Who Makes Weize Batteries – (with how good are they?)

Weize offers some of the most inexpensive and affordable AGM batteries for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, scooters, etc. Their Deep Cycle rechargeable gel battery also performs well with RVs, Marines, camping, trolling motors, etc. 

Who Makes Weize Batteries? A Chinese brand named Jiangsu Weize is the company behind the manufacturing of these batteries. But the battery is not the only product from this company. Rather, various control modules for cars, sensors, etc are also manufactured by this brand.

Though all of these products maintain high quality, here we’ll only focus on the batteries. From the history of manufacturers to their performance, this article will cover everything you need to know about Weize batteries.

Who Makes Weize Batteries - (with how good are they?)

Which company makes Weize Batteries?

The name of the manufacturing brand of Weize battery is “Jiangsu Weize Motor Locomotive Manufacturing Lt.” They don’t sell these batteries on the official website of this company, but rather to third-party stores.

Since its foundation in 2017, the company has been working on research, design, and development. With the target to provide first-class solutions and high-quality products, the newborn company has made its place in the market.

Where are Weize Batteries made?

Weize batteries are made in China. The headquarters of Jiangsu Weize is in China. In 2017 the company was established to provide different automobile solutions.

Automatic mobile controlled car systems, GPS vehicle monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, etc are the top products from this brand. Aloof these products including batteries are manufactured in China.

Motorcycle batteries, tool batteries, solar panels, etc are also manufactured by this brand.

How does Weize batteries warranty works?

Generally, depending on product models Weize battery comes with a 1-year warranty policy. But from real users’ experience, it is seen that the batteries can serve for about about 3 to 5 years.

Well, I must mention that there are no hard and fast rules to determine battery service life. It completely depends on how you use it and the working conditions. If maintained properly the battery can last for years.

Weize Battery Compatibility 

Most Weize batteries are good for smaller vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, etc. Their deep cycle batteries are applicable to RVs and Marines. But they are not suitable for passenger cars or light trucks. The batteries don’t have enough cranking power to be consistently used on cars.

Even if you are purchasing them for motorcycles or other smaller vehicles, it’s highly recommended that you check the battery compatibility with your vehicle. The batteries might be too powerful or too weak to consistently power and start your vehicle.

are weize batteries good – How Good Are Weize Batteries?

Are Weize batteries good or not? They are good. Now let’s look at just how good they are and what exactly makes them good value for the money. 

#1 – All weather performance

Weize batteries, such as the YTX14 BS ATV batteries, offer all-around good performance in all weather. This battery is resistant to extreme cold, heat, and vibrations. You can use them throughout the year without double guessing it. 

#2 – Powerful AGM batteries

Just like any other AGM battery, Weize AGM batteries provide amazing performance on the streets. The batteries are spill-proof and regulated with valves that increase the recharge time and continue to power the vehicle constantly. 

There’s no maintenance required with the Weize AGM batteries, so you can be worry-free for two/three years before you need to change them. The Weize AGM batteries also have extended cold cranking amps that power the vehicles at lower temperatures.

#3 – Powerful Deep Cycle Battery 

Weize Deep Cycle Gel batteries are even more long-lasting than AGM batteries. These batteries use silica-type gel to reduce the electrolytes and extend the lifespan of the batteries. 

They are much better than traditional lead-acid batteries in terms of maintenance, performance, and longevity. Furthermore, the Weize Deep Cycle battery can withstand extreme heat and vibration to provide smooth and constant performance on the road. 

#4 – Reliable Performance

Be it the AGM or deep cycle batteries, Weize builds the batteries to be reliable and provide constant power to the vehicle. The AGM batteries can be relied upon for motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.

And, the deep cycle battery will be reliable in case of a power blackout, outdoor activities, off-grid applications, RV and camp applications, etc. 

Top available Weize batteries on the market

There are many models of battery available from this company. Though you can’t find these on the official website of Weize tech, third-party stores sell these batteries. Some of the best products from this brand are listed below.

Weize YTS14-BS:

This model has a slow discharge rate. Moreover, the valve-regulated vent ensures smooth performance. Besides, these batteries can perform better for bikes that need high cold cranking amp.

Weize YTS14AH-BS:

These batteries are spill and leak-proof. Also, this model comes with a 1-year warranty and ISO 9001 certifications. With great starting power, this is considered one of the best battery models from this brand.

Weize YTS5L-BS:

This model also comes with a leak-proof and maintenance-free design. The AGM gel technology is the reason behind this. The glass mat design creates a unique look for the product. So from aesthetics to performance, this model is worth the money.

Are there any alternatives to Weize batteries?

Well, if you’re not convinced with the performance of Weize batteries or looking for something different, I’ve some suggestions for you.

Here below I’m mentioning some of the other brands that can be used as alternatives to Weize batteries.

Renogy deep cycle (AGM battery) 

This battery has a better temperature range. And the monthly discharge rate is only 3% at 77F or 25-degree celsius.

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Ampere time LiFePO4

Due to LiFePO4, these battery is capable of fast charging. Also, the performance is quite satisfactory compared to the price.

Battle-born battery LiFePO4

This battery has an average life of 3000-5000 cycles. It is capable of providing 100 amp continuous current and can serve for a long time too.

These are some models which are similar to Weize in terms of performance and price. There are many other models available in the market. The different battery has different features and you must select which one suits you the best.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Now that you know how good Weize batteries are, let’s address some of the frequently asked questions by people. 

Where to buy Weize batteries?

Weize batteries are available in different online and offline stores.

How long does a Weize battery last?

A Weize battery can last for about 3 to 5 years if maintained properly.

Are there any drawbacks to Weize battery?

Without any unexpected occurrence, there are no such drawbacks of Weize batteries.


Within a very short time from the foundation of Jiangsu Weize company, it has made its place strong in the market. Inspite of having a few complain about Chinese brands, this company is widely popular all over the world.

There are several models with different unique features and designs offered by this brand. Not every product is perfect though, you must find the best fit for you. And after buying, maintaining a battery properly is the first thing you need to be concerned about.

Proper maintenance and preservation in good condition can increase battery health and performance time. And of course, before buying, be clear about the warranty policy that will be offered by the seller.

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