Who Makes Caterpillar Oil? is it any good? (Surprising Answer!)

Caterpillar offers a large range of oils that are applicable on different machines and environments.

The brand has a total of 6 different powerful categories of oils and each category has their own specialization and utility.

You would be surprised to know that ExxonMobil manufactures oils for Caterpillar. 

Yes, ExxonMobil makes and supplies Caterpillar oils. 

But, doesn’t ExxonMobil have their own line of oils with their branding? 

Yes, that’s correct. In order to understand what’s going on here, we need to learn about the business relationship between ExxonMobil and Caterpillar. 

Who Makes Caterpillar Oil? 

ExxonMobil has been manufacturing lubricants for Caterpillar since 1987. They exclusively supply 30 Caterpillar lubricants for engines, transmissions, final drives and hydraulics. 

For a long time, these two companies have been researching and cooperating to enhance the longevity of CAT equipment and cut costs of their consumers.

Back in September 2005, CaterPillar and ExxonMobil signed a 5 year agreement that entitles ExxonMobil as the manufacturer and supplier of Caterpillar oils. 

This agreement was a great deal for Caterpillar as it showed a 10% increase in sales in the early 2000s. Whereas, the sales for their other products increased only 2% at that time period.

Unsurprisingly, Caterpillar extended the agreement in July 2010 –  letting ExxonMobil continue to manufacture and supply oils for their brand.

are caterpillar engine oil good? 4 reasons to buy one

Yes, Caterpillar engine oils are worth it. They offer a large line of options to choose from and each oil has their own unique selling points. 

Here are a couple of advantages of Caterpillar oils: 

1. Premium Quality: 

Both ExxonMobil and Caterpillar have strong brand image built through their high quality and premium products. Caterpillar engines are no different. You can expect constant satisfying outputs from their line of engine oils. 

2. Increased Performance for CAT Equipment’s: 

Caterpillar engine oils are designed and manufactured to enhance engine performance of CAT equipment. The viscosity and fluidity of the oils compliments engines of CAT machines.  

3. Exceeds API Standards: 

ExxonMobil manufactures Caterpillar oils with an aim to exceed API industry standards. This makes the oil more reliable and long-lasting. 

4. Longer Service Intervals

Caterpillar oils can withstand longer service intervals when it’s used with CAT oil filters and S•O•S℠ Fluid Analysis. This Caterpillar verified program monitors equipment lifetime and increases performance.

These longer intervals add up to cut down your year around maintenance costs. 

Caterpillar engine Oil Categories

Caterpillar oils are tested and verified to exceed industry specifications. They have a wide range of oils for different usage and environments. 

Let’s have a brief look at the top categories of Caterpillar oils. 

Diesel Engine Oils (DEO™)

Caterpillar Diesel engine oils primarily focus on increasing lifespan and performance of the diesel engine. They go through extended tests to ensure perfect oil flow and efficiency. 

Moreover, DEO engine oils are resilient and can survive extended periods of service intervals. They maintain proper viscosity and help the engine run smoothly in the long run. 

Natural Gas Engine Oils (NGEO)

This line of oils are made for engines that are running on gaseous fuels. They are made from specialized based stocks and selected additives to increase fuel economy. 

NGEO oils can resist extended periods of service interval without harming the gaseous engine. They prevent carbon buildup and minimize the wearing away of the engine. 

They neutralize acids from creating rust and copper corrosion. In addition, the NGEO oils function smoothly in heated temperature, provide thermal stability and prevent sludge formation. 

Transmission and Drive Train Oil (TDTO)

TDTO oil is primarily used in CAT power shift transmission, wet brake compartments and most final drives.

It’s used as standard factory-fill oil for CAT machine compartments that have specified TO-4 oil recommendation. 

Increased performance for gears and bearings, 45% increase in clutch lifespan, system matching formula – these are the key attributes of the Transmission and drive train oil. 

Final Drive and Axle Oil (FDAO)

CAT FDAO is developed and tested to match the high standards of original CAT parts and equipment. 

It’s particularly used in highway trucks and large track-type tractors. It has reduced foaming that prevents the damaging effects of air. 

Hydraulic Oil

CAT has specially designed HYDO oils to increase the performance and lifespan of hydraulic components and systems. 

This premium range of oils can withstand 6000 hours of drain intervals. 

They also have added anti-wear protections, corrosion protection, faster air release and 250% increase in oil oxidation stability. 

Moreover, it has an impressive flow rate in both cold and hot weather. 

other specialty oils

Besides these top ranges of oils, Caterpillar also offers a couple more oils i.e. CAT MTO, CAT GO, CAT Compactor Oil, CAT ATF-HD2 etc. Each of these oils have their own features and specialization.

people also ask:

Now, let’s jump into the FAQs to find about the nitty-gritty of Caterpillar oils. 

Where can you buy Caterpillar Oil?

You can buy Caterpillar oils from Walmart and local workshops. 

When was Caterpillar founded?

Caterpillar was founded in California, USA in 1925. 

Key Takeaways 

The answer is now clear for who makes Caterpillar oils.

ExxonMobil manufactures and supplies Caterpillar oils. They have been cooperating for over three decades to design and manufacture the best automotive components. 

Caterpillar has a large range of premium and powerful oils that are used in a vast range of vehicles and machines. 


Final Words

We hope you have found what you were looking for with this article. We tried to add some more information you should know about Caterpillar oils.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or queries. 


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