are interstate batteries aGM or flooded? [Explained]

Interstate offers six different types of batteries, not all of which are AGM. Some batteries are affordable and budget-friendly, while others are high-performance AGM batteries. These are the three categories of Interstate batteries that are AGM: MTZ series batteries, MTX series batteries, and Power Sport batteries.

So, to briefly answer the question: Are Interstate batteries AGM? Well, it depends on the battery type and quality. In the rest of this blog, I will discuss further what AGM batteries are, how to use them, and the ups and downsides of AGM batteries. 

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What’s the Big Deal with AGM Batteries?

The automotive industry has been using the same lead-acid flooded battery for over a century. AGM batteries are the new-age car batteries with more power and efficacy to start the vehicle. 

In today’s day and age, regular lead-acid batteries don’t have the consistent power to crank start the vehicle and provide a power supply to modern electronics such as GPS, loudspeakers, phone chargers, cameras, etc. 

This is where AGM batteries come into the picture. 

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries have superior power and recharging ability than batteries from the previous generation. These batteries use glass mats with lead acid to create more cranking power and have more recharge capacity. 

There are valves that regulate how much oxygen and hydrogen can slip out during charging to decrease the required recharge time. 

Furthermore, as they are sealed from the top, they do not need any sort of maintenance. These features make them much more desirable than regular flooded batteries. 

How can you tell if a battery is AGM or or flooded?

There are three ways to confirm if a battery is AGM: 

Step 1: Check the manufacturer’s label on the bottom or back. The label will mention if the battery is AGM or not. 

Step 2: AGM batteries have a sealed top with the positive and negative terminal sticking out. Whereas a regular lead-acid battery will have a removable top. 

Step 3. Shake the battery from side to side to check for any internal movement. It is a typical flooded battery if you can feel liquid wriggling inside. If there is no wiggle, the battery is an AGM. 

Who makes interstate AGM batteries?

Clarios and Exide Technologies make batteries for Interstate. Either or both of them could manufacture AGM batteries for the brand. Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm it as neither the brand nor the manufacturer disclose it. 

How long do interstate AGM batteries last?

Interstate AGM batteries are very powerful and durable. They tend to last at least five years. They can endure for another two years with proper care. 

Are Interstate Deep Cycle batteries AGM or gel?

Interstate Deep Cycle batteries are not AGM. These are EFB batteries, which means that they are gel. 

Is there any real difference between AGM and regular car batteries?

Yes, there are a few significant differences and benefits between AGM and regular car batteries. 

  • Benefit 1: AGM batteries have significantly more cold cranking power than regular flooded batteries.
  • Benefit 2: AGM batteries can power electronic items much longer than lead-acid batteries.
  • Benefit 3: In terms of longevity and durability, AGM batteries last two-three years longer than regular batteries. 
  • Benefit 4: Regular car batteries require maintenance, AGM batteries don’t. 
  • Benefit 5: AGM batteries are spill-proof, but regular car batteries are not. 
  • Benefit 6: AGM batteries recharge much quicker than regular batteries. 

How Do AGM Batteries Work?

AGM batteries follow the same foundation used on car batteries for the last 160 years. However, there are a few tweaks and changes to the AGM batteries that make them much more powerful than old-generation batteries. 

AGM batteries use a sealed package that contains lead, sulfuric acid, and water. When you start the vehicle, a chemical reaction takes place on the battery and creates the energy to crank up the engine. 

Now, in the chemical reaction between lead, sulfuric acid, and water, there is a possibility of water leaking out. This can create a more powerful acidic reaction in the battery, potentially damaging the plate and decreasing its longevity. AGM batteries use valves inside them to stop the water from leaking out. 

Furthermore, the glass mats in AGM batteries consume the electrolyte (sulfuric acid and water) and attach them to the lead plates. The battery uses these lead plates to power and recharge itself more efficiently. 

Do AGM Batteries Need a Special Charger?

AGM batteries don’t need a special charger, and they can be recharged with regular stock chargers. However, this is not the optimal charging scenario. 

The best way to recharge AGM batteries is with an advanced smart charger, which will supervise and control the passing voltage to recharge the batteries at the optimum pace. 

What happens if you charge an AGM battery with a normal charger?

charge an AGM battery with a normal charger

Although normal chargers can be used for AGM batteries, it’s not recommended. AGM batteries require a special set of voltage and power to recharge at an optimum rate. Normal chargers fail to provide adequate voltage and can damage the battery and decrease its lifespan. 

Do I need to add water to my Interstate battery?

It depends on what type of battery you have. The Interstate AGM batteries have a sealed package and are maintenance-free. You do not need to add water to these batteries. 

But if you are using a regular flooded car battery, then yes, you will need to add water to the battery to keep it running. 

Are AGM batteries worth the money?

Yes, AGM batteries are definitely worth the money. AGM batteries have superior cranking power, even in cold weather, and they can efficiently power the necessary everyday electronic items installed in your car.

Although AGM batteries can be a little pricey, their longevity and performance make them totally worth it. 

Final Words 

Now you know a lot more than just “are Interstate batteries AGM?”. 

You understand how AGM batteries function, what sets them apart, and the benefits of using AGM batteries. 

If you have any further questions about Interstate AGM batteries, leave them in the comment section. 

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