Who Makes NAPA Batteries? (NAPA Batteries Overview)

Most people know about NAPA Batteries. Unequivocally, it is one of the unbeatable car battery brands in the automotive industry. This is why the people give attention, and many automakers fancy knowing Who Makes NAPA Batteries?

NAPA batteries are made by EAST PENN Manufacturing, a private company maneuvering the largest single-site in 1946 by Delight JR, which is leading the best battery manufacturer facility in the United States. Since 2009, these batteries have been made by DEKA.

Delight JR got the 33rd spirit of NAPA award. It has contributed as excellent service to the organization of the NAPA batteries.

Most automakers are fond of these batteries because it has an excellent warranty that helps change the damaged batteries. The average warranty of them is about 18 months which is surprising as the cost of these batteries is cheap and affordable.

Does NAPA Install Batteries?

NAPA installs batteries, but you can’t do this at home yourself if you are not an expert in it related to some technical works, so you have to take to an expert, authorized NAPA auto care center. You need to ask them to alter your batteries.

But there are some tips you can do this by yourself if you know about the installation of the NAPA batteries properly.

How to Install NAPA Batteries in 4 step?

There are some materials that you need to purchase before installing the battery.

These are:

  • Brand new battery
  • Tools required to remove the positive and negative terminals
  • Brush for cleaning
  • Step One: First, you have to buy a substitute battery for your car. For this, you should know the model of your vehicle so that you buy the correct battery and check the car’s number. Car batteries are made in different sizes and types and the ratings of power. So, it would be best if you bought the original and correct batteries for your car.
  • Second Step: Now, find out the positive and negative endpoints of the batteries. The positive endpoint is marked as (+), whereas the negative endpoint is marked as (-). First, unclasp the bolt that supports the negative cables and then remove the positive cable.
  • Step Three: After that, unbolt the battery down clamp, and from your battery, clean rust using a soda with a brush. After getting rid of rust, wash with water and spray the battery for anticorrosion. You have to ensure the positive and negative terminals are together and then install the battery. For checking, you can start your car to verify the installation is finished. You should not throw your used batteries in the garbage as it contains toxic chemicals.
  • Step Four: Disposing your car batteries to your local NAPA auto care center will be a good choice.

What are the types of NAPA batteries available?

In the modern and developing world, there are many innovative and talented car makers. They share very creative ideas about the model of the different kinds of vehicles. So the types of batteries will depend on the various structures of the cars, and it changes from car to car. The different types of  NAPA batteries available are:

  1. Power battery by NAPA
  2. Legend battery by NAPA
  3. Legendary premium the AGM battery
  4. Multi-sports battery
  5. Marine and deep cycle battery
  6. Garden and lawn battery

Personally, I prefer the legendary premium AGM battery, one of the remarkable batteries for cars. I will tell you about this elaborately.

1. Power Battery by NAPA

This car battery is easy to maintain and has excellent starting power abilities at this affordable price. This can be adjustable with many car models, and the process of installation is easier

2. Legend Battery by NAPA

It is one of the best batteries, in my opinion. It has the function of conveying spectacular starting power for vehicles. It has a high ability of reserves in urgent conditions. It has a well-constructed structure that makes vibration resistance at an affordable price.

3. NAPA legendary the AGM Battery:

Change the battery frequently. Low recharge saves your money and keeps you tension-free.

It gives protection and stability against extremely high temperatures. Moreover, it conveys the best starting power fortified by a thermoplastic polymer in any climatic conditions that make the battery easy to use and the installation.

Batteries’ handles create a user piece of cake to move and transport its framework of AGM makes a spill-resistant design and can be kept in any order. Thus, it can be used for several money-oriented purposes.

4. Multi-sports Battery:

It is one of the well-developed car batteries which creates people remunerates the demand for all kinds of vehicles.

These batteries have an excellent vibration resistance which gives shelter for the long journey. They are secured and well planned, so it doesn’t need much, and it has a leak-proof orientation that protects equipment and riders.

5. Marine and Deep Cycle Battery

It is composed of lead, which is fashioned to bolster power over a long time that is reliable for an application that requires a backup power supply. It has impressive rates of charge according to the price, and if you are searching for a cheap well-functioning battery, it will be helpful for you

6. Garden and Lawn Battery

A great wet-type battery used for garden tools and working and is the best car battery for lawn tractors. This is applicable for light work, snowmobile and snow blower applications, etc. It helps to maintain and clean your garden and also golf and football fields.

How long do NAPA batteries last?

As we all know, most car batteries last about 2 to 4 years in hot weather and 4 to 6 years in cold weather, but sometimes you need to change the battery from your car.

Napa batteries usually last about 4 to 5 years in both kinds of weather; if we are talking about the average lifespan of car batteries, I think it is a long-lasting and quality battery. Moreover, it is one of the essential components of the vehicle’s engine.

Are NAPA batteries made in China?

Napa batteries are made in America with two renowned companies: Johnson Controls, Inc or Exide Technologies. However, nowadays, all NAPA car batteries are mainly made from Johnson Controls.

Does East Penn make NAPA batteries?

DEKA has made NAPA batteries since 2009, and EAST PENN is manufacturing them, and it has proved to be one of the best options.

Are NAPA brand batteries good?

NAPA brand batteries are undeniably good as it is pretty durable and provides long-term services. Moreover, it ensures a smooth ride, and we can buy it at lower prices. Their features are surprisingly acceptable by the users who are using this.

It is easy to maintain and can stand firm against using meticulous usage. Although, it has some disadvantages. The problem is that the suitability of the battery changes from car to car, and its warranty is about only 18 months. In contrast, other car batteries may last for 24 to 36months.

What is the best car battery according to consumer reports?

There are also some best car batteries, such as Optima, Odyssey, and Interstate. Some people may not like NAPA batteries. Still, when you look at the reviews of the NAPA batteries, the customer gives positive reviews to this as it is one of the trusted brands providing customers excellent quality.

It can be tough to find the best car battery. To the best of my knowledge, they said that it is compatible with different sizes and types of vehicles, sufficient starting power, reserves the ability for you to drive for a long time, and gives happy-go-lucky installation.

Therefore, most of the consumers are happy with the products and use them in the forthcoming days.

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in Conclusion: Who Makes NAPA Batteries?

Choosing the correct car batteries can be daunting because it may destroy your car if you do not select the correct battery, and an accident may occur. Still, there will be someone who will always help you.


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