Who makes Eldorado Tires : Are they any good? – [Explained]

Eldorado Tire is owned by TBC Brands, one of the biggest private-label tire distributors in the United States. However, they do not manufacture the tires themselves, but rather outsource them from other national manufacturers. 

Eldorado Tires are made by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company for TBC Brands. 

TBC Brands has fourteen brands. Each brand’s tires are manufactured by nationally recognized tire manufacturers, and Cooper is one of them. 

Now that you know who makes Eldorado tires, let’s see if they are any good and worth the money. 

Let’s dive in.

Who Makes Eldorado Tires

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Is Eldorado Tires Legit? 

Eldorado tires were established in 1966 as a sub-brand of TBC Brands-which is a subsidiary of TBC Corporations. 

TBC Brands is an American tire distributor company based in Florida. Eldorado tires are one of the 14 brands that TBC Brands currently offers.

Each of the 14 brands is tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of the customers. For example, while Trailer King tires only make tires for trailers, Harvest King tires make agricultural and industrial tires.

The manufacturer, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, is one of the largest tire manufacturing companies in the United States. In 2021, they joined forces with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company—another giant in the industry—to increase their production. 

Where Are Eldorado Tires Manufactured?

Cooper has three manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Neither TBC Brands nor Cooper Tire discloses where exactly they manufacture Eldorado Tires. However, it’s certain that the tires are made in the USA. 

Where Does Eldorado Tires Sit in The Market?

Although they started with only passenger car tires and light truck tires, Eldorado soon branched out to capture larger markets. Currently, they offer commercial tires, ATV tires, quad tires, etc. 

Eldorado all-season tires are one of the best products in the company’s product lineup. The tires come at a reasonable price as well. 

How Does Eldorado Tires’ Warranty Work? 

Eldorado offers two types of warranties with their tires. The H/V-rated tires have a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty, and the T-rated tires get an 80,000-mile treadwear warranty. 

Furthermore, in the event of any manufacturing defect, you can get a free replacement. 

How Many Miles Eldorado Tires Last?

Eldorado tires last somewhere between 50,000 and 80,000 miles. Note that the lifespan of a tire depends largely on the tire type, driving terrain, and other factors. For example, an all-season tire will wear out faster than a seasonal tire due to its building components and structure. 

In a report. The United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration states that an average American drove 14,263 miles per year in 2019. Eldorado tires will last you around 4-6 years at this average annual mileage, which is excellent given their affordable price. 

Are Eldorado Tires good?

Manufactured in the facilities of one of the largest tire manufacturers, Eldorado tires are actually really impressive. 

Here are the top five reasons why Eldorado tires are worth the investment.

Low Noise

Who likes noisy tires? Nobody. Tires create noise when there is extra rubber on the tread and it creates friction with the road surface. Most Eldorado tires have low-scale noise. The tires offer a smooth and comfortable ride. ride experience. Some winter tires create noise because of their unique building structure. 

Note: The tires may make a little bit of noise after installing them. However, the noise reduces once the tires hit a few miles on the road. 

Superior Traction

Both the seasonal and all-season tires come with advanced tread and footprint designs that ensure better traction. This gives you more control and stability on muddy, uneven roads and other rough conditions. 

Moreover, the tires provide superior traction in the rain and snow. If you live in such an area, you’d do a favor to yourself by getting Eldorado tires. The Eldorado tire reviews I have seen say the same. 

Durable tread

Each and every Eldorado tire comes with a highly durable and long-lasting tread. The tires can easily run up to 60,000 miles without running out of tread. The advanced and proactive tread design allows more control and stability on the steering, especially in winter and on rocky trails. 

Reasonable Price 

Eldorado tires are set at a very reasonable price. Considering the quality, longevity, and effectiveness of the tires, the price is unbeatable. The same quality tires from other brands such as Michelin would cost much higher. 

Alternative for Eldorado Tires

Now that you know who makes Eldorado tires and that they are worth the money, let’s check out other brands that Eldorado is competing with. 

Falken Tires 

Falken is a Japanese tire manufacturing brand established in the 1980s’. The company has refined its products and made them highly reliable in extreme conditions. Similar to Eldorado, Falken all-season tires are highly versatile, affordable, and effective.

Goodyear Tires

Goodyear is a very familiar name in the automotive industry. They merged with Cooper last year to produce better quality tires for the market. Although Goodyear tires are not as affordable as Eldorado tires, the quality of the tires is comparable. If you want to spend more on the tires, you can easily go with Goodyear tires.  

people also ask (FAQs)

Before I give my verdict on Eldorado tires, let me address a couple of more short questions that might be running on your mind. 

Where are TBC brand tires made?

TBC Brand tires are made in the USA with the help of some of the largest national tire manufacturers such as Goodyear Tires, Cooper Tire, and Rubber Company, etc. 

Are Eldorado tires made in the USA?

Yes, Eldorado tires are made in the USA by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. 

Are Eldorado Tires Budget-Friendly? 

Yes, Eldorado tires are budget friendly and come at a very reasonable price. 

Are TBC Brand Tires Any Good? 

TBC Brands tires are good and completely worth the money. The tires are versatile, effective, and long-lasting.


Eldorado tires are really good tires and worth every penny you invest in them. They are manufactured by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, one of the leading American tire manufacturers. 

The tires have solid build quality with advanced features. I would recommend them to anyone looking for tires for passenger cars or SUVs at an affordable price. 

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