Who Makes Waterfall Tires: – Are They last long?

Kolsan Kocaeli Tire Manufacturing Company makes Waterfall tires in Turkey.  Waterfall is a new brand name from Kolsan, which is one of the largest tire manufacturers in Turkey. All of their tires are made in Kocaeli, Turkey. 

Perhaps just knowing who makes Waterfall tires won’t be enough to convince you to buy them. So, let’s see if they are any good and worth the money.

In this blog, I’ll focus on the company’s best-selling tire, the Waterfall Eco Dynamic, and see how customers feel about them.

Is Waterfall Tires Legit? Does they make good tires?

Waterfall’s parent company, Kolsan, was founded in 2000. The company is based in Kocaeli, Turkey—which is a prime spot for tire manufacturing facilities due to the low production costs. 

Apart from manufacturing their own tires, Kolsan also produces tires for other famous brands such as Pirelli. So there are no questions about their legitimacy. 

With over two decades of tire manufacturing experience, they have introduced multiple advanced technologies to take their tires to the next level. Currently, Waterfall tires are available in over 38 countries, including Europe and America. 

Types of Tires Waterfall Makes

Waterfall makes tires for passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs. There are three types of tires available in their product lineup: 

  • Summer tires
  • Winter tires
  • All-season tires  

Where are Waterfall Tires Manufactured?

Kolsan manufactures all of the Waterfall tires in Kocaeli, Turkey. Many famous tire manufacturing brands, such as Goodyear and Pirelli, have manufacturing plants based in Kocaeli.

The companies get really high-quality labor at a minimum wage, which increases their profit margin on the tires. 

Where Does Waterfall Sit in the Tire Market?

Waterfall offers great quality tires at a very cheap price. In particular, their best-selling all-season Eco Dynamic tires come in at around $70 on Amazon. 

The Waterfall would be a great option for you if you’re looking for an all-season passenger car tire with dependable performance. You can get Waterfall passenger tires sized from 13” to 18”, and light truck tires ranging from 12” to 16”. 

How Many Miles Do Waterfall Tires Last?

Waterfall tires are expected to last anywhere from 45,000 miles to 65,000 miles. However, the longevity of the tire will largely depend on two factors: tire type and driving activities. 

An all-season tire would wear out faster than a winter tire because of its softer rubber compound, which provides a better grip on all surfaces. If you are frequently driving on off-roads or in harsh weather conditions, the tires will wear faster than expected. 

How Does the Waterfall Eco Dynamic Tire Warranty Work?

Waterfall Eco Dynamic All-season tire comes with 45,000 miles treadwear warranty. According to a study by the US government in 2019, the average American adds approximately 14,000 miles to their car annually.

Given this average number, Waterfall Eco Dynamic tires would last anywhere between 4-6 years. This is an excellent lifespan considering how inexpensive the tires are. 

Are Waterfall Eco Dynamic Tires Any Good? 5 reasons to choose

The Eco Dynamic tires are one of the best-selling all-season tires from Waterfall. Let’s see what makes Waterfall Eco Dynamic tires worth the money. 

#1 – Great Performance in All Conditions 

The Eco Dynamic tires come with Block Stabilization and Step Shoulder Technology, which increase the traction and control of the tires in both wet and dry conditions. 

There are four wide grooves on the tire that efficiently prevent hydroplaning. The tires also have an advanced tread design and footprint that allows them to provide superior stability and cornering ability in dry weather. 

#2 – Longer Lifespan

Waterfall Eco Dynamic Tires come with a 45,000-mile treadwear warranty. This is an excellent advantage given that they are all-season tires. If the tires are properly cared for, I’d say they’ll last a lot longer. 

#3 – Fuel Optimization 

There are three different technologies on the Eco Dynamic tires that make them highly optimized for fuel consumption. They have carcass technology that reduces tire weight by 5% and improves rolling resistance.

Waterfall has added special sand compounds and environmentally friendly technology that also optimizes fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

#4 – Comfort 

Usually, tires that make too much noise have a void in the center of the tire. Waterfall made sure there were no voids in the Eco Dynamic tire design. This makes the tires fully flat and eliminates any sort of noise. Thus, you get a noise-free driving experience. 

#5 – Inexpensive 

Considering these advantages and benefits of Eco Dynamic tires, they are dirt-cheap in my opinion. Whereas other branded tires sell for around $180, Eco Dynamic tires are priced at around $70. They are a complete steal in terms of price and value.

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Waterfall Eco Dynamic Tires Reviews

The Waterfall Eco Dynamic tires have a 4.6-star review on Amazon. I have checked other sources, and in all cases, Eco Dynamic tires have great reviews in their favor. The users consider the tires to be complete value for the money and are satisfied with their purchase.

are there any good Waterfall Tires Alternatives?

Now that you know who makes Waterfall tires, let’s see which other brands are suitable alternatives for them. 

Riken Tires

Michelin makes Riken tires, and they are very much like Waterfall tires in many ways. They come in the same price range, warrant, and provide similar performance.

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Goodyear Eagle RS-A Tire

Goodyear is a very well-known name in the American tire industry. The Eagle RS-A tires are a perfect alternative to the Eco Dynamic tires. They also come in the $70 price range. You can expect great performance in all terrains from Eagle RS-A tires. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s address a few more short questions that people have before I wrap up this blog.

Are Waterfall Eco dynamic tires good for snow?

Yes, Waterfall Eco Dynamic tires are good for snow. However, they are not the best. 

Who Makes Waterfall Eco dynamic tires?

Kolsan Tire Manufacturer makes Eco Dynamic tires for Waterfall. 

Are Waterfall Eco dynamic tires directional?

Eco Dynamic tires are not directional tires. 


Now you know that Waterfall tires are good value for the money. In particular, the Eco Dynamic tires are a great deal within a budget range. As all-season tires, they have a great treadwear warranty and provide satisfying performance in all four kinds of weather. 

I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new set of tires in the lower budget range. 

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