Do you know Who Makes Arizonian Tires? is it Reliable?

If you are looking for a convenient tire, Arizonian can be a good choice. Because of the affordable price, these tires are one of the most sold tires. You can find these tires on the website

But do you know who makes Arizonian tires? Of course, the website is not the manufacturer. Rather, they are just a USA-based online marketplace. The actual manufacturer company is a well-known tire brand.

Here, I’m going to cover everything about this tire in this article. From its manufacturer company to its performance, everything will be discussed with proper information.

Also, you’ll get an idea about some of the similar available tires of different brands. So, let’s jump into it.

Here is the short answer Who Makes/owns Arizonian Tires

You must have heard the name Cooper tires if you are familiar with the most popular tire brands. In fact, this is one of the largest and leading brands of tires in the US.

The Cooper tire company makes Arizonian tires. Well, of course, this is not the only product they manufacture. Rather, they have many other tires under different brand names.

The Cooper tires have tires for light trucks, SUVs, or passengers’ cars. They have manufacturing facilities in several places like Ohio, Miss, Arkansas, etc.

Where are Arizonian tires made?

As you know, Cooper tires have several manufacturing facilities. For different tires and products, they are maintaining different units.

For example, both passenger cars and light truck tires are made in Ohio and Arkansas manufacturing plants. But in Mississippi, only passenger tires are produced.

Now, if you are looking for Arizonian tires, Cooper makes them in their American facilities.

Where are Arizonian tires manufactured?

The biggest marketplace of Arizonian tires is in America. So, there is no reason for Cooper tires to manufacture these tires outside America. Because it will not only increase production costs but also need more effort.

You must have known the name of which is basically an online shop. There you can see that a huge amount of American customers are buying Arizonian tires from this site. 

The products of Arizonian tires that Cooper makes

The best products from Arizonian, which are made by Cooper are listed below:

Arizonian Silver Edition 3:

These are fantastic tires with excellent traction. These tires will provide comfortable and noise-free driving experiences. But these are not good for snowy roads. A warranty of 55,000 miles will be provided with these tires.

Arizonian Silver Edition All-Season:

From the name of these tires, you may have already got the idea. You can drive with these tires during all seasons. The increased thread provides more contact surfaces between the tire and the road. Also, you will get 60,000 miles warranty with these tires.

How does the band warranty work

The warranty policy for this brand is quite straightforward. Wondering how? Let’s see,

For the Arizonian silver standard offer, the tires have a tread life warranty for 55,000 to 60,000 miles. In addition, if you face any blown-out tires, they will replace them with a new one.

All you need to do is to pay a percentage of the total repairing cost. Generally, you can enjoy this offer for 1 year if you don’t have any bad driving records of course.

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Are Goodyear tires better than Arizonian?

Well, that depends on which brand is meeting your demand. Like, if you are looking for the best performances, without hesitating about price, Goodyear is the thing to choose.

But if your pocket is not supporting you right now, then you may need to compromise a bit. In this case, Arizonian tires can do a really great job. Because it costs way less than the Goodyears.

Are Michelin brands better than Arizonian?

Michelin makes some best tires on the market. Their products have really good traction and stability. It can serve well in all extreme conditions of driving.

But what you should remember is the budget. As these tires are good in performance, they cost more too. On that point, Arizonian can be a good option if offers the best service within budget.

Are Arizonian tires good? 5 reasons to buy them

The top five reasons for buying Arizonian tires are discussed here,

Low Price:

You have already known that the price of these tires is really less than most high-end available tires. So, it is one of the best choices within budget.


The design of these tires provides better stability. So, it provides better control over the vehicles. The tread is designed in a way that it can create extra grip while rolling on the roads.

Extreme conditions driving:

Driving while raining or snowing can be really risky. Even if you are driving in minimum speed, the tires can slip over ice or mud. In that case, the Arizonian tires can be good support. The four grooves in the circumferences of the tire provide an extra layer of protection.


The rubber quality is quite good according to the price of the tires. If it is maintained properly, it can serve for a very long time. You should change the side of the tires after every 5000 miles of riding to extend the lifespan of the tires.


The brand has a wide variety of products to offer. They have tires for SUVs, light trucks, all-seasons trucks, etc. As a result, you will be able to choose whichever you want as per your requirements.

Are there any drawbacks of Arizonian tires?

There is nothing without dark sides. And Arizonian tires are not exceptional in this case too.

The lifespan of Arizonian tires is not that satisfactory. I mean, tires like Goodyear are offering a warranty up to 80,000 miles. Though they also charge more, still Arizonian tires should improve the durability of their tires.

Again, if you want to drive on snowy roads, I won’t suggest Arizonian tires. In heavy snow, it can drop the performance which may lead to loss of control in driving

So, in that case, you should go for other tires made for especially snowy roads.

Are there any good alternatives available for Arizonian tires?

There are some alternatives to Arizonian tires. Here, I’m going to share those names. Have a look if you are looking for them.

Cooper tires:

This is a brand you can trust. Though they cost a bit more than the Arizonians, their products are also more premium. Good traction, excellent stability, and capable of performing well on all types of roads. In a word, these tires are worth the money.

Michelin tires:

These are also one of the best tires available on the market. The durability of these tires will make you wonder. On the various online platform, those tires have a very good reputation.

people also ask (FAQ)

How long does Arizonian tire last?

The Arizonian tires can last for something between 50,000 to 60,000 miles.

Is Arizonian tire good for snow?

For light or a moderate amount of snow, it can serve well. But if you’re facing heavy snow, then you should go for a dedicated snow tire.

Are Arizonian tires noisy?

Mostly not. Because these tires have noise-free capabilities to provide you a quiet and comfortable experience.


Arizonian tires are one of the best products of Cooper tires company. Now, you have a detailed idea about the various features and designs that these tires have. The unique groove design provides extra traction and protection from dust.

I think the durability of these tires can be increased more. Though it will also increase the price for sure, I guess it’s worth spending some more for this better improvement.


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