Do You Know Who Makes Gladiator Tires? (A Complete Overview)

Gladiator is one of the newest tire brands on the market. But this reputed tire brand has already gained its popularity by producing lots of user-friendly and well-performing tires.

The tire brand has got a lot of attention from users, and this has raised curiosity about the manufacturer company of this brand.

In this article, we will talk about all the essentials of the tire brand and the manufacturer.

who makes Gladiator tires
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here is the short answer to who makes Gladiator tires?

American Pacific Industries manufactures the Gladiator tire brand in the United States (API). It produces tires for trailers, light trucks, ATVs, and commercial vehicles, among other applications.

Gladiator tires are high-quality tires made by American Pacific Industries. The company is well-known not only for producing these tires but also for the quality they provide.

The History Behind American Pacific Industries

American Pacific Industries has been in business since 1982. At first, They started out as an automotive parts distributor but soon realized that there was an opportunity in the tire industry. So they decided to go into that direction instead.

API has a rich history in the tire industry. The company was founded in 1982 by Jeff Kreitzman and it has been able to become one of the world’s largest independent tire manufacturers.

API manufactures a full line of tires for passenger cars, light trucks, and heavy-duty trucks as well as off-road tires for agriculture, construction, mining, and other industrial applications.

The company is headquartered in Scotland, AZ with manufacturing facilities in the United States and Mexico.

Is Gladiator Tire Good?

It surely is!

The Gladiator tires are made of a Kevlar and steel-belted radial construction with a heavy-duty sidewall to withstand the toughest driving conditions. 

These tires are also designed to handle both wet and dry surfaces with their deep treads and wide footprint.

Gladiator tires are a type of tire that is mostly used for off-road driving. The tread pattern of these tires is designed like a series of wedges that can provide great traction on slippery surfaces

Advantages of Gladiator Tires

Gladiator tires are a good option for people looking for durable performance on paved roads. Gladiator tires are made of heavy-duty rubber and they have a deep tread with strong tread blocks that help maintain grip even in wet conditions.

This is why most people choose gladiator tires over other brands that offer better performance on the roads but just don’t last that long.

1) Durable performance

Gladiator tires give excellent performance on paved roads without being too noisy or wearing out easily.

2) Price

Gladiator tires offer an affordable price range when compared to other brands’ high prices.

3) Variety of styles to choose from

There’s a variety of styles including sport, all terrains, and mud-terrain to choose from to ensure the best matching tire for your needs.

4) Great traction

Gladiator tires are a big step up from cheap tires in many ways. They have the best traction, grip, and stability. 

5) Better mileage

If you drive less than 500 miles a month, it is best to choose cheap tires that won’t cost you much upfront. But if you drive more than 500 miles a month, gladiator tires will save you in the long run by giving you better gas mileage. It will prevent wear and tear on your car as well as prolonging the time between oil changes.

6) Guarantee

All Gladiator new tires are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. The manufacturer provides you with up to 30 days after acquiring a pair of Gladiator tires to determine whether or not to keep them.

some of the Best Gladiator Tires

Gladiator tires are one of the best tires in the market. The company has some great products that every customer should consider when buying tires.

The four best Gladiator tires are:

The QR 500 HT

The QR 500 HT is designed for drivers of commercial vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks who want a tire that can give consistent performance and long tread life.

The X Comp M/T

One of Gladiator’s newest tires is the X Comp M/T. It’s compatible with a wide range of SUVs, light trucks, and 4×4 vehicles. This off-road highway tire is designed to provide optimum grip and traction in difficult circumstances.

The QR700 SUV

The QR700 SUV is an all-season tire designed primarily for SUVs. It can, however, fit a couple of light-duty trucks. This tire is designed for the budget-conscious SUV drivers who are searching for a dependable tire, according to the manufacturer.

The QR900 MT 

Lastly, The QR900 MT is an all-season mud-terrain tire designed for drivers who want great off-road performance without losing ride quality on the road.

Alternatives of Gladiator Tires

Gladiator tires are an expensive option for your vehicle. With the introduction of tires like Cooper Extreme Country, you can get the same durability and traction for half the price.

Cooper Extreme Country:

Cooper provides a more durable tread on a better compound which reduces rolling resistance and heat buildup. It offers all-season performance in snow and off-road environments while also giving superior handling, ride comfort, and stopping power in wet conditions as well.

The Cooper Tire Company is one of the top manufacturers of passenger car, light truck, and trailer tires worldwide. They have been catering to commercial customers for decades with their OTR tires.

Cooper’s recognized quality in manufacturing made them the perfect company to produce these heavy-duty truck tires.

This tire has received 4 out of 5 stars on ratings.

people also ask (fAQs)

How long do Gladiator tires last?

Gladiator tires have a three-year lifespan, or at least 36,000 kilometers.

Where is The Tire Made?

Gladiator tires are made in the United States.

What company makes Gladiator tires?

Gladiator tires are manufactured by American Pacific Industries.

Gladiator tires come in what ply?

The Construction is three-ply with a high turn-up.

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closing thoughts

Gladiator is usually a popular option among customers. As a consequence, we expect the readers to be interested in learning more about the tire company and everything else about it.

In this article, we’ve attempted to answer all of your questions concerning who makes Gladiator tires. If you have any further queries, let us know.

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