Who Makes Polaris Oil Filters: Is it good? (answered!)

Most of us who own a car must know the name of Polaris. Polaris has been supplying synthetic oil for years. They are well known for their premium quality.

But you may wonder knowing that Polaris doesn’t manufacture the oil filter that we use! Rather, they just supply the oil filter and it is manufactured by some other company. So, now comes the question, who makes Polaris oil filters?

Polaris oil filter is manufactured by a company named LubeTech. This company not only make Polaris oil filter but also many other lubricant oil and automobile products.

This article is all about the story of Polaris oil filters and the brand itself. Let yourself explore the amazing story and information of this popular brand.

Who owns/makes Polaris oil filters?

Well, I’m going to share all the available details related to the Polaris oil filter from where it is made to how good it is. So, keep reading to have an in-depth idea about this.

Polaris is just a brand that orders oil filters from another manufacturer. Then they just do branding and marketing under their name. The main manufacturer is Lube Tech.

Lube-Tech is a USA-based oil company. They are basically wholesalers. They manufacture lubricating oils, filters, and other products for many other companies.

Polaris is just like one of them. They take oil from Lubetech and do the packaging. Then, Polaris sells the oil filter under their brand name.

What Is The Quality Of polaris Today? (Brand History)

Polaris Oil filters are available in the market under the brand name Polaris. So, let’s see the history of the brand first. Then, we’ll focus the Lube-Tech.


Polaris was founded by three people. They were Edgar Hatten, Allan who was Hetten’s younger brother, and one of his friends named David Johnson. In the year 1945, when world war 2 was going on, they continued to work hard. And as a result, in 1954, they founded the company Polaris in Medina, MN.

In 1955, it changed its name to Polaris Industrial Inc. In the same year, they built their first snowmobile. This was a breakthrough to invent this product. It helped them to establish themselves as a well-known brand.

They continued this journey for the next ten years with continuous growth. Then in 1964, a historic event occurred. Thirteen years old Stan Hayes won the first Eagle River World championship of snowmobile derby with the title of Polaris.


In 2016, Lube-tech and Partners were founded. It was an integration of Boyer Petroleum, Lubrication technologies, and Moore Oil company. 

Lubetech started its journey in 1925. Two persons named John Jennison and Carl Rollins founded the company and named it Jennison Rollins Oil company.

Then in 1993, a couple named Chris and Marna bought the Gopher oil company and named it Lubrication Technologies Inc. Soon, it became popular with the name Lubetech.

They kept growing and started to purchase more oil companies. In 2010, they bought the Eagle oil company. Thus they continued to extend their wholesale business including gasoline and other fuel selling business.

Where Polaris oil filters are manufactured?

As you know, Lube-Tech is the company that manufactures Polaris oil filters. So, to be simple, both Polaris itself and the Lube-tech combinedly make Polaris oil filters. So, let’s talk about Lube-tech first.

The headquarters of this company is in Minneapolis, MN. The factories are in Des Moines, IA; Shreveport, LA; Milwaukee, WI; Roseville, MN.

Lube-tech has five offices and facilities in operation within the USA. All the offices and facilities are operated from the headquarters. As they produce and supply oil and oil filters for many other brands including Polaris, they have giant production facilities.

When it comes to Polaris, they also have multiple production facilities. Mainly the manufactures motorbikes and snowmobiles. But they also do oil packaging in one or more of these plants. Polaris has factories in the USA, Mexico, and China.

Are Polaris oil filters any good? 3 reasons to buy one

To verify whether an oil filter is good enough or not, you need to know certain criteria. Based on this, you can determine whether the oil or oil filter is okay or not. Let’s see some of those:

1. Environment friendly:

A good oil filter should be capable of filtering all harmful emissions that are coming from the lube oil. Recently, most companies are becoming more and more serious about this, as global warming, as well as the environmental movement, are growing big.

2. Long-lasting:

Durability is the prime condition for any product you buy. So, without any doubt, a good oil filter must be durable enough so that you can use it without taking any hassle for enough time span.

3. Engine performance:

How the oil filter is performing and how it affects the engine performance is another thing to check. You need to check carefully, whether the oil filter sync perfectly with the engine. Otherwise, it won’t be a good filter for you.

Based on these criteria and also analyzing reviews from social media, I’ve come to a decision that, the Polaris oil filter serves good enough service for most engines. So, you won’t regret buying this.

Available types of Polaris oil filters in the market

Polaris offers oil filters for almost every vehicle. They sell oil filters for:

  1. Motorbikes
  2. Car
  3. Snowmobile, etc.

Some of the popular and available oil filters from Polaris are listed below. This list is based on public reviews and user experiences.

Polaris PS-4 Oil Filter Change KIT Sportsman:

Fully synthetic oil filter of 2 qt. The package comes with one oil filter in it.

Polaris 2202166 ATV OEM Sportsman Oil & Filter Change Kit:

It is basically a complete oil change kit. The new and genuine product comes with one oil filter in the package.

Pure Polaris Oil Filter Part Number 2520799, 2-Pack:

It is compatible with all-terrain vehicles. The dimension of this oil filter is 8 x 8 x 17 inches.

Best use of Polaris oil filters

Polaris oil filters are mainly made for Polaris vehicles. From this article, you have already know that Polaris manufactures motorbikes and snowmobiles, and they are quite popular in this market. That’s why they have a wide market of their own oil filters, particularly for their own produced vehicles.

But this oil filter may be compatible with other engines too. Motorbikes, and sportscars from different brands, also support Polaris oil filters.

You can find more about this on the official website of ATV Polaris. There you can manually check whether the particular oil filter fits your vehicle or not.

Best alternatives of Polaris oil filters

  • AMSOIL 5W-50 Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil
  • K&N Premium Oil Filter: ‎HP-1017
  • Purolator-ML16817 SPORT Spin-On Oil Filter, Black
  • K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter: KN-171B
  • Purolator – PL10241 ONE Advanced Engine Protection Spin-On Oil Filter

These are some of the alternatives to Polaris oil filters. You can find them all on Amazon.

people also ask

1. What size is a Polaris oil filter?

Polaris oil filter 4 x 4 x 4 inches.

2. Can I use car oil in my Polaris ATV?

Yes, car oil will work fine in Polaris ATV.

3. Is Polaris oil filter still popular?

Yes. Many car owners prefer a Polaris oil filter because of the good service within budget.

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closing thoughts

Polaris oil filters, as well as synthetic oils, are very popular worldwide, especially in the USA, China, and Mexico. Still, they are growing and expanding their business.

Those, who didn’t know who makes Polaris oil filters, may have got your answer from this article.

Let me know if you have any further questions related to Polaris oil filters.


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