are microgard oil filters good? microgard oil filters overview

Oil is a substance that cleans the engine and gives it proper lubrication so that it can run and maintain the engine properly. 

But engine oil can have some impurities in it like Sulphur, debris, and other toxic elements. The Microgrid oil filter cleans the engine oil and removes all the toxic elements so that we can get a healthy engine and proper clean combustion.

Now a question may arise, who makes Microgard oil filters? Well, Purolator manufactures a Microgard oil filter

In this article, we will briefly discuss some other important facts.

Manufacturer of Microgard Oil Filter

The company’s name which manufactures Microgard oil filter is Purolator. Look closely at the backplate design, you might be able to see the name of the manufacturer.

They make good oil filters for their engine oil but these oil filters can be equally effective to the other engine oil also.

Purolator was a motor improvement company but sometimes back, they sold their company to a German filter-making company.

Where Is the Microgard Oil Filter Manufactured?

Purolator is the manufacturer of Microgard oil filters. Hence, their main branch is in the United States. The majority of the oil filter is made in the USA. But there are other countries, where the oil filter is also made.

Purolator company is owned by Mann+Hummel. You know this is a family-based business that manufactures oil and air filters. Their headquarter is in Fayetteville.

are microgard oil filters good? 3 reasons to buy one

To determine whether it is good or bad, you have to consider some facts like, is it cost-efficient, can it clean your oil properly, or is it good for the engine.

Let’s discuss them briefly.


First thing first, if you are a synthetic or semi-synthetic oil user, do not compare it to the over-expensive oil filters because it is just foolishness. But it can be said that a Microgard oil filter will give you more than you pay for.


Microgard is 99 percent effective. It means a Microgard oil filter can remove contamination and other impurities from the oil 99 percent of the time. It is really impressive.

Oil flow

To run the engine properly, in all seasons, it is necessary to let the engine oil flow through the engine’s parts properly. Otherwise, you cannot get the effectiveness you want. The Microgard oil filter has the best design for voids and this ensures that the oil can flow smoothly all around the engine.

The filter paper is also very thin so that in cold weather when The fluid becomes very stiff and resists flow, this filter is very good in these situations.

So it depends on you to judge whether it is good or bad. But in our opinion, we think it is a good oil filter that can keep your engine healthy and clean.

Available Types of Oil Filters In the Market

There are about 5 types of Micogard oil filters on the market. Their basic functionality is the same, meaning their filtration medium or other components are the same. The main difference is in their size. That is the basis of these classifications.

They all have cellulose as the filtration material and they do not have any gasket, removal nuts, or anti-drain back valve.

The available types of oil filters are –

MicroGard MGL57204 ­­ ­­

It has an inside diameter of 2-15/16, 2-7/8 inches, and an outside diameter of 3-1/8, 3-1/8 inches. Height is about 6-1/8 inches.

MicroGard MGL51630

It has an inside diameter of 2-11/16, 11/16 inches and an outside diameter of 1-1/8, 2-7/8 inches. . Height is about 2.75 inches

MicroGard MGL57033

It has an inside diameter of 1-1/8, 2-13/16 inches, and an outside diameter of 1-5/8, 3-1/8 inches. Height is about 3-1/8inches.

MicroGard MGL57078

This type has a gasket. Which has top outside and bottom outside diameter of 2-1/2 inches. It has a height of 4-9/6 inches.

MicroGard MGL57526

This type also has a gasket. Gasket diameter is about 2-5/8 inches and has a height of 5-7/16 inches.

Best use of Microgard oil filter

Microgard oil filters can be used in automobile engines and other oil industries. It relieves the oil from debris, fine particles, sulfur, and other contaminants. So, where oil is involved, this oil filter can be used.

But synthetic and semi-synthetic oil needs different treatment than normal oil. Microgard oil filters are not made for cleaning synthetic oil. So it cannot be used in the engine where synthetic oil is used such as Kubota tractor engines.

Microgard oil filter has a very thin layer of filtration, so if the weather is very cold where the oil becomes stiff and the engine isn’t getting enough fuel, then you can use this oil filter.

Microgard oil filter allows the fluid to run very smoothly within the engine area.

Alternative Solutions for Microgard Oil Filter

Wix oil filters are the best alternatives for Microgard oil filters. Wix oil filters is another American company. It is a renowned company that has plants in countries like Ukraine, Poland, China, Mexico, etc.

Wix has six thousand models of oil filter in their collection and some say it is better than a Microgard oil filter. It has some renowned official partners such as Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Suzuki, and Opel group.

Wix claimed that Microgard’s filters are offshore and it is less popular than OPE filters. Specialist says that American-made Wix filters are better than other filters.

people also ask

How many miles does a MicroGard oil filter last?

It depends on the driving conditions. Generally, Microgard oil filters can last for 5000 miles under normal driving conditions.

Does the oil filter make a difference?   

Of course, it does. Oil filters remove debris and other impurities from your engine oil, thus saving your engine from contamination. It prolongs the life cycle of the oil so that it becomes more cost-efficient.    

Is a bigger oil filter better?    

You might think that the bigger the filter the better it will be. But actually, it is not the case. Bigger filters are unnecessary for the engine because there is no more work and it will just increase the weight.

How do I know my oil filter size?

You can know the size of your oil filter by counting the flutes number of the engine.

Is a 20-micron oil filter good?

Yes, it is very good. Because it removes the most dangerous particle that could severely hurt the engine.

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Last Words

Here, in this article, We have tried to solve all your questions about Microgard oil filters. We also have shown the alternative solution for this oil filter.

Hopefully, this article helps you to solve your problem. But if you still have some questions, then comment down below, we will try to solve them also.


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