Who Makes Wild Country Tires: – are they reliable?

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company make Wild Country tires for Multi-Mile. Multi-Mile Tires is a sub-brand of TBC Brands, which is a subsidiary of TBC Corp. the largest private-label tire distributor in North America.

TBC Brands has a total of 14 brands serving a wide range of needs and requirements in the American tire industry. Their tires are made by recognized and trusted national manufacturers.

Now that you know who makes Wild Country tires, let’s learn more about the brand and see if their tires are worth the money. 

Who Makes Wild Country Tires

Is Wild Country Tires Legit?

Wild Country is an exclusive line of tires from Multi-Mile. TBC Brands established Multi-Mile over fifty years ago. Since then, it has been serving the tire needs of Northern America. 

Wild Country tires are targeted to meet the requirements of off-road, highway, and rough terrain scenarios. The tires are available for trucks and SUVs. 

Where Are Wild Country Tires Made?

Cooper is one of the largest American tire manufacturers. The company was founded over a century ago in 1914 and is currently based in Florida. 

They have three manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Cooper has additional manufacturing facilities distributed worldwide through its subsidiary companies. 

Unfortunately, neither Cooper nor TBC Brands disclose where exactly Wild Country tires are manufactured. However, it’s certain that they are made in one of the three Cooper manufacturing facilities in the USA. 

Note: In 2021, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company merged with Goodyear Tires—another huge brand in the industry—to enlarge their business and produce more tires for the market. 

How Long Do Wild Country Tires Last?

The lifespan of Wild Country tires can range from 50,000 to 70,000 miles. Generally, such off-road tires with high performance have a propensity to wear out faster. This is the case as off-road tires’ rubber materials are softer than regular tires to provide a better grip on rough and difficult terrain. 

How Does Wild Country Tires Warranty Work? 

Multi-Mile offers 50,000 miles treadwear warranty with most Wild Country tires. 

Are Wild Country Tires Any Good? 

The Wild Country tires are good and provide complete value for the money. Here are the top three reasons why Wild Country performs so well.

#1 – Superior Traction 

The Wild Country tire series was made particularly for off-road and rough terrain. The tires have a unique thread design and building compounds that provide amazing traction in rain, snow, and sand. 

Furthermore, the tire footprints are designed to provide better grip and stability on the steering wheel. If you live in a state with severe weather, getting Wild Country tires for your truck or SUV is a good idea. 

#2 – Incredible Longevity

As off-road tires, Wild Country comes with the promise of extensive longevity. Each tire from this series is capable of running at least 50,000 miles and up to 75.000. 

According to a study done in 2019, the average American drives approximately 14,000 miles per year. With this average mileage, Wild Country tires can last up to 4-6 years, which is the industry standard. However, keep in mind that off-road tires are prone to wear and tear. So, longevity will largely depend on your driving activities. 

#3 – Comfort 

What is the use of tires if they are not comfortable driving? Multi-Mile took comfort as a high priority for their tires.

The Wild Country tire series has great rolling resistance and low-level noise to ensure you get the most comfortable driving experience. A superior sidewall, zig-zag grooves, and advanced footprint design come together to provide the desired control on the steering. 

What Do Customers Think of Wild Country Tires? 

Apart from a few anomalies, most Wild Country tire users think the tires were completely worth the money. The tires look good, work effectively, and last a long time. On Amazon, the majority of Wild Country tire reviews range from 4.5 to 5 stars. Most users specifically praise the tires’ superior traction and control abilities. 

Wild Country Tires Alternatives 

Now that you know who makes Wild Country tires, and that they are worth the investment, let’s see what other brands are competing with them. 

Eldorado Tires 

Eldorado tires are one of the fourteen brands from TBC Brands, and they are also made by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. Eldorado makes great quality tires for passenger cars and light trucks. They come in a similar price range as Wild Country tires.

PS: You can also check out my previous blogs where I reviewed Lexani Tires and Eldorado Tires, two other TBC Brands brands.

General Grabber Tires 

The General Grabber tire series is one of the top-rated off-road tire lines available on the market. They have a competitive price with incredible quality. The tires last a long time thanks to superior tread and provide a comfortable riding experience. 

Similar to Wild Country tires, General Grabber also provides excellent traction and grip on sandy and wet roads. General Grabber tires are made by Continental—a very well-established and trusted tire manufacturer in the industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s quickly answer a couple more short questions that many people have regarding Wild Country tires. 

Who makes wild country truck tires?

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company make truck tires for Wild Country. 

Are all-terrain tires good for highways?

Yes, you can get excellent results from all-terrain tires on the highway. However, keep in mind that all-terrain tires wear out faster due to their design and construction. Driving all-terrain tires on the highway may cause you to replace the tires earlier. 

Where are multi-mile tires made?

Multi-Mile tires are made in the USA by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company.


Overall, Wild Country tires are a worthy investment for anyone needing off-road and all-terrain tires. The price and quality of the tires are on-point in my opinion. Furthermore, the 50,000-mile tread warranty keeps you on the safe side with your purchase. 

I’d love to know what you think of the tires. Leave a comment below and share your opinion. 

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