Who Makes Lexani Tires: is it worth to buy? (answered!)

From regular passenger cars to vehicles like Audi, Lexani tires are compatible with almost all vehicles. And the unique outlook of these tires helps the brand stand out.

Nowadays, most mid-budget or cheap tire brands follow the same strategy. They make tires in some other places than the places where HQ is situated. There are several reasons behind this. It depends on the business policies of that particular brand.

Lexani Tires are not dissimilar. Due to the material cost, product cost and other facilities, they manufacture tires in Korea. But that doesn’t sum up the whole story. So, here in this article, I’m going to share every detail about Who Makes Lexani Tires.

Keep reading this article to explore all of them.

Who Makes Lexani Tires

Who makes Lexani tires: Here is the short answer

Lexani tires are basically a sub-brand of another company. The parent company is named Nexen Tires.

Nexen tires are a leading tire company that manufactures different tires for various brand name. Just like that, one of their manufactured product is Lexani tires.

The headquarters of Lexani tires are in Irwindale, California, USA. All of their products are designed from this unit. The marketing and selling processes of this tires are also controlled from this place.

Where are Lexani tires made and manufactured?

Though the HQ of Lexani tires is in California, the tires are not manufactured here. Rather, only the design and research are done here.

The manufacturing unit of Lexani tires is in South Korea. Basically, Nexen tires are the manufacturer of these tires. They are based in Korea and the production line is also there.

It depends on various business strategies and marketing policy that where the products will be produced. The goal is optimum production quality at minimum cost.

How long have Lexani tires been in business?

Lexani is a well-known brand since 1996. But in the beginning, they were not a tire company primarily. Rather, they produced wheel rims for different vehicles.

Then after some years, they began to produce and sell tires too. And the whole process is maintained by Nexen tires.

The warranty policy of Lexani tire

The warranty policy of Lexani tires is pretty simple. They provide one year warranty for material defects or workmanship. The date will be counted from the date of purchase.

You will also enjoy a warranty for the first 30,000miles of driving. During this time, you’ll get free replacement of tires and repairing without charge. But accidents, malfunction, etc won’t be considered under this policy.

How many miles do Lexani tires last?

Lexani brand claims that their tire will last completely fine till 30,000 miles. But this is not certain.

Any irregularities and accidents can reduce the lifespan. So, don’t expect premium durability from these tires. But according to the price, the lifespan is pretty good.

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What Vehicles Can Use Lexani Tire?

Lexani tires are compatible with all regular vehicles. You can use these tires for your SUVs, trucks, and Coupes.

Many BMW, Audi, and Hyundai drivers are using Lexani tires without any problem. This versatility is very impressive without any doubt.

Different Sizes of Lexani Tires?

From 14 to 32 inches, a wide variety of sizes are available when it comes sot this tires.

On the website of Lexani tires, there is a complete list of specific tire sizes. There you can check whether your required tire sizes are available or not.

Are Lexani tires good? 5 reasons to buy them

Various people have various demands. So, one tire may not be perfect for everyone else. So, first, check out why you should consider Lexani tires and then decide whether you want to buy them or not.


These tires are available at very low prices.  if if you are looking for quality service at a low price then you should take these tires.


Of course, these tires don’t be as durable as some premium brands. But you will enjoy a pretty good life span in this price range.


From the rubber to the design of trade everything is so balanced that it has become one of the best choices for budget customers all around the world.


This is the main feature of these tires is their look. Lexani tires are popular due to their fantastic outlook of your tires will increase the look of your cars.


 Both on dry or wet roads these Tyres can provide fantastic traction and grip. As a result, while driving, you need not worry about slipping or the stability of your vehicle.

The products of Lexani tires that this brand makes

This Tires have a good portfolio of different products. Mainly, Lexani tires have four different types of tires. These are,

  1. Performance tires
  2. Trailer tires
  3. Off-road tires
  4. Passenger tires.

Among these, there are so many varieties of models. Here, I’m just mentioning the top two models for your concern.

Lexani LXM 101:

These tires are absolutely fantastic on both dry and wet roads. From 13 to 15 inches rim can be compatible with these tires. Five continuous blocks and four longitudinal grooves provide excellent traction and grip.

Lexani LXHP 102:

These tires are designed to ensure minimum tread wear while maintaining traction and stability. That’s why these tires are one of the best choices for budget customers. 

Are there any drawbacks?

Lexani Tires are not so good when it comes to wearing the tread. Not only that, the sidewall is designed to absorb shock. So, they are not quite perfect to provide good traction on snow or icy roads.

Are there any good alternatives available for Lexani tires?

Well, wise people say, there are alternatives to everything. So, Lexani tires have alternatives too. Here, I’m mentioning two tires similar to this tires.

Ironman tires:

Ironman tires are manufactured by Hercules tires. This is one of the leading tire brands. The products of Ironman Tires are fantastic in both performance and durability.

LeMans tires:

LeMans tires are made by Bridgestone tires incorporation with a Chinese manufacturer. These are one of the best tires for minivans and cars. Excellent tread life and traction make these tires worth buying.

people also ask (FAQs)

Are Lexani tires quiet?

Compared to the tires in this price range, Lexani tires can be considered as quiet.

Is Lexani better than Ironman?

That depends actually. Different models of tires have different features for certain conditions.

Are Lexani and Nexen same brand?

Nexen is the manufacturing company of Lexani tires.

in Verdict: Who Makes Lexani Tires?

Recently, people are focusing on budget tires. That’s why so many brands are producing tires at low prices.

Lexani is one of those brands, trying to meet the demand of customers by maintaining a low price. You will get a highly aesthetic and high-end service at affordable prices.

So, if you are not ready to buy a premium brand right now, it’s will be better to go with low-budget tires like Lexani that are able to provide satisfactory performances.

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