do you know Who makes Ecogard Oil Filters? is it good?

You need an oil filter to keep all the unwanted materials away from your automotive oil. An oil filter removes contaminants from the oil and makes the oil clean. 

Ecogard oil filters are one of the best oil filters currently available in the market. These filters have already gained a reputation for their level of performance. But who makes these oil filters? 

Well, to meet up your query, we will discuss who makes Ecogard oil filters. Furthermore, we will also give you insights into some of the alternative brands and products as well.

Let’s find out. 

Who makes Ecogard Oil Filters

Here is the short answer to who makes ecogard oil filters?

IPC Global Solutions is the parent company of Ecogard. The company is situated in Taunton, Massachusetts. IPC Global Solutions has been in the market for 35 years. 

What is the quality of Ecogard today? 

Ecogard has always been a reputed brand for oil filters. Regardless of what type of vehicle you are using, their oil filters will work really fine, just like any other excellent oil filters out there. 

The reputation comes from the factories where these oil filters are produced. Ecogard oil filters are made in ISO/TS:16949-certified factories. These are the same factories that manufacture OEM filters. 

In several marketplaces, the reviewers are always high when it comes to Ecogard. The reviews clearly indicate the product’s quality and, of course, the brand reputation. When it comes to finding a decent oil filter with a good price, Ecogard is the way to go.

Where are Ecogard oil filters manufactured? 

If you look at the information written on any Ecogard Oil Filter bottle, you will see that the product’s origin is China. Ecogard is a brand of IPC Global Solutions, the largest company when it comes to manufacturing oil filters.

Even though IPC Global Solutions is a company based in the USA, they don’t produce the products themselves. Rather, they source the oil filters from China. This way, they can keep the prices of the oil filters lower. 

The products made by Ecogard  

When it comes to variety, Ecogard has two types of products. The fun fact is both product types are pretty different from each other. Wondering what they sell? Well, apart from selling automotive filters, Ecogard also sells wiper blades! 

Automotive Oil Filters: 

Oil filters from Ecogard are very popular. Ecogard offers several types of oil filters to serve your needs. You will find conventional, synthetic oil, air, and cabin air filters in the oil filter category. 

Aside from these, Ecogard also offers fuel filters, transmission filters, and small engine filters. Ecogard has attempted to cover the entire spectrum of oil filter options, and they seem to have done a tremendous job.

Wiper Blades: 

Purchasing wiper blades from a company that sells oil filters may seem odd. But if they work really well, then what’s the hesitation? Ecogard has several types of wiper blades to keep water drops off your windshield. 

Wondering what kind of wiper blades you can find at Ecogard? Ecogard sells beam wiper blades and hyper wiper blades. Well, of course, they sell the conventional wiper blades and the rear wiper blades

How does Ecogard’s warranty work? 

Ecogard has a strict warranty policy. They offer a warranty for both type of products. But the warranty comes with some conditions. 

Ecogard provides a warranty that covers any damage done by the company’s oil filters to a vehicle. To claim for the damage, one needs to take action within 14 days from the incident. 

For wiper blades, the company also gives warranty that they will cover everything if any damage is done due to manufacturing defects. The 14-day rule also applies in this case. 

Are these brands better than Ecogard? 

As far now, you have got to know lots of aspects on who makes Ecogard oil filters. Now, we will inform you of a few alternative brands that can be better. Some will offer more features but will cost more money, and others will be more bang for the buck. 

Below are some of the alternative of Ecogard oil filters you can consider. Oil filters from these brands will offer you similar and sometimes more performance than Ecogard Oil Filters. 


Bosch is the biggest brand when it comes to oil filters. Their oil filters are strong and thick. Hence, these can carry much dirt, way more than any conventional oil filters out there. Bosch oil filters are designed for vehicles made in Asia and Europe. 


K&N mostly offers performance oil filters. Hence, their oil filters are designed for high speeding and racing. K&N’s oil filters have nuts on both sides to stay stable at high speeds. Besides, their oil filters are significantly thicker than other average oil filters that you will find on the market. 


New addition to the market, Mahle has already brought hype to the community. Mahle offers oil filter cartridges that you can change without even changing the whole housing. 

Are Ecogard oil filters any good? 5 reasons to buy one 

Even though Ecogard is not the biggest name in the community, its oil filters are excellent. With the functionality and convenience these oil filters offer, you will surely be satisfied. Below are five reasons to buy one. 

Sturdy and Durable:

The materials used in Ecogard oil filters make them strong and long-lasting. The filters come with a double-fluted center tube that ensures that they don’t deform under pressure. 

Variety of Options:

Ecogard offers a good number of media that you can choose from. Different media will give you different types of performance, hence, different levels of efficiency. Each has a specific entrapment rate. Consequently, the more efficient the media, the more expensive it will be.


Ecogard uses eco-friendly materials to make its oil filter cartridges. Burning used oil filters prevents piles of them from accumulating on the land. This way, the environment will remain clean. 

Easy Installation:

Ecogard offers oil filter cartridges that you can change. This makes life easier for anyone—no need to remove the entire canister or use an oil filter wrench. Simply replacing the cartridge will get the job done. 

Steel End Caps:

Ecogard oil filters come with steep caps at the end so that oils don’t leak out. Besides, this also helps the oil filter absorb as much pressure. 

Are there any good alternatives to Ecogard oil filters available?

We have two options if you are looking for other alternatives for Ecogard oil filters. One is the Bosch 3323 Premium Oil Filter. This oil filter from the German giants has 99.9% filtration efficiency

Another alternative is the Motorcraft FL-910S if you are looking for something on a budget. These filters are reliable and very cost-effective

people also ask (FAQs) 

How long do Ecogard oil filters last?

Ecogard oil filters usually last around 10,000 miles. In fact, these oil filters are specially designed so that they can work this long. 

Is Eco guard a good oil filter?

Ecogard is good with not many negative comments from the consumers. These filters don’t cost a lot and nicely get the job done. 

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Cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and decent performance have already earned Ecogard a reputation. Besides, as they have been in the market for a long time, they are also reliable. 

In our perception of who makes Ecogard oil filters, we have tried to cover quite a lot about Ecogard. And we believe Ecogard can be a good option if you need replacement oil filters for your engine.

Their excellent customer service and high-quality products will surely satisfy you.

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