Who Makes RoadOne Tires – Are They Reliable?

Tongli Tyre CO. LTD has been making RoadOne tires (Main website) since 2015. They are two of the largest tire manufacturing factories based in the industrial province of Shandong, China. 

The parent company of RoadOne, The Hixih Group, started the brand in 2005 in partnership with the famous tire manufacturer, Pirelli. After a decade, the Hixih Group established its own factory to produce RoadOne tires. 

You may now suspect that RoadOne tires are not worth the money since they are manufactured in China. Does RoadOne have a similar fate to other cheap quality Chinese brands? This blog will evaluate the manufacturer who makes RoadOne tires and investigate if the tires are any good. 

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about Tongli Tyre CO. LTD – brief overview

The Hixih Group has been one of the top 500 enterprises in China for many consecutive years. They are also one of the top 500 manufacturing plants in China. 

The Hixih Group established RoadOne tires first in 2003. From 2005 to 2008, they worked on this project with the aim of producing 12 million tires annually. 

However, after ten years of successful operation, the Hixih Group decided to relaunch RoadOne tires with their own factory, Tongli Tyre Co., LTD. 

Since then, the Tongli tire manufacturing plant has been manufacturing over 3 million tires per year. They collaborated with larger tire manufacturers and imported advanced pieces of machinery from Germany, Italy, and Belgium. 

Where are Road One Tires Manufactured?

RoadOne tires are manufactured in Shandong, an economically booming province in China. The factory area occupies 200 thousand square meters. The equipment and supplies in the factory are brought from world-class distributors. 

Where Does Road One Fit in the Tire Market?

RoadOne makes all-terrain and off-road tires for trucks, light trucks, and buses. Since they are made in China, their production costs are significantly lower. This allows the company to sell the tires at a cheaper rate.

This makes RoadOne tires budget-friendly and affordable tires for trucks and buses. 

How Does the RoadOne Tire Warranty Work?

RoadOne tires do not come with any warranty, mainly because most of them are all-terrain and off-road tires. These types of tires use special sidewall and rubber compounds that wear faster. That’s why tire brands don’t usually give any warranty on how long the tires will last.  

Are Road One tires good tires? (key feature and Benefits)

RoadOne tires have advanced and unique technologies that make them a great value for the money. 
Here are the top five reasons to get RoadOne tires. 

1. High Performance 

RoadOne has a wide range of high-performance tires that are suitable for different conditions, such as muddy and wet roads, off-roads, village roads, provincial roads, county roads, etc. 

You can find the best tire for the conditions that you drive in. And, using the right tires gives you more control and stability on the road. 

Each tire has a different footprint, design, and pattern to adhere to the outer conditions and ensure better control of the steering. 

2. Low Noise

Many RoadOne tires, such as the Cavalry A/S include a unique pitch design that helps to reduce road noise. Furthermore, the tires also have low rolling resistance, which reduces the noise to a further degree. The pitch design and tread pattern together give you a more comfortable and quiet riding experience. 

3. Increased Fuel Economy

The low rolling resistance of the tires also helps to increase the fuel economy of the vehicle. All off-road tires inevitably hamper MPG since they have less contact with the road. However, having low resistance from the tires helps to maintain the MPG to an extent. 

4. Value for the Money

Considering the quality and performance, there is no debate that RoadOne tires come at a very reasonable price. Many people can’t depend on Chinese products because of their cheap quality. However, upon checking the RoadOne tire reviews on Amazon, we were happy to see that most customers were highly satisfied with their purchase. 

5. Long Lasting

RoadOne tires have heat and wear-resistant compounds that help them run for a longer period of time. The tire tread also has powerful compounds that ensure a long lifespan.

Watch this video review on YouTube:

How Many Miles Does RoadOne Tires Last?

There is no specific number on how many miles the RoadOne tires last. Since most of the tires are for all-terrain and off-road conditions, the lifespan of the tires largely depends on the application. However, you can get a satisfactory return on your investment if you properly care for the tires. 

Which Vehicles Can Use RoadOne Tires?

RoadOne tires are available for large trucks, light trucks, and buses.

Alternatives for RoadOne Tires

Now that you know who makes RoadOne tires, let’s look at some of the other brands that are competing and offering similar tires. 


Michelin is a widely known name in the American tire industry. However, many people don’t know that a large portion of Michelin tires are made in China. That’s why you can find Michelin tires at a significantly lower price. 

Riken tires, a subsidiary brand of Michelin, makes their tires in China as well. They offer high-performance tires for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. We have covered them in our previous blog, which you can read here. 

Pirelli Tyre

Pirelli is another famous tire brand in America that manufactures its tires in China. They partnered with the Hixih Group to start the RoadOne brand in 2005. 

The company was founded 150 years ago and currently has connections in 160 countries with 38,000 employees. Pirelli offers some of the best high-performance, reliable, and fuel-efficient tires for cars, trucks, light trucks, and buses at an affordable price. 

Radar Tires

Radar Tyres provides high-quality tires for SUVs and light trucks at competitive prices, much like RoadOne.

However, they don’t have tires for large trucks or buses. Radar tires, like RoadOne tires, were designed for a variety of harsh conditions such as muddy and wet roads, off-roads, etc. 

Note: You can learn more about Radar tires from one of our previous blogs here

How to Care for Your Tires?

Caring for your tires has many benefits, such as better fuel economy, better control, and fewer tire changes. 

By caring for your tires, you ensure your safety and save money. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to properly take care of their tires. 

So, here are our top five tips on how you can care for your tires. 

  • Regular Inspection: Have a close look at the tires on a regular basis. The tires may wear out sooner than you expect them to. Checking on them regularly will inform you when you need to replace them. 
  • Air Pressure: Check the tire’s air pressure frequently. Low air pressure will cause the tire to generate more heat and wear you faster. You can watch this video to learn how to check air pressure and inflate a tire. 
  • Spin the Tires: Spin/switch the tires so that they have the same tread depth. This will give more stability and control to the steering. 
  • Be Careful with Load Capacity: Every tire comes with a limited load capacity. If you drive a light truck or SUV, be careful with the weight you put on them. Try not to go overweight on your tires. 
  • Spare Tire: Keep a spare tire in your garage and use it when you notice an error with your attached tires. 

Final Words

We hope this blog was helpful for you to find out more detailed information on who makes RoadOne tires. 

Although Pirelli started the RoadOne brand in partnership with the Hixih Group in 2005, after ten years, the parent company decided to build its own subsidiary company, Tongli Tyre CO. LTD, to manufacture RoadOne tires. 

If you have any questions or queries, drop them in the comments below and we will get back to you. 

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