Are General Tires Good Quality Brand? (Quick Answer!)

If you drive regularly, you may have faced problems with tires from time to time. We choose a brand after doing deep research and then while using it, we observe that the performance is not as expected.

That’s why it’s really necessary to know what will meet your demand and how to choose the right tire for you. So, here I’m not only going to review General tires, but also mention some tips, which will help you to choose the best tires. Are General Tires Good Quality?

General tires are a best within a budget deal. They are not very expensive, not very cheap. You won’t get a premium feeling from these tires. Again, you won’t be disappointed with the performance either.

So, should you choose these tires? Will General tires meet your requirements? Let’s explore the whole story here.

who makes General tires?

General tires are owned by a company named Continental Tire Corporation. But this was not the scenario at the beginning of their journey.

General tires were first established in 1915 in Akron, Ohio. At that time, they were named General Rubber Company. Then they started to produce tires for different types of vehicles.

In 1980, a German company named Continental bought General tires. But they are still producing tires under the brand name General.

Where are General tires made and manufactured?

General tires have several production lines in different locations. Mexico, the USA, and Texas are some of these locations.

In 1915, the company launched its first manufacturing line in Mexico. Then in 1930, they extended the unit in the USA. They also have a tire testing track in Texas.

Most of the tires of the brand General are manufactured in these manufacturing units in Mexico and USA.

How does the General brand warranty work

Where there is a product, there are issues? So, many times you may face unexpected changes in the shape of tires or it can wear out more than expected.

So, a warranty is really necessary to cover these issues. Normally General tires have a warranty of 72 months for most of their tires. During the first 12 months and the wear of  2/32 of the tread, you will be able to replace your used tires under this policy.

Any types of sidewall bubbles, wear and tear, tread displacement etc will be covered by this warranty policy.

How many miles do General tires last?

There is no hard and fast rule to determine how long a tire would last. It completely depends on your driving skill and conditions.

So, all I can do is share the knowledge that people have experienced. From that perspective, it can be mentioned that these tires can last for about 75000 miles without any issues. Well, this is the case when you have no accidents history or unexpected events.

This mileage can vary with the driving situation. But by proper maintaining you can increase the lifespan of these tires.

What Vehicles Can Use General Tire?

Nowadays most tire companies make tires for almost every type of vehicle. Because customers prefer varieties of products from them without going here and there.

As a result, the brand also produces tires for different types of vehicles. SUVs, crossovers, trucks, cars, no matter what vehicle you ride, they have got a tire for you. 

If we talk about the mother company the Continental, I must say they have more than only General tires. Many of the most popular tires like are also products of this company. They have tires for almost everything from agricultural vehicles to sports cars.

What Are the Different Sizes of General Tires?

Different vehicles need tires of  different types and sizes. Sports cars need smaller-sized tires compared to agricultural or hill terrain vehicles. So, each company needs to meet this demand to compete in the market.

General tires have varieties in their tire sizes too. The most common sizes of their tires are 

LT275/55 R 20
LT275/60 R 20
LT275/65 R 20
305/50 R 20

Are General tires good quality? 5 reasons to buy them


Many of the customers said that General tires create less noise than most average tires of similar prices. So this is undoubtedly a great feature of these tires.


These tires come with a 45 days trial period. So, you know, the company is confident about the lifespan of these tires. That’s why they provide 72 months of warranty to assure you.


Great traction and excellent control, even at high speed indicates that General tires are worth buying if you’re looking for high-performing tires.

Flexibility with the environment:

General tires have a lot of products. Fro. Dry or wet roads to deep icy roads, for each of the environment they have some tires to offer. This variation makes the brand unique.


This is the most important factor for many of the buyers. These tires are neither very cheap nor very costly. So, these are more of a middling tire.

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Are there any drawbacks of General tires?

I’ve already mentioned that General tires are not a premium tire brand. Rather they are more of a mid-budget tire.

As a result, you may face wear and tear before even crossing 50,000 miles. So, this may be an issue for you. Besides, the material is good but not the best in the market.

So, you should consider that there will be limitations with General tires, as the price is lower than most premium brands out there.

The products of General tires that this brand makes

Some of the best products from General tires are,

Max justice:

These are all-season tires from the brand General. These tires are considered high-performing tires among many options from this company. These are compatible during high-speed driving. For law enforcement fleets these tires are a great option.

Grabber X3:

These tires come with 3 ply robust compounds. The aggressive tread pattern and channel through the grooves provide fantastic grip and ensures water evacuation in muddy roads. These are dedicated to muddy and wet roads actually.

Are there any good alternatives available for General tires?

Well, if General tires are not the right brand you are looking for, I must mention some alternatives too. That’s why I’ve made deep research about this and came up with the two most relevant options.

Let’s see those tires that can be used instead of a General tire.

Copper tires:

These tires are so popular that most the vehicle owners know this brand. But do you know that these tires are very close to General tires in terms of performance? So, if you’re looking for an option, check out these tires and decide if it meets your criteria.

Michelin tires:

These are another leading tire brand. The price of these tires may be a bit higher than general tires, but the performance is beyond description. For all-season touring tires, this brand is providing satisfactory service for years.

people also ask (FAQs)

Where can I buy General tires?

You can buy General tires from local dealers or from Walmart.

Are General and Continental the same brand?

Yes. General tires are owned by Continental tire company.

When should I change my General tire?

General tires can last for 75000 miles. So, you can change it after that if necessary.


It’s really difficult to choose the right tires from the wide variety of available products in the market. So you need to have a fair idea about the quality of different tires and how to choose the right one.

That’s why here in this article I’ve tried to mention the points too, depending on which you can decide whether a tire is good or not.

The rule of thumb is to determine your specific necessity and then find which tires meet your demands. Thus you can find the perfect match and you will not suffer from your decisions either.

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