Who Makes Sailun Tires – Are They Any Good?

When it comes to affordable tires, Sailun tires are one of the most common brands in the tire industry that have been used in vehicles for years. Due to its widespread use, almost everyone knows about the Sailun tires brand. 

Mesnak Co. Ltd. is the original parent company of Sailun tires which has been manufacturing these tires for years. Mesnak Co. Ltd. is a Chinese company that started manufacturing Sailun Tire in 2002. Since then, they have been producing the cheapest tire brand for users worldwide.

Who Makes Sailun Tires - Are They Any Good?

here is the brief answer to Who Makes Sailun Tires

Manufactured by Mesnak Co. Ltd. SAILUN tires come into production in Qingdao, China in 2002 and was certified in 2008 as a nationally recognized technology company.

Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2011, it became one of the top 50 manufacturers in the world in a very short time. SAILUN Group has an annual production capacity of 27 million passenger cars and 7 million truck tires.

In addition, they have got major quality assurance standards from around the world, and are making various efforts to complete the quality.

where are sailun tires made? About The Manufacturer

Mesnac Co. Ltd. is a global group company formed in 2000 by China’s Qingdao University of Science and Technology. MESNAC company produces information tools, molds, rubber equipment, chemical engineering equipment, and manufacturing implementation systems for tires as well as art robots. 

In 2002, they established Sailun tire as a brand which is an evolution for their company. Since then, Mesnac has continued to produce high-quality tires under the Sailun brand to prove the strength and quality of their equipment.  

As it has become a well-known band, it is working on research and development to create world-class tires for all types of vehicles for off-road transportation.

Sailun tires invest 30% of its total profits in the R & D field, achieving the highest level of R & D environment.

Where Is Sailun Tire Manufactured?

The headquarter of Sailun tire group is in Qingdao Shi, China. Sailun tire group manufactures its tires in three tire factories, two of which are located in Qingdao and Shenyang, China. And the third factory is located in Vietnam and is now making tires for trucks.

Qingdao’s Factory

The Qingdao factory is the largest among Sailun tires factories in terms of production as it has the capacity to supply about 10 million tires a year. The truck tire capacity in Qingdao is about 2.6 million.

Shenyang’s Factory

Sailun’s Shenyang factory focuses on truck and bus tire production and has capable of producing about 1.8 million truck tires a year. It is About 5 percent smaller than the Qingdao factory of Sailun.

Vietnam’s Factory

The off-the-road tires are manufactured at the Vietnam factory of Sailun. Considering the location, the extended area for the Sailun Vietnam factory is about 50 percent larger than China’s Qingdao factory. So it is conceivable that Vietnam is likely to supply more tires in the future.

Other Places

In the United States, Sailun tires are sold under a brand called TBC. The brand is headquartered in Florida. 

In addition to China and the United States, saloon tires are sold across countless major cities around the world, including Canada, Europe, South America, Mexico, and Australia, providing high-quality and attractive tire products and services. 

Are Sailun Tires Good?

Yes. The quality of the Sailun tires is good enough and the price is satisfactory. The tires of every Sailun model are excellent and its users are satisfied with these tires.

Once someone uses this tire, they start using it again. One of the reasons behind this is its affordable price value.

Let’s see some great features that Sailun tires have to offer you.

  • Huge mileage range
  • Excellent performance 
  • Excellent tire range for all season 
  • offers tires for all-terrain or mud-terrain 
  • Cheap range of prices
  • Wide range of tire models

Sailun Tires has manufactured some excellent tire models over the years. Let’s see some of the popular models of Sailun brand. 

some Popular Models Of Sailun Tire 

Sailun Atrezzo SH406

Sailun’s Atrezzo all-season tire has received one of the most important awards in North America: the PTPA Medal Seal Award of Approval for its outstanding quality. You will get the same performance all year round using the Sailun Atrezzo SH406 model, and it will last longer than usual.

The Atrezzo SH406 is built without compromising the quality and comfort so that car owners can enjoy smooth and comfortable riding.

Its price is a little higher compared to other models. However, after buying it once, you will not have to spend money in the next few months.

Sailun Atrezzo SVA1

The Atrezzo SVA1 is designed to give drivers an excellent trading experience on both wet and dry surfaces. This model contains a unique compound that enhances traction on slippery surfaces and dull snow patches. 

The Atrezzo SVA1 has the ability to make very low noise at high speeds. The tire foundation absorbs road vibrations, so the occupants of the vehicle feel very little vibration. The series is designed to give drivers a smooth ride even when going through rough and rugged terrain.

How Does This Brand Warranty Work?

Sailun brand tire’s warranty is just as reliable as other brand tire warranties and in some cases, you will get a better warranty than other brands. Almost all SAILUN tires offer buyers a 48 to 60 months warranty against technical and component defects.

Any qualified SAILUN brand-customer from the date of purchase, if he finds technical or material defects in the tires of his car, then the company will give them free tire replacement for the initial warranty period. However, in this case, the customer has to pay some money for the replacement.

SAILUN tire total coverage warranty offers the following benefits to the consumer:

  • Coverage for technical and material defects
  • Road hazard replacement program
  • Limited Kilometer Trade Wire Protection Policy 
  • 30-day trial 

The following things  are not covered under the  warranty :

  • Premature or irregular wear due to mechanical failure of the vehicle or failure to turn the tires at the recommended brakes.
  • Improper mounting or unloading of tires, improper application, damage from water or other components
  • Stuck inside the tire when mounting or failing to keep the tire in balance.
  • Excessive or under-inflation, overloading, fire, theft, and damage from faulty vehicle mechanical condition.
  • Damage from racing, off-road use, and misuse of tires in cars.
  • Abuse, misuse, tire change, or damage from flat-driven tires.
  • Damage from accident, chemical damage, tire change, or vandalism.
  • Tires’ D.O.T. Identification number and/or brand name have been intentionally removed.
  • Any inconvenience, or any incidental or consequential loss.
  • Tires used in recreational vehicles ( for camping and motor homes etc.) or in commercial services.

SAILUN Brand offers 30 days trial coverage. If you are not satisfied with your new set of tires, at any time within 30 days of purchase, you are supposed to get a refund or return the new product if you return to the original place of purchase. However, there are some limitations to the SAILUN 30-day trial.

You will not be entitled to a refund under this 30-day trial if the tire:

1. Not yet installed in the original installation vehicle.

2. Road hazards, negligence, misuse, improper inflation or load, damage by faulty wheels or vehicles

3. Installed in a commercial vehicle or vehicle used for commercial purposes

The warranty offered by Sailun Tires varies from place to place. Therefore, the warranty information and limitations given above may not match the warranty of the Sailun tires sold in your area.

Also, this company has different models. The warranty and limitations of these models vary from one to another.

Why Should You Buy Sailun Tires?

The Sailun company is capable of producing tires that surpass many of its competitors in almost all weathers. The Sailun SH406 model has a composite all-season design that allows car owners to drive comfortably in areas where climate changes each year.

Users who have already enjoyed Sailun tires say that in terms of grip, durability, and comfort, Sailun tires are very close to the most recognized brands in the world, but 20% or 30% cheaper in price.

In addition, these tire driving experiences provide high efficiency. Whether at speeds of 50-60 km / h or more, these tires offer stability and comfort. Besides, it may be one of the cheapest tires available in your area.

people also ask (FAQ)

Are Sailun Tires Safe To Ride?

Although Sailun tires are cheap tires, they offer the same reliability as other expensive tires. The Sailun tower is being used in the vehicle in almost all countries of the world and its user feedback are also good. You can ride your car smoothly and safely with a Sailun tire.

Are Sailun Tires Worth The Money?

The answer is yes based on ratings, user satisfaction, and prices. Sailun Tires are not so expensive because it focuses on price rather than quality. However, it is very reliable and can last for many years. The smooth and enjoyable ride will make you feel that it is worthy of your money.

Are Sailun Tyres Mid Range? 

Yes, it is one of the most favored mid-range tire brands available in any tire market.

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The dominance of the Sailun tire is seen in almost all the states of North America as well as in the world and this is because it is a budget-friendly tire and reliable and it can run smoothly on several roads. 

Nowadays, the Sailun tire brand is working to create technological wheels based on research, trends, and the highest demands of customers. Therefore, it is expected that the use and popularity of this tire will increase in the coming years. 

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