Do you know who makes amp tires? (Answer Explained)

Amp tires are one of the best choices for off-road driving. The special design of these tires provides such fantastic grips and traction on rocky roads, that you’ll be amazed.

Though there are many available off-road tires in the market, Amp tires are widely popular. But do you have any idea about who makes Amp tires? Well, if you don’t have any, no worries. Because this article is all about the Amp tires.

Here, I’m going to share every little detail of these tires. I’ll start with the manufacturer of these tires and eventually go through the quality and performance of Amp tires.

So, stick to this article to the end to explore all the fascinating info about Amp tires.

Here is the short answer who makes Amp Tires?

Amp tires are made by one of the leading tire companies in the US, The Wheel Group. They are most commonly known as TWG. This company has experience of more than 45 years in this field.

A person named Philip established the company in 1969. Till then TWG is producing fantastic tires and other accessories and distributing them all over the globe. The headquarter of this company is in Ontario, California.

Where are Amp tires made?

This is something you must know if you are curious about Amp tires. Though the headquarter of the brand of this tire is in Ontario, the products are not manufactured there.

TWG is actually the distributor company. The distribution process is controlled by the headquarter. But the Amp tires are manufactured in Thailand. Sound weird, right? Let’s see, why TWG does this?

You may know that Thailand is the largest natural rubber producer country. They produce and export a  lot of rubber all over the world and earn a handsome amount of money. Among the customer country, the US is the very first.

So, for the TWG it’s more economic to make the tires in Thailand and then sell those.

Where are Amp tires manufacture?

Well, you already know that Amp tires are manufactured in Thailand. Moreover, you also know why TWG have chosen Thailand as their manufacturing country.

Because of the availability of natural rubber, it really saves a lot of money and effort if the tires are made there. But you will be wondered knowing that, TWG sells Amp tires in many other countries rather than the US.

In fact, the Amp tires are available in Denmark. Japan. Malaysia, Philippines, etc. But the main market is across all over the US.

The products of Amp tires that TWG makes

If you focus on the core categories of Amp tires rather than various models, you will find only two types. Most of the available Amp tires are one of these two main categories.

And both of these tires are made by TWG. Let’s see which are these products of Amp tires.

Amp M/T tires:

These are very popular tires among the rough and tough drivers. The various models of tires under this section are known as “Off-road” tires. They provide fantastic grip in off-road conditions because of the unique A design on its thread. These are specially designed for rocky and muddy roads.

Amp A/T tires:

A/T has two types of tires. One is called A/T A and the other one is A/T P. These tires are not special for off-road but even though, they can serve quite well in those scenarios. There is a pro version that serves fantastic in terms of tread life and driving on both dry and wet roads.

These are the most popular categories of Amp tires that are currently being made by the TWG company.

How does the band warranty work?

Well, a warranty is something that can vary with the sellers. Like if you buy from an online store it can offer you a custom warranty according to their policy.

Generally, if we focus on the Amp A/T tires, the A/T P model has a thread warranty for 60,000 miles while the A/T A has it only for 40,000 miles. So, as you can see, it varies from model to model too.

Are Toyo tires better than Amp?

Toyo tires are basically designed for the winter season. It can perform really well while snowing. The traction serves really well.

On the other hand, Amp tires are mainly for off-road tracks. The threads on this tire provide stability and comfort during rough and tough driving.

Are Dextero brands better than Amp brands?

Dextero is one of the favorite brands for those who are looking for durable and high-end tires.

For everyday uses, these tires are great. These tires can perform well in both dry and wet conditions. But in the case of snowy roads, this may not be a good choice. But there is no doubt that these are some of the best off-road tires.

Are Amp tires good? 5 reasons to buy them

Amp tires are considered good for so many reasons. Here I’m going to discuss the top features that you will find in Amp tires:

Stable control:

The unique design of this tire provides great handling capability to the driver. Even if you are driving on really tough or rocky roads, you can drive comfortably in most cases with Apm tires.

All conditions tires:

This tire can be used in almost all types of special conditions like mud, rock, rain, or snow. 

Dust defensive:

The thread of these tires is really deep. So it provides extra protection from dust. Any dirt, mud, or snow can be easily removed from the tires.

Size variations:

The brand offers several sizes of products. So, you can choose any of them as per your choices.


The compound of the tires has special features to provide extra traction while driving. The material of the tires is harder than normal. So, it will also last longer.

So, if you are looking for the above features, Smp tires can be a great choice for you.

Are there any drawbacks of the Amp tires?

Let’s be honest. As per the customer reviews, the Amp tires are a great choice for both off-road and on-road driving. But some people have also raised a complaint about some functions.

For example, the design of the tire. Some people faced that, the groove of the tires are too deep. That’s why it can cause bumping while riding. So, you may have to compromise your comfort.

Also, some have said that the thread is not that good to be perfect for off-road driving. Rather on a tricky road, the performance of these tires can drop.

Are there any good alternatives available for Amp tires?

Amp tires are not the only option if you are looking for off-road tires. Rather, there are plenty of options available in the market. Here, I’m just sharing the most popular and relevant ones:

Cooper tires:

This tire brand has so many varieties of products available. Among them, off-road tires are very popular because of their great service. As I’ve mentioned earlier, Cooper Discover STT Pro is one of the best models from Cooper tire company.

BFG tires:

BFGoodrich tires are also can be a good option if you are looking for alternatives to Amp tires. In fact, these tires are sometimes better than the Cooper tires if you don’t like the aggressive look of Cooper tires. BFG tires have a more square look and it fills the wheel well.

people also ask (FAQ)

What ply are Amp tires?

Amp tires have 10 plies.

Are Amp tires directional?

Yes. Amp tires have a multi-directional tread.

How long do Amp tires last?

Amp tires can last for 40,000 to 60,000 miles.


Amp tires are considered one of the best choices in the current tire market. In so many countries, Amp tires are available now and still expanding the market.

But not all the countries that have permission to sell Amp tires make these. Rather one company controls the whole process. So, who makes Amp tires?

TWG is the distributor company of Amp tires. This can e a really good option for off-road driving as well as for regular trips on dry and wet roads. So, if you are thinking of buying Amp tires, you can do it without hesitation.

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