Are Wix Oil Filters good Quality? (Wix overview and history)

When a brand or company focuses on one product, they usually grow to become one of the best in that field over time. That is the summary of the Wix Filter brand. They’ve been in existence for 80 years, and all they focused on is creating outstanding oil filters for their target audience to fulfill their needs.

Fun fact; the Wix brand primarily makes oil filters. Unlike other companies that create one or two oil filters for their audience, the Wix brand took the oil filter game to another level.

They made an endless variety of oil filters to suit their audience’s diverse contexts and needs. That’s why the brand has over 16,000 products for vehicles, cars, and machines. Of course, these 16,000 products are not only oil filters but include other filter types like air filters, cabin filters, and fuel filters.

Are Wix Oil Filters good Quality (Wix overview and history)

here is the short answer to Are Wix Oil Filters Good?

Yes, Wix oil filters are good. They’ve been in the business of creating oil filters for 80 years now. All through the 80 years, they devoted themselves to improving the quality of their products.

Here’s a scoop; experts in the automotive field refer to Wix oil filters as premium quality, thanks to their unique designs. For example, they manufacture their oil filters with more pleats, potentially increasing its performance.

This brand presents an efficient and precise way to get rid of impurities in your oil. The best part about Wix oil filters is that some can last you between 7000 to 15,000 miles.

who makes wix oil filters?

Mann + Hummel makes Wix oil filters. They are the parent company of Wix filter and they acquired the brand in 2016. Since then, they have not stopped increasing the company’s capacity, quality and value. Mann + Hummel is a family business.

What is the Quality of Wix Oil Filters today?

One of the best features of Wix oil filters is that they never stop innovating. Now more than ever, I have joined many other Wix oil filter customers who gush about the consistently impeccable qualities of their products.

The journey to the brand becoming one of the top producers of filters in the industry began in the late 1930s.But it wasn’t until 1954, after they patented the “twist of the wrist” thread filter, that they became recognized as a company to watch out for in the industry.

Although they started as a small company, Wix filter has grown over the years. They’ve created groundbreaking filters for oil, fuel, cabin air, and air. Their product portfolio stretches beyond filters to urea filters, hydraulic oil, air dryers, and coolants.

All through their years of existence, Wix filters has never neglected innovation and functionality in the design of their products. It’s not surprising that they secured and maintained their spot on the list of elite manufacturers in the filtration industry.

In 2016, Wix filters moved from being on the elite list to becoming one of the largest global filtration technology companies. They acquired the above status by getting incorporated into the MANN+HUMMEL group.

Where is Wix oil filter manufactured?

Wix Oil filters are manufactured in their manufacturing plants. The manufacturing headquarters of the Wix filters brand is in Gastonia, North Carolina.

But that’s not all. The brand has different manufacturing locations spread across four continents: Europe, South America, America, and Asia.

Their primary manufacturing plants are the Dixon Plant, Return Building in Gastonia, Allen Plant, and MDC (Master Dist. Ctr.). You might wonder if Wix filters “made in China” are original filters from the brand. Yes, they are.

Aside from the above-highlighted manufacturing plants, the brand also expanded its manufacturing tentacles to other countries like Gostyn Poland, Ontario, Canada, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico, Shanghai, China, and Venezuela.

What brand of products are made by Wix?

Oil filters aren’t the only product of the Wix brand. They create different products for light and heavy-duty contexts. Nevertheless, some of the top oil filters from the Wix filter brand include Wix XP oil filter, Wix 57060 Spin-on Lube filter, etc.

In addition to oil filters, Wix filters produce air, fuel, and cabin filters. They also have supplementary products, which include desiccant breathers with gel granulation designed for large fuel tanks, urea, and hydraulic filters.

How does Wix Filters Warranty work?

The Warranty on Wix filters is a limited warranty. But of course, it is bound by terms and conditions.

For instance, it only covers the cost of repair and replacement of defective Wix filters during workmanship or material.

However, it won’t cover the cost of defects caused by abuse, neglect, improper installation, or failed attempts to alter the product. 

Is K&N, Purolator, and Bosch Better Than Wix Filters?

Every oil filter has unique strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to K&N filters and Wix filters, they are both excellent.

However, end-users find the installation and removal process of K&N filters easier than Wix. The ease is a result of the simple design.

It is challenging to decide which filter performs better between Purolator and Wix filters. The reason is that they are both premium filters with excellent performance.

When it comes to Bosch, their filter’s inlet holes are smaller than Wix filters. But the Wix filter is the more affordable option between the two.

Are Wix Oil Filters Good Quality? 5 reasons to buy one

Yes, Wix oil filters are good. It’s not surprising as the filters are of premium quality. Aside from the premium quality of Wix oil filters, check out 5 reasons to buy Wix filters

#1- Superior Filtration:

With Wix filters installed, your engine is safe. It was designed to filter up to 95% particles at 20 microns.

#2- Perfect for light and heavy-duty context:

Wix filters are perfect for any application. There are Wix filters for any type of driving condition, from regular to extreme driving conditions.

#3- Versatile:

Wix filters are versatile and fit into any budget or need. It doesn’t matter if you use synthetic or conventional oil; there’s a filter for you.

#4- Long-Lasting:

Wix oil filters can last you for long miles. Depending on the filter you buy, you can use it for up to 15,000 miles.

#5- Anti-drain back valve:

This feature prevents oil drainage.

Are there any good alternatives to Wix Oil filter?

Yes, there are good oil filter alternatives to Wix filters. These alternatives include Donaldson P555570, Baldwin BT230, and Fleetguard LF3342.

people also ask (FAQs)

1. Which Wix Oil Filter is best for me?

There are various Wix oil filters- some are for light-duty tasks while others fit into the heavy-duty context. The standard Wix oil filter is perfect if you primarily drive in everyday conditions. However, if you drive in extreme conditions, you should opt for the Wix XP filter.

2. What type of oil works best with WIX oil filters?

Wix oil filters are designed to work with all types of oil- synthetic and conventional. Hence, your choice of Wix oil filter should be based on the type of oil you need it for.

For instance, if you need an oil filter for synthetic oils, look out for Wix filters forged for those types of oil. There are also Wix filters designed only for conventional oil.

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