufactures tires in Asia, including Indonesia, China, Thailand, and India. 

This blog will provide further details about the manufacturer who makes Radar tires. I will also evaluate the quality of Radar tires and confirm if they are worth the money. 

who makes radar tires, are they any good

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Is Omni-United Legit?

Omni-United was founded almost two decades ago in 2003 by G.S. Sareen. The company currently manufactures and distributes its tires to over fifty countries. 

There are a total of six tire brands under Omni-United: Radar Tires, Patriot, American Tourer, Tecnica (tires), Agora, and RoadLux. They also have other licensed and private brands in their portfolio.

With eleven manufacturing plants in four countries and 120 patented designs, Omni-United is taking its place in the worldwide tire market. The company runs up to 16 yearly audits and maintains European and worldwide tire quality standards. So, there is no question about its legitimacy. 

Where Are Radar Tires Made?

Omni-United designs Radar tires at their headquarters in Singapore. Most of the tires are made in Thailand, and some are made in Indonesia. 

Although some websites will claim Radar tires are made in Singapore or Malaysia, that’s not true. Omni-United does not have any manufacturing facilities in these two countries. The company makes the tires only in Thailand and Indonesia. 

How Many Miles Do Radar Tires Last?

Radar Tires makes two types of products: all-season tires and summer tires. The all-season tires can last somewhere between 55,000-70,000 miles. The summer tires, on the other hand, can last between 45,000 – 60,000 miles. 

PS: The reason why summer tires wear faster is that they have shallower tread depth and fewer grooves. 

According to the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, an average American drove 14,263 miles per year in 2019. Taking this into account, you can expect Radar tires to run for around 3-5 years. You can even extend it to six or seven years by properly taking care of the tires. 

How Does Radar Tires Warranty Work?

The all-season Radar tires, such as the Dimax series, come with a 50,000 tread depth warranty. And, the summer tires have a 40,000 tread depth warranty. 

The tires also come with a workmanship and materials limited warranty, as well as a road hazard warranty. 

Moreover, Radar provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to their customers.

Note: T&C applies to the warranty. 

Where Does Radar Tires Fit In The Market?

Omni-United established Radar Tires as their flagship brand with a limited number of products. The tire price, however, is reasonable. 

Radar tires are available for passenger cars, CUVs, SUVs, light trucks, vans, and trailers. As they produce only 14 models of tires, there are not many choices available. Of the fourteen tires, the Dimax tire series is one of the best and most popular from Radar. 

Are Radar Tires Any Good? why should you choose them?

Here are the top five reasons why Radar tires are worth the money.

#1 – High-quality All-Season Tires

Radar has two series of all-season tires. The Dimax series is dedicated to passenger cars and CUVs, and they come at a very reasonable price (around $100). The Renegade series is for light trucks and SUVs. This series of tires sits at a higher price point (around $350). However, the price is reasonable given the caliber of the tires. 

#2 – Durable Construction 

The Renegade tires provide exceptional performance on all terrains and have stone-ejector technology that reduces stone lodging and drilling on the tires. Furthermore, the tires have powerful 3-ply construction that resists punctures and keeps the tire rolling for a longer period of time. 

#3 – Low Noise Tires and Fuel Economy

Most of the Radar tires have silica compounds installed that help to reduce the noise and resist heat from the tires. Moreover, silica compounds help the engine run more efficiently for better fuel efficiency and higher mileage. 

#4 – Advanced Tread Design

The tread design and depth are the most crucial parts of any tire. The better the tread quality, the better the tire. Radar tires have a wide center tread design that helps to distribute the pressure evenly throughout the tire. It also helps to increase the grip and provide better stability and control in the steering. 

#5 – Warranty

All Radar tires come with an ample tread warranty, craftsmanship and materials warranty, and a satisfaction guarantee. The warranty takes the pressure off of you if you order the tires online. 

Radar Tire customer overview

Most Radar tires on Amazon have more than 80% positive ratings. The customers claim the tires are completely worth the money. All of the tires have an average 4.5-star rating. 

are there any good Radar Tire Alternative?

Now that you know who owns Radar tires and that they are of good quality, I want to introduce you to a similar brand that you may find interesting. 

Giti Tire 

Giti Tire and Omni-United are the only two multinational tire manufacturers based in Singapore. Unlike its rival, Giti Tire manufactures tires in Singapore, China, and even the US.

They have business activities in 130 countries with over 30,000 employees. They make tires for passenger cars, trucks, and buses. Giti tires also have a very reasonable price for the quality they are providing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I will wrap up this blog here by addressing a few more short questions about Radar tires. 

1. Are Radar Tires made by Michelin?

No, Radar tires are made by Omni-United- a tire company based in Singapore. 

2. Are Radar Tires made in China?

Even though Radar Tire’s parent company, Omni United, makes tires for subsidiary brands in China. But Radar tires are actually made in Thailand and Indonesia. 

3. Who makes Radar Dimax 8 tires?

Omni-United makes the Radar Dimax series and the Renegade series tires in Thailand and Indonesia. 


As I mentioned earlier, Radar is a flagship brand of Omni-United. They have been in the marketplace for enough time to refine their craft. So there’s no reason to not expect the best performance from the tires. 

If foreign tire brands don’t bother you and you want to get high-quality tires at an affordable price, I would definitely suggest you try out Radar Tires. 

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