Who Makes Duralast batteries? (Duralast batteries Overview)

While leaving for an important meeting, if you suddenly notice that your car’s battery is dead, how would you feel? Of course, you’ll feel helpless!

No need to worry. Duralast Battery is there to save you from these sorts of unwanted situations. This batteries are long-lasting batteries with amazing features.

After knowing the features of Duralast batteries, our curious minds often wants to know, Who makes Duralast batteries?

Johnson Controls. A firm named Johnson Controls makes Duralast batteries mainly. Besides, other manufacturers like Exide and East Penn are also there. But, the pioneer manufacturer is Johnson Controls.

Let’s discuss more it to gain more information and choose the right one for our cars to run smoothly.

Who owns Duralast batteries?

When it comes to batteries, we all look for long-lasting batteries along with good features. Duralast batteries serve this purpose well.

Johnson Controls International Plc mainly manufactures Duralast batteries. In 1885, Warren S.Johnson established this firm, and its headquarter is in Cork, Ireland.

As we can see in despite being such an old company, they make the best batteries with the best features. At present, Brookfield Business Partners own this firm. They aim to come up with new technology regarding batteries. As a result, they came up with Duralast batteries that are long-lasting and can power vehicles in extreme conditions.

Autozone sells Duralast batteries. AutoZone is a company where vehicle parts of different brands are sold.

So, whenever you feel like changing your car’s battery, don’t forget that Duralast batteries are the best choice.

Who makes Duralast gold batteries?

Johnson Controls mainly make these, but some other manufacturers are also there. The mentionable among them is the East Penn and Exide.

There are so many brands of batteries that often you may get confused about “Which one to buy?”. Duralast battery is the one which you can buy confidently without any doubt.

When we hear the term “Duralast”, the words which come into our mind are “durable” and “long-lasting”, which describes it all. This is because Duralast batteries are made with high-quality materials, due to which they are much durable.

The main focus of this brand is on battery’s reservation capacity and CCA. Due to higher CCA, these batteries work well even in extreme conditions. They can control the voltage currents as well as the overall heat. These batteries are suitable for vehicles that have demands of high power. They are made in such a way that they can reduce shocks and vibrations.

This batteries are highly recommended due to their unique features and high-quality performance. These batteries are best for winter for their high amperage in case of cold cranking. You will surely be satisfied with it. As a result, there’s no room for getting confused in choosing the best.

Are Duralast and Interstate batteries the same?

Duralast and Interstate are two different brands with different features and facilities.

The aspect in which Duralast and Interstate differ from each other are:

  • Battery life: Mainly, the battery life of any battery depends on its usage. If the battery is used more in extreme conditions, there are numerous possibilities to have minimal battery life. However, based on typical use, we can say that Interstate battery last longer than Duralast batteries.
  • Charging period:  Duralast batteries has a faster charging capability than interstate batteries. As it charges faster, it becomes easier to use it in our day to day life.
  • Establishment: Duralast batteries came into being before interstate batteries. And still, this brand is well known to everyone as Duralast batteries are established before interstate batteries, so the features of Duralast batteries are more advanced.
  • Organization: Duralast is a renowned brand of AutoZone company. In contrast, the Interstate is private marketing as well as a distribution company of batteries.
  • Cost: Duralast batteries are affordable, but interstate batteries are expensive. So most people prefer Duralast batteries.

From the above discussion, we can say that Duralast and interstate batteries have slight but significant differences.

Are AutoZone Duralast batteries any good?

The Duralast batteries that are found in the AutoZone store are excellent in every aspect. AutoZone sells most of the types of Duralast batteries, which gives manyfacilities to the consumers.

The AutoZone company tries to meet up all sort of demands and desires that a consumer may have! Starting from free maintenance to many years warranty, this company provides it with all.

AutoZone Duralast batteries are fantastic. Can you even imagine that this battery can even start up a vehicle below freezing temperatures! Moreover, AutoZone company provides Duralast batteries in a budget-friendly manner.

So AutoZone Duralast batteries are a must-have as they never fail to please anyone.

How long do Duralast gold batteries last?

Duralast batteries are meant for lasting long. Nobody would want such a battery which damages within a week or a few months.

Usually, all sorts of Duralast batteries last for about three-five years. Duralast batteries provide a warranty. In the traditional one, the warranty is 2 years, but for the gold and platinum one, there remains a 3years warranty.

Duralast gold batteries have a longer lifetime due to their construction with high-quality products. In addition, these batteries do not easily damage even if we do not use the vehicle for an extended time.

If we want our battery to last for a longer time, we need to keep it healthy. To keep our battery healthy, we can follow some really simple but important steps:

  • We should turn off the lights and music or radio before we turn off the vehicle.
  • Batteries are sensitive to cold environments. So even if we stay in a cold place, we need to keep the vehicle in the garage or plug in the battery.
  • Taking the vehicle for longer drives keeps the battery healthy. So even if we don’t know the vehicle often, we should take the vehicle for longer drives.
  • Checking the battery after a certain time is an important task.

Thus, if we maintain the battery well, it’ll undoubtedly give the best performance.

What are the types of Duralast batteries available?

Among all the Duralast batteries, there are two primary types which are described below:

Duralast Gold Batteries:

This battery ensures a more extended life with an excellent design. This is a 12V battery. This battery has about 750 CCA. That means people residing in cold countries do not have to worry anymore about their vehicles. It’s made of polypropylene material, due to which it can reduce shocks and vibrations. It recharges very swiftly. In a nutshell, Duralast gold batteries are reliable batteries.

Duralast Platinum Batteries:

This battery has an AGM feature with a fantastic design. They are resistant to vibrations, and we mount them in any way.  Deep cycle capacity is present in this battery.

The above two types of Duralast batteries are well known to consumers. However, the platinum one is preferable among the above two batteries as it is long-lasting.

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in Conclusion: Who Makes Duralast batteries?

We indeed got all the answers to the questions that may arise in your mind before buying Duralast batteries through this article.

As you have known about it so don’t be late to make the right decision. Indeed Duralast batteries serve all the purposes to save you from unwanted situations.


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