do you know Who makes Bosch oil filters? (Answer Explained)

Bosch oil filters are popular for their filter surface area, porosity, and multi-layer filtration technique. The integration of high-level construction led Bosch filters to a reputable name.

The production of Bosch filters kicked off in Spain in 1978, but the Bosch company was founded in 1886. The funny twist; the Bosch company started in a backyard, as a workshop for precision mechanics and electrical engineering.

What transformed the little backyard workshop into a global company with outstanding products? What made the standard of Bosch filters non-negotiable, maintaining competence and product quality for many years? 

What is so special about Bosch? 

Well, they put in extra attention, first-hand knowledge, capturing all the technical requirements to produce filters that offer maximum protection of engines.

Who makes Bosch oil Filters?

Robert Bosch Gmbh, also known as Bosch, makes Bosch oil filters. The German multinational company was founded as a conglomerate, by Robert Bosch, in 1886, to cover a wide range of products, across different industries. 

Automotive parts, power, home gadgets, security systems, cloud computing technology, IoT, engineering, and electronics- Bosch operates as a combination of different business entities.

The production of Bosch filters kicked off in Aranjuez, Spain in 1978. This wasn’t the first time Bosch tried out the production of filters. The first Bosch filter, produced in 1930, was Robert Bosch’s attempt to produce fuel filters with a special paper.

Although Robert Bosch died on 12th March 1942, his inventions have passed through a lot of innovations and advancements to lead it to where it is today. The 92% of the company’s operation managed by a charitable organization; Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Where is the Bosch oil filter manufactured?

Bosch Oil filters are manufactured across different countries in the world. The need for different manufacturing points is to bring production units closer to users.

Originally, Bosch Oil Filter was manufactured in Gerlingen, Germany, the headquarters of Bosch.

Are Bosch oil filters any good? 6 reasons to buy one

Bosch takes production a step further by manufacturing filters for optimal protection. Bosch, a global leader, and producer of injection systems employ its expertise in providing engineering solutions.

They are a trusted brand in the development and production of diesel and Denoxtronic injection systems, providing devices that will protect them won’t be a hard task.

Nevertheless, what makes a Bosch filter a good option?

1. Quality Requirements

Bosch maintains filter quality requirements that revolve around three structures; efficiency, pressure drop, and service life. These foundational structures border on certain key pillars.

  • Every Bosch filter must retain, and collect the highest possible amount of particles before it reaches its change interval.
  • A high level of retention of particles entering the filter
  • The impact of pressure drop on the oil filter should be as low as possible.

The use of state-of-the-art technologies, high-quality materials, refined processing, and quality control makes it possible to achieve quality requirements.

2. Technology

The design and operation of Bosch oil filters cover three major areas; the inflow of contaminated oil, filtration of oil, and conduction of cleaned oil by the engine. This is backed up by the inclusion of carefully designed structures that effectively serve these purposes.

These parts include; seals, support jacket, double beading, connection thread, filter media, non-return valve, pressure-resistant filter housing, and bypass valve.

The inclusion of a bypass valve and a non-return valve is to prevent dry starts and improve the sustained flow of oil to the engine. Bosch oil filters reduce damages caused by impurities, ensuring the continuous supply of oil. This prevents oil filter idling and achieves immediate lubrication after restarting the engine.

3. Improved Oil performance and Overall engine stability

Due to the Bosch filter efficiency, there is an extended service life to the engine oil. This promotes lubrication irrespective of oil pressure or temperature.

The inclusion of advanced media, superior gauge cases, and steel base plate maintains increased durability, 99.9% efficiency, and reduction in engine wear. This will surely increase the life cycle of the engine. 

4. Protection Capacity

With a Bosch oil filter, you can achieve an increased dust holding capacity. This is because of the large filter surface and overall design. 

Bosch filters hold up to 13-14 grams of dirt. This is relative to the class of Bosch oil filter you go for.

5. Zero Oil Leaks

You can achieve no oil leaks and loss. This is because of the inclusion of corrosion-resistant construction and mechanism. The high-level resistance shields the internal parts and seals that are prone to leaks.

6. Compatible with synthetic oil

It is advisable to pair your Bosch oil filter with the Castrol Motor Oil. Castrol motor oil is a full synthetic oil and Bosch’s interaction with the oil is a commendable feat. Although Bosch filters have an advanced lubricity gasket design that has a firm seal, there is easy removal of impurities. 

Best use of Bosch oil filter 

Bosch oil filters fall into two categories-

  • premium oIl filter having superior performance,
  • And workshop oil filters have strong performance.

Both of them share almost the same similarities, except that premium has a holding capacity of 14 grams and is compatible with all types of motor oil. On the other hand, the workshop has a holding capacity of 13grams, with limited compatibility.

The varying categories of the Bosch Oil filters impact their performance. The different models and product specifications make each of them compatible with different cars.

It is essential to study the product details to decide the best choice for your car.

However, here are the best uses of Bosch Oil Filter

  • With Castrol Motor Oil
  • Domestic, Asian, and European Vehicles

Some of the best alternatives of this Bosch oil filters

Here are the seven best alternatives for Bosch Oil Filters

  • Purolator Oil Filter
  • Wix Oil Filter
  • Beck Arnley Oil Filter
  • Genuine OEM Oil Filter
  • K$N Performance Gold Oil Filter
  •  FRAM Oil Filter
  • Denso Oil Filter

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people also ask

Does it matter what oil filter you put in your car?

Yes. The type of oil filter you put in your car matters a lot. The size and its compatibility with your car matter a lot. You must check your car’s details and confirm that they align with the oil filter that you choose to use. 

Putting the wrong oil filter will not only impact the oil pressure but also affect the protection capacity of the oil filter.

How long does a Bosch filter last?

A Bosch filter will last for 9,000 – 10,000 miles and you need to change it after the duration. Hence, it is essential to always change the Bosch filter when it tops its usage limit.

Your inability to change the oil filter after it has expired it’s usage limit  will get it clogged with impurities and your engine becomes unfiltered.


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