do you know Who Makes Arctic Claw Tires? (A brief overview)

When you are talking about tires, you cannot but avoid the brand, the Arctic claw for sure. Arctic claw tires are mainly famous for greater grip and control in snowy and icy conditions. 

Well, that doesn’t mean that they can only be used in snowy or cold weather. These tires are durable for all seasons. Arctic claw tires give the tire option for cars, trucks, SUVs as well as crossovers.
So, any ride can have this renewable brand tire for a smooth journey. Now, here a crucial question may arise in mind, who makes arctic claw tires?

Let’s have a brief discussion about it.

Who Makes Arctic Claw Tires

Here is the short answer who makes arctic claw tires

TBC brand is renowned for its best arctic claw tires. They meet the level of giving severe snow service in the tire industry. Besides, these tires have many other features that make them special.

Where are arctic claw tires made?

The main country which is known for producing arctic claw tires is Malaysia.

The companies like Toyo Tire Malaysia Sd. Bhd, TBC is known internationally for manufacturing arctic claw tires.

They produce wide tread grooves with several sipes for increasing friction. It ensures good grip. Some arctic tires are made in Europe. They produce tires for passenger cars, minibusses, compact SUVs, etc.

Since, in most of the countries in Europe, snowy cold weather is common, they face slippery roads due to snow. That’s why they need a better grip for tires.

To solve the problem, they need a huge number of tires every year. And the Arctic claw tires solve the problem.

Well, you should know that Cooper and some Chinese companies also manufacture Arctic tires.

Where are arctic claw tire manufacture

As I have mentioned above, the main manufacturing unit is in Malaysia. A huge lot of the arctic claw tires are made in the factory of TBC company, in Malaysia. 

It fulfills the snow service needs of both the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC). These tires are tested under acceleration on medium-packed snow.

Thus, they are marked as three-peak mountain snowflake symbols.

The products of arctic claw tires are made by TBC

TBC makes several tire products for the Arctic claw. Here are some of those tires that are worth mentioning.

Arctic Claw Winter TXI:

With 1450 pounds load capacity, these are one of the best Arctic claw tires. This has special snow grooves that provide outstanding snow traction.

Arctic Claw Winter XXI:

These tires are good for SUVs and light trucks. They can provide better traction in all wet and sludgy road conditions.

Arctic Claw Winter WXI:

These tires can serve even in industry-level severe snow conditions. The tires are designed to remove the snow and water and provide better traction force while driving.

TBC have other similar products that they are manufacturing for Arctic claw brands. Here I’ve just mentioned the most popular ones.

How does arctic claw tires warranty work

There are several sellers of Arctic claw tires. They provide a warranty for these products according to their policy. For most tires, the brand offers a manufacturer’s limited warranty for their products.

Are Michelin brands better than TBC?

Michelin is one of the leading brands of tires all around the world. To some extent, people prefer Michelin tires over Arctic claw tires. But you should know that Michelin tires also cost more than the Arctic claws.

Are Dunlop brands better than TBC?

Dunlop tires have a unique design with asymmetrical patterns in threads. Though the performance of these tires is not that good in all aspects, they are better in terms of snow breaking.

Are arctic claw tires good? 5 reasons to buy them

The top five reasons to buy Arctic claw winter tires are described below. Have a look at if you are hesitating about the quality.

1. Extreme winter traction:

The arctic claw tires are mainly designed for wintry weather. Its groove is designed widely which expels the snow slush easily. And its sipes can enhance the grip tightly. For this, it won’t slip on the snow.

2. Better control: 

You need better control over the road, especially on the wintry road. Because snow stands on the road and any accidents can easily take place.

To control your ride, you need a better tire. Arctic tires are specially made for it. Its sipes are designed to create biting edges. So, it gives more outstanding grip and control to your four-wheeler.

3. Comfortable driving:

The arctic claw tire is designed in such a way that it gives you a comfortable ride. Its shape and the tread pattern go together so perfectly that it smoothens the ride with proper control.

4. Reduce road noise:

Users have claimed that these tires reduce noise while driving. Though many of them think, the amount of noise reduction is not much to mention.

5. Usable for all season:

 I’ve already mentioned that these tires can be used in all seasons except for winter. No doubt, the design is optimized for snowy roads, but that doesn’t make it incompatible with other seasons.

Are there any drawbacks of Arctic claw tires?

As per some customer reviews, I’ve come up with some negative sides of the Arctic claw tires too. Let’s focus on them:

Fuel consumption:

Some users have objections that these tires increase fuel consumption by up to 10%. That may not be expected of most users.


Some people have said that the traction force of these tires is average. It may work well in dry snow but not in weak ice.

In spite of these drawbacks, these tires really worth the money.

Are there any good arctic claw alternatives?

If you are still not satisfied with the Arctic claw tires, I’ve some other good tires available in the market to suggest to you. Here, I’m going to share two alternatives to these tries.

Michelin Pilot Sport:

These tires are widely popular all over the world. In fact, they are one of the leading brands.

These tires have a really satisfactory result in snowcross lap time and ice acceleration test.


These tires are cheaper compared to other tires in the market of similar standards. With amazing rubber quality, these tires are one of the best tires for snowy roads as well as normal roads.

Dunlop is also a well-known brand that can compete with Arctic claw winter tires in terms of performance and price.

people also ask (FAQs)

Are Chinese tires worth it?

Depending on the prices, you won’t be able to make any difference by seeing Chinese tires. They also serve really well.

What is Arctic claws tires rating?

Arctic claw winter tires have an average 2 rating out of 5.

Can I use Arctic claw tires on all roads?

Yes. Though these tires are specially made for the wintry country, you can use them for all other roads too.

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TBC has the experience of several years of manufacturing the arctic claw tires for different vehicles. This experience has made them one of the top brands in the industry

But many people even don’t know who makes arctic claw tires. And from this article, you should get the answer. These tires have special purposes to serve on snow-filled roads.

But it provides fantastic service on normal roads too. Though there are several alternatives to Arctic claw tires, choosing this one won’t make any loss.

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