Do You Know Who Makes Subaru Oil Filters? (Answered)

Subaru oil filters are really good in terms of price and durability. Most people think these oil filters are made by Subaru itself. At least the name indicates this.

But the brand Subaru doesn’t manufacture these oil filters on their own. Rather, some other company supplies these oil filters for Subaru. So, now you may want to know, who makes Subaru oil filters?

Subaru oil filters are manufactured by a company named Honeywell. It is also known as the FRAM. So, Honeywell or FRAM is the company that makes Subaru oil filters.

But that was not the story from the beginning. Rather, these oil filters have been handled by multiple companies.

Go through this article to know about Subaru oil filters in detail.

About the Manufacturer

Current scenario:

Honeywell or FRAM is a well-known brand that has been serving quality products for years. This brand is mainly USA-based. But they supply products throughout the world.

On other hand, FRAM is another company that also has made Subaru oil filters. In fact, Honeywell and FRAM were the same brands until 2011.

At that time, it was known as Honeywell’s “Consumer Products Group”. Before that, this company was bought by Bendix corporation in 1967.

After that, the company FRAM was owned by the Rank group. FRAM is one of the leading companies in the USA and Canada that supplies automobiles aftermarket.

Previous history of the Subaru oil filters:

I’ve already said that the Subaru oil filters have come through multiple companies. The reason is before Honeywell took the deal of making Subaru oil filters, another Japanese company was the manufacturer.

The name of that company was Tokyo Roki. Well, often people get confused between another brand with about similar name, Toyo Roki. You know both of these are Japanese companies.

Before Honeywell, Tokyo Roki manufactured Subaru oil filters. But for some reason, Subaru decided to shift the dealings from Tokyo Roki to Honeywell/ FRAM.

They may have done it to minimize the cost and make the process more economical since Japan was far away from the USA than Canada. And FRAM was mainly based in the USA and Canada. So it was more functional to run the business for Subaru.

Where is the Subaru oil filter manufactured?

Just as I have mentioned before, Subaru oil filters were made by a Japanese company. The Tokyo Roki was that company. But due to some reason, the brand Subaru decided to change its manufacturing company.

As a result, Subaru made a contact with Honeywell or FRAM. At that time, they were the same company. But now, Honeywell is the company that manufactures these oil filters.

The manufacturing unit of Honeywell is in Canada. There are some units in the USA too. They work combinedly and supply oil filters for Subaru.

There are two types of oil filters from Subaru. One is black and the other is blue oil filters. Between the Blue and Black oil filters from Subaru, some people claim that the black one is made by the Tokyo Roki. If it is the case, then these filters come from Japan.

Is the Subaru oil filter any good? the pros and cons

Subaru oil filter is a fair deal within the mid-budget range. It may not be the best, as there are some other oil filters that offer much better service. But what creates differences in the price of these oil filters.

Compared to the price of other available filters, Subaru oil filters are considered really good. First, let’s discuss the pros:

the Pros:

  • These filters have a back drain valve inside the filter. It resists some oil from draining completely when the engine is turned off. So, when you will start the engine again, the engine will get some oil at the very beginning. So, it won’t be a dry start.
  • These filters can serve great for up to 7500 miles. I think this is quite satisfactory according to the price. After traveling these distances, you will need to change the filter.
  • The outside shell is made of hard metal which ensures a longer lifespan.

the Cons:

  • The valve inside the filter is made of rubber not silicon like some high-end oil filters available on the market.
  • Due to the rubber valve, it won’t perform that good in extremely high or low temperatures.

You need to keep these in mind while buying or using these Subaru oil filters.

Available types of Subaru oil filters on the market

Fram extra guard PH6017A

These filters can serve for up to 10000 miles. Both synthetic and conventional oil can be used for these filters. It can eliminate 95% of dirt from incoming air.

Fram extra guard PH6018 black oil filters

These filters are also capable of serving for 10000 miles. The filter material is resin. It can be used for all-terrain vehicles.

Subaru Oil Filters & Washers

These filters are 6 x 6 x 6 inches in dimension. The weight of these il filters is 1.1 pounds. These filters are made by Honeywell in the USA.

Best use of Subaru oil filters

There are basically two types of oil filters from Subaru. The blue filters are from Canada and the Black filters are from Japan.

The black filters are mainly for high-power vehicles. The blue filters can be used in small four-cylinder engines. Both of these filters are almost the same except for some minor changes inside.

Some of the best alternatives to Subaru oil filter

There are multiple options for you if you are looking for some alternatives to Subaru oil filters. And here, I’m giving some of the available alternatives that can be used instead of Subaru:

Purolator PL14615 spin on oil filters:

Purolator oil filters can serve for up to 10000 miles when used for fully synthetic oil. It has 99% of dirt removing capacity.

Hiflo Filtro premium oil filters:

Well-known brand that is serving for more than four decades. Each oil filter goes through 16 quality checks before leaving the factory.

Mobil 1 M-1 oil filters:

It reduces oil flow resistance and increases the efficiency of the oil filters. Can eliminate contamination from oil very successfully. 

people also ask

Are the Subaru and FRAM the same company?

Subaru is the brand name. Whereas FRAM is a manufacturing company. FRAM produces the oil filters and Subaru sells those under their brand name.

Are FRAM and Honeywell the same?

FRAM and Honeywell were the same company until 2011. Then, now FRAM is owned by the Rank group.

Are Subaru oil filters good for synthetic oil?

Yes. Subaru oil filters are compatible with synthetic oil as well.

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closing thoughts

Subaru oil filters are widely used because of the low price they offer. The service of these oil filters is good enough compared to the price.

From this article, now you should know who makes Subaru oil filters. From the beginning, several companies made these oil filters, but Subaru is the brand that sells these under their brand name.

Though many other high-end oil filters are available on the market these days, they cost really high price. So, those who are looking for a cheaper option can choose  Subaru oil filters.

But in that case, you will need to sacrifice some of the facilities that may be available in costly oil filters.

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  1. I just had my oil changed at a Subaru dealer and the filter had no markings on it.
    (2015 Outback). They told me it WAS a Subaru filter….I am begining to doubt it…Is it.??

    • Fram currently does not make Subaru’s oil filters. AC Delco does. They are flat Subaru blue with no markings.

      It is possible that sometime in the future Fram will be making them again.

  2. A company by the name of Baufon are making Subaru oil filters as well. I can’t find any information about the company so I’m assuming that it’s a new Amazon brand being that Amazon’s the only place that I can find the name Baufon.


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