Do You Know Who makes Purolator oil filters? (Answered)

With the level of popularity that these oil filters have achieved, have you ever tried to know who makes Purolator oil filters?

Mann+Hummel makes Purolator filters. However, the interesting thing about Purolator is that its production commenced in the 1920s. Invented by Ernest John Sweetland, and George H. Greenhalgh in 1922, Purolator helped in flushing the crankcase of a car, cleaning out oil contaminations and deposits. 

It is still a surprising feat, how this brand has maintained its stand as the best oil filter for automotive after passing through the hands of different owners. At this point, I’ve triggered your taste for curiosity.

Where are Purolator oil filters made?

The regular use of Purolator grew from the Chrysler Six to passenger cars and trucks. MANN+HUMMEL, a German filter manufacturer, as well as the maker of Purolator Filters has its headquarters in Ludwigsburg Germany pushing the production and distribution of Purolator Oil Filters from Ludwigsburg to over 80 locations around the world.

With locations across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America, Mann+Hummel pushes the need to make Purolator available to everyone. The popularity of the Purolator oil goes beyond its availability to everyone in any part of the world, but the integration of innovation and refined technology to reduce the emission of pollutants improve the performance of engines.

Where are Purolator oil filters manufactured?

Purolator Oil filters are manufactured in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA. However, the manufacture of Purolator is not limited to this location. With the help of Mann+Hummel, the manufacture and distribution of Purolator oil filters has spread across over 80 locations in the world. 

Mann+Hummel controls six regional zones, which include; Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Is Purolator Oil Filter For You? 5 reasons to buy one

Purolator Oil Filters are made from the best materials, compatible with synthetic oils and high-mileage engines. The advanced features make them a great option for a lot of cars and driving conditions.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using a Purolator Oil Filter.

1. Rugged Internal Construction

With the inclusion of a multi-fiber and high-density media there is an optimal flow of oil into all necessary parts of your engine. And with a high percentage of dirt removal strength; 96.5% power, it is really worthy to use.

This is backed up with a bypass valve, double helix metal center tube, refined metal caps, and a durable-reinforced nitrile gasket. Most importantly, it is built to prevent oil leaks and help you achieve healthy seals.

2. Improves engine performance

The design and architecture of the Purolator oil filters shield the engine from impurities and further damage. This prevents the penetration and floating of garbage into the oil, promoting engine health. The improved engine performance with the Purolator oil filter can impact your car’s fuel economy as well.

3. Extended mileage protection.

Good oil improves your engine performance and car mileage. With an oil filter as good as Purolator, this is achievable. Most times, it is essential to know how long an oil filter can lead you before you consider changing it. 

Hence, Purolator sustains an extended usage of 5,000 – 15,000 miles, depending on the type of Purolator oil filter that was used.

4. Ideal Oil Flow

The inclusion of a bypass valve and a metal center tube is to allow easy flow of oil. Backed with the anti-drain-back valves, there are zero chances of experiencing dry starts.

5. Cross-compatible

Although there are different types of Purolator oil filters with varying features, they are compatible with a lot of engines and oils. From synthetic, semi-synthetic to conventional oil, they are a matching pair for your engine oils.

However, you must understand the type of Purolator oil filter that you are going for, and which of them will appear as a perfect match for your needs.

Top Four Purolator oil filters 

1. Purolator L14476


  • Provides up to 5,000-mile engine protection
  • High dirt removal power: 96.5% performance
  • Has a reinforced media backed up with multi fibers
  • Zero leaks and dry starts, protection from the anti-drain back valves
  • Optimal Oil flow

2. Purolator PL14612


  • Protects your engine for up to 10,000 miles
  • Increased dirt removal power with up to 99% performance
  • Advanced anti-drawback valve; made of silicone, better than the traditional nitrile
  • Enhanced metal end caps, a center tube that ensures engine stability and reduces wear by heightened resistance

3. Purolator L14610


  • 5,000 miles of protection and coverage
  • Captures up to 96.5% dirt
  • Thick media; High density/Synthetic
  • Compatible with conventional oil
  • Advanced multi-fiber media that traps dirt

4. Purolator PL14610


  • Extend protection for 10,000 miles
  • Dirt trap and removal: 99% power
  • Silicone enhanced anti-drawback valve for advanced protection against leaks, dry starting.
  • Thick synthetic-blend media
  • Improved wear resistance

The Purolator oil filters run in three categories; Purolator, Purolator One, Purolator Boss. These different categories maintain some similarities, but there are slight differences in their operations. For instance; the three filters are a good choice for long commuting, handling convention, and high mileage. 

However, Purolator boss and One are compatible with fully synthetic, while the Purolator works with semi synthetics. This boils down to the fact that Purolator Boss is a better choice for extreme climates, but Purolator boss and Purolator One will work for Towing.

Best use of Purolator oil/filter

The best use of Purolator Oil filter depends on the cars you are using them for, and your engine needs. The different types and categories of Purolator are not only in their specifications and performance but in the type of cars that they handle.

Purolator Boss will achieve 15,000-mile protection, Purolator One achieves 10,000 miles, and Purolator achieves 5,000 miles.

Just as their performance and mileage differ, you cannot use them for the same driving needs.

Purolator Boss

Good for city driving, extreme weather, mountain rides, stop and go, and towing.

Purolator One

City driving, stop and go, dusty roads, towing.


Highway and regular driving, standard conditions.

It is essential that you confirm which of these will work as a perfect fit for your car.

Top 10 best alternatives for Purolator oil filters

Here are the 10 best alternatives for Purolator oil filters;

people also ask (FAQs)

Is Purolator a good oil filter?

Considering the price and amount of value delivered, Purolator is a good filter. With advanced technology, innovative construction, the ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, and the ability to provide up to 5k – 15k miles of protection, Purolator is a good oil filter for your car.

What does Purolator Oil Filter do?

Purolator Oil filter helps maintain the overall performance of your engine by filtering and collecting deposits and impurities. This prevents them from contaminating your oil. This provides engine protection for up to 5,000 – 15,000 miles.


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