do you know who makes generac oil filters? (Answered)

Generac is devoted to providing energy solutions in a more effective, efficient and smarter way worldwide. 

They primarily provide backup power sources for both homes and commercial applications. 

The company started with manufacturing Generators and it has become their most famous and widely used product. 

Be it a small backup generator for your home, or a huge industrial generator — you can find it in Generac. 

Other necessary industrial and home appliances such as light pressure washers, heaters, pumps, and parts and accessories are available in their arsenal.

Generac oil filters are a crucial element to keep the generators functioning. These oil filters have been a wild success and widely used product for the brand. 

here is the short answer of who makes generac oil filters

Generac Power Systems Inc makes Generac oil filters. 

About Generac Power Systems Inc

Generac was the first company to introduce an affordable power backup solution for homes back in the 60’s. They are now the largest manufacturer of home backup generators in the USA. 

Since the beginning, they have been creating and innovating new possibilities and accessibilities for efficient energy solutions for their customers.

Generators have been their primary products for a long time. They manufacture a wide range of generators for both residential and commercial and industrial usage. 

Aside from generators, Generac is also the pioneer for the fully automatic and manual transfer switches and accessories. 

They built a sub brand name Generac Mobile Products that focuses on construction, mining, military, oil and gas, disaster response etc. As the name suggests, this sub brand makes portable products and equipment for light, water, heat and power. 

Moreover, Generac company is concerned and advocates the protection of the environment. They are committed to innovate sustainable and environment friendly products, systems and partnerships. 

Where is Generac Oil Filters Manufactured

Generac oil filters are manufactured by Generac Power Systems, Inc in the USA. 

They have a total of five manufacturing plants and warehouses based in Wisconsin state. All of these plants are near the downtown area. 

Their corporate headquarters is based in Waukesha. This 265,000 square foot facility is mainly used for manufacturing and product design. They also test out and produce the water cooled generators in this facility. 

The biggest facility of Generac Power Systems company is based in Whitewater. It’s a 300,000 square foot facility used for manufacturing, designing and testing of Generac’s OHVI® air-cooled engines, and air-cooled home standby generators. 

The other three manufacturing facilities are located at Eagle, Jefferson and Oshkosh. Each of these facilities are almost as big as their headquarters. 

some of the top Available Products from Generac

Although Generac started with providing backup power supply, they quickly extended their line of products.  Let’s have a look at what other products they have under their belt.

generac generators

Generac generators are well known and widely used all over the globe. They have a wide range of generators with different sizes and power capacity. 

You can get Generac generators for homes, business and industrial usage. The generators come at an affordable price. And, they require liquid propane, natural gas and diesel fuel.

generac transfer switches

Safety is a big concern when you are using a backup generator. That’s why Generac has built modern tech transfer switches that swiftly transfer the power from the source to the generator. 

Generac pressure washers

Once the company secured their place for power supply equipment, they extended to cleaning products. 

Generac POWER TO CLEAN™ pressure washers have made cleaning much more easier and convenient. The power washers are perfect to clean the driveway or prepare for a painting job. 

generac water pumps

Generac water pumps are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks. The pumps fill the requirements of homes, constructions and even farmers. 

generac pro

Generac has a few more handy pieces of equipment that are in their Pro products. You can find Mowers, Semi-Trash pumps, Snow blowers and electric washers in this category. 

generac accessories parts and accessories

Generac has built the necessary accessories, tools and parts that you need to use these powerful equipment. These additional accessories help the equipment to function efficiently for an extended period of time. 

Are Generac Oil Filters Any Good? 3 reasons to buy one

Generac oil filters work great for their generators. They are made as Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. 

Build Quality: 

Generac uses a porous and cellulose fiber mixture to create the oil filter. They also use synthetic fibers (glass and polyester) that make their filters robust.


The oil filters are suitable with all generators from Generac. The filters are adhered to the need and requirements of Generac generators and equipment. This means you can use the filters on your generator with ease.

Long Lasting:

The oil filter has a resin finishing to protect it in harsh environments. It also prevents wear and tear of the filter.

What is the difference between Generac oil filter 070185E and 070185ES?

Generac 070185E used to be the standard OEM oil filter for Generac generators. This filter fitted almost all of their generators and some other manufacturer equipment. 

Then, Generac rebranded their 070185E oil filter and added the “S” on the title. This made people think if they made any fundamental changes in the oil filter.

Truth be told, there is not much of any change in the oil filter itself. Generac basically changed the packaging and removed the “30% More Filter” from the filter’s face.

The manufacturer added the “S” just to indicate the color orange for the oil filter. Both of these models are identical in all other aspects including quality and performance. 

How Does Generac Warranty Work?

Generac providers standard 5 years warranty for their generators. It can extend up to 7-10 years based on the products.

Unfortunately, the company does not offer any guarantee for the oil filters. 

Where to Buy Generac Oil Filters? 

You can use Generac’s Consumer Dealer Locator and Distributor Locator tools to find a dealer nearby.

Generac also partnered with retailers such as Amazon, Ace Hardware’s, ABT, COSTCO and other brands. Check other retailers from here.

We would recommend you get the oil filters from Amazon.

people also ask

Compared to just ten minutes ago, now you know a lot more about who owns Generac oil filters.

In this FAQ section we have summarized the key points in short answers. 

Where To Buy Generac Oil Filters? 

You can buy General oil filters directly from Amazon. They are the official retailer of Generac products.

Are Generac Oil Filters Made In America? 

Yes, Generac oil filters are made in America. Generac has five manufacturing plants based in Wisconsin state. All of their products are designed and manufactured in their facilities.

What oil filter does a Generac generator use?

Generac generators use OEM oil filters made from their own brand. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Generac oil filters are primarily used in Generac generators.
  • The oil filters are manufactured by Generac Power Systems Inc 
  • Generac manufactures their oil filters in the USA 

Final Words

Now, you know everything there is to know about who makes Generac oil filters. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below. 


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