Who Makes Riken Tires – Are They Good In Quality?

Riken tires are manufactured by Michelin—a huge tire manufacturing group based in France. 

Riken Gomu Industry was founded in Japan over a century ago in 1917. Back then, the company was working on science and research-related subjects. However, they joined the tire manufacturing industry four decades after their inception. 

In this blog, we will evaluate the manufacturer who makes Riken tires and see if their products are worth the money. We will also go over the company’s nitty-gritty details that may surprise you. 

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where are riken tires made?

The Michelin Group is a multibillion-dollar French company with operations all over the world. They acquired Riken in 1992. 

Following Bridgestone, Michelin is the second-largest tire manufacturer globally. Michelin is the company that first created radial tires, which are well-known and widely used in the market today. 

You can find all types of tires available in Michelin’s product arsenal, even aircraft tires. The company is committed to increasing mobility and sustainability by developing advanced and innovative tires and automotive services.

What Other Products Does Michelin Make?

Michelin is a multinational company with 74 factories situated across 19 countries. They have over 23,000 people working in their facilities in North America, Canada, and Mexico. 

Apart from manufacturing tires, the Michelin group is also invested in motorsport, mapping, hotel and restaurant guides, and lifestyle products. Over 170,000 maps have been sold in the United States and Canada by the company. Furthermore, they have sold over 20 million trademarked lifestyle products. 

Where are Riken Tires Manufactured?

So far, we know that Michelin makes Riken tires. From Riken’s official website, we discovered that Riken tires are made in Michelin’s factories based in Europe. 

However, neither Michelin nor Riken specify which country the tires are made in.

Where Does Riken Sit in the Tire Market?

Riken makes tires for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. Their tires are considered to be affordable tires. Actually, one of the best tires you can purchase on a tight budget is a set of Riken tires. 

Riken Raptor ZR Tire overview

Riken made the Raptor ZR high-performance tire series for sports coupes and sedans. They have nailed it with both the quality and the performance of the Raptor ZR tire.

These tires have a directional footprint and an advanced tread compound that offer superior traction and control in extreme conditions. They are made from two steel belts covered with a two-ply polyester casing. 

Riken Raptor ZR also contains additional two-ply nylon that increases the tire’s handling and durability. The high sidewall and larger outside shoulder blocks of the tire offer better steering response and cornering power. 

Riken added a rim protector to the tire to keep the wheels safe and sound. Lastly, the tires come with a 40,000-mile tread life warranty. 

Overall, the Riken Raptor ZR tire series is a great high-perfomance tire for sports cars, and it is a complete value for money. 

Are Riken Tires Any Good? 4 reasons to chose

We had high hopes for Riken because it is a subsidiary of the second-largest tire manufacturer in the world. And, it’s safe to say Riken has gone beyond our expectations. 

Here are the top four reasons why we think Riken tires are worth the money. 

1. Optimized Fuel Economy

Riken has added unique silica compounds to their tires that increase the fuel economy. 

There’s a lot of chemistry and science behind it—which we won’t get into here. 

Just understand this: silica makes the tire more flexible by decreasing the rolling resistance. This results in less fuel consumption and an increase in MPG.  

2. Superior Grip

Apart from decreasing the rolling resistance, silica compounds on Riken tires increase the tire grip. It gives more control and stability to the steering and makes your ride much more comfortable. 

3. Long Lasting 

When the market is flooded with cheap and low-quality tires, Riken stands out with its high-quality tires made in Europe by one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The tires have durable construction, and the tread goes at least 40,000 miles without any severe loss of depth. 

4. Affordable 

Currently, Riken offers tires for a wide range of tires at an affordable price, including all-season tires, on-road tires, snow tires, high-performance tires, etc. 

If you compare the quality, performance, and longevity of the tires, Riken tires would be undefeated when it comes to the price. 

RIKEN Snow by Michelin Tyres [TEST] >> Check out the video below:

How to Care for Your Riken Tires?

Every tire wears out with time, especially if you drive on off-roads or in harsh conditions. That’s why they need to be cared for and inspected on a regular basis. 

You would be surprised to know that a large portion of road accidents in the US are caused by inflated tires. Neglecting to care for your tire can potentially put you at risk of a road accident. 

So, how do you care for them? Here’s how: 

  1. Check the air pressure on your tires on a regular basis, You can use tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) to keep an eye on the air pressure. 
  2. Measure the tread depth every two weeks. Tire tread is one of the most important parts of the tire as it allows the tire to turn and helps with the grip as well. If the tread depth is too low, it’s time to replace them. 
  3. Frequently rotate the tires to keep them at the same tread depth. 
  4. Store an extra set of tires in your garage in case of an emergency. 
  5. Replace the tires before they blow out in the middle of the road. 

are there any good riken tires Alternatives?

You now know all about who makes Riken tires, their build quality, and performance. 

Let’s look at some of the other brands that are competing with Riken.

Radar Tires

Radar tires are a sub-brand of Omni-United. Radar, like Riken, provides high-quality budget-friendly tires for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. The tires adhere to different environments and seasons. The tires are designed in Singapore by the in-house team of the company.

Note: We have covered a detailed review of Radar tires which you can check out here. 


General Tire is a subsidiary of Continental, the third biggest tire manufacturer in the world. General Tyre has a large line of tires for a wide range of vehicles. The key selling point of General Tires is their affordable price with high-quality tires. 


Similar to Raiken, Falken is a Japanese automotive company founded in the 1980s. Falken tires have earned their position in the market by providing dependable and versatile tires for everyday use. Their all-season, high-performance tires are very affordable and an absolute bang for the buck, 

people also ask (FAQs)

Let’s end this blog by answering a couple of more short questions many people have.

Are Riken made by Michelin?

Riken’s parent company is Michelin, which manufactures Riken tires in Europe. 

Which Vehicles Can Use Riken Tires?

Riken tires are available for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. 

How long do Riken tires last?

Riken tires last somewhere from 45,000 miles to 55,000 miles. 

Is Riken a budget tire?

Yes, Riken is a budget-friendly tire brand. They offer excellent European-made tires for cars, SUVs, and light trucks. 

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