who makes mohave tires? is it any good?

Mohave tires are one of the very first choices of consumers who are looking for budget-friendly tires. The durability and consistency in performance make this tire stand out in the market.

But do you have any idea about who makes Mohave tires? If not, then this article is going to give you a detailed answer. From the Mohave tire’s history to their current performance, everything will be discussed here.

I’ll also cover the warranty policy that you will get if you buy these tires. So, let’s start with the manufacturing company of Mohave tires.

Here is the short answer who makes/owns Mohave tires?

Mohave tires are owned by the brand name Rages Mohave Tires. This is a well-known brand for agricultural tires. They also produce all types of touring tires for light trucks, SUVs, and passengers car.

The long-lasting and pleasant performance of these tires is making real trust among customers. That’s why Rages Mohave Tires tires are so popular since their foundation in 1967.

Where are Mohave tires made?

Mohave tires are made in the United Kingdom. The Rages Mohave Tires Ltd. manufactures tires for varieties of vehicles. The agricultural vehicle tires are one of the specialties of Rages Mohave tires.

Well, it should be mentioned that this brand may not be that much popular in the North American zone.

Where are Mohave tires manufacture?

I have already mentioned that Mohave tires are manufactured in the United Kingdom. But you should also know that the Discount tires are the seller of these tires.

Discount Tires are basically tire shops, that have both physical and online shops. If you want to buy Mohave tires, you can collect them online from wherever you are.

But the tires are only made in the UK. The manufacturing unit is operating there since 1967.

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The products of Mohave tires that Rages Mohave makes

Some of the top products of Mohave tires are worth to be mentioned here. The good news is, there are varieties of products from this brand available in the market.

Among them, some of the top categories are discussed here,

Mohave CUV:

Mohave CUV is an all-season tire. It can provide very good traction even in colder environments. The five-rib tread design with a special groove in the circumference is another unique feature. It helps to evacuate the water while rolling on the road.

Mohave Touring:

These tires come with a 40,000 miles tread warranty. Not only that, these all-season tires are great for long service. It can perform really well in both wet and dry conditions.

Mohave Touring A/S:

These tires are great for stability and handling. The material of these tires includes silica which provides extra traction. Moreover, the price of those tires is really budget-friendly. But many have complained that these tires are not good in snowy conditions.

How does the brand warranty work?

As I have said earlier, that the Mohave tires are distributed by Discount Tires. They have a special tread life warranty with their products.

There is a 40000 miles tread life warranty for most of the Mohave touring tires. If you face any issues within this time period, the company will replace the tire with a new one.

Again, if you buy special certificates from them, you will enjoy this warranty till the last 3/32 inch of the tires.

Are Goodyear tires better than Mohave?

Goodyear tires are one of the best tires available in the market. Undoubtedly, these tires always stand out with their warranty policies and other facilities. 

But what you should remember is the price of this tire is much higher than Mohave tires. So, you should think about whether you want to spend this extra money or not.

Are Kelly tire brands better than Mohave?

Well, Kelly is a budget tire and you should not expect premium durability from these tires. But it’s worth mentioning that these tires have a good rating from users all around the globe.

As per some sources, these tires can perform optimum until 60000 miles. Since it depends on the driving conditions and skill, it can vary. So, while comparing with Mohave, first you should identify your requirements.

Are Mohave tires good? 5 reasons to buy them

Mohave tires are worth buying for so many reasons. Here, I have mentioned the top 5 features for which you can buy these tires.


All Mohave tires are designed to provide excellent traction while driving. Moreover, handling vehicles will be easier with these tires. It can perform well in both dry and wet conditions which I already have mentioned.


From the warranty policies, you already know that the brand is confident about the performance of these tires. That’s why they promise to replace the tire if it gets damaged before 40000 miles. The tread life is quite satisfactory among the users.

Driving comfort:

The next thing is the comfort of driving. The extra grip that is provided with the design will help to remove dust and water from the tire groove. So, you will be able to drive comfortably even if you drive on slippery or watery roads.


Silica-based material of these tires is good for both durability and function. It improves the rubber quality and thus the safety issues have been taken care of.


Last but not least is the affordable price of Mohave tires. Among the high-end tires available in the market with a huge amount of money, Mohave tires can save your pocket. 

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Are there any drawbacks of Mohave tires?

Well, Yes! There is something to be concerned about with these tires. In fact, there are not many varieties of their products. The sizes are also limited.

Besides, the performance of these tires is not satisfactory on snowy roads. So, you should use these tires for roads and highways.

Are there any good alternatives available for Mohave tires?

Arizonian tires:

Arizonian tires are one of the best budget-friendly tires. They are also all-season tires and good on both dry and wet roads. The warranty for the tread life for these tires is also satisfactory.

AMP tires:

Amp tires can be another option if you are looking for Mohave tire alternatives. These tires are products of TWG commonly known as Three Wheeler Group. From the warranty to performance, these tires can compete with Mohave tires in every aspect.

Here, I’ve just mentioned the alternatives which are in a similar budget range to Mohave tires. If price is not a concern for you, you can go for Goodyear or other high-end tires. In that case, you will get more mileage as a warranty and also a better performance.

people also ask (FAQs)

What does CUV mean?

CUV means Crossover Utility Vehicles, which are basically made on the chassis of a car.

What the Discount tires basically are?

Discount tires are basically shops that sell and distribute Mohave tires.

What’s the rating of Mohave tires?

On various online platforms, Mohave tires have an average 4.8 to 5 rating out of 5.


Mohave tires are serving for years and really popular for so many uses. So, undoubtedly, you can buy these tires if you’re looking for a new one.

As now you know who makes Mohave tires, and why these tires are good, you can easily decide on your own. Moreover, I have also suggested some alternatives.

So, if you are still looking for some options that will suit you better, you can check those alternatives too. Hope it will meet your demand.

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