Wix vs Mobil 1 Oil Filter: Which Oil Filter To Chose?

It is essential to choose the best oil filter for your engine, as this will determine the performance and durability of the engine. A good oil filter provides advanced filtration that collects deposits. This prevents contaminating the oil, allows perfect lubrication, and aids the optimal performance of the engine oil.

Amongst some of the Oil filters in the market, Wix and Mobil 1 Oil filters are regarded as the best. They are not just popular, but their renowned efficiency sets them apart from other oil filters.

As much as there is a lot of popularity surrounding the high-quality standards of these products, there are also arguments to compare their efficiency. The long arguments on Wix vs Mobil 1 Oil filter aims to reveal which one is better than the other.

This article will explore the features and differences of both oil filters, offering a detailed comparison of Wix vs Mobil Oil filters.

Wix oil filter: short Overview

Since 1939, for over 83 years, Wix filters have been maintaining dominance in the oil filter market. Pushing through with innovative technology, Wix has sustained the release of premium oil filters.

Wix is one of the pioneer in the production of oil filters. The journey of their oil filters line began with the realization that the engine should run on clean oil. 

This move started in 1954, with the production of Spin-on oil filters. Since then, upgrades and innovations are employed to ensure that these filters match market demand and users’ needs.

The need to produce oil filters that beat industry standards led to the use of high-standard materials. Cellulose media, silicone anti-drain back valves, coil springs, and perfectly designed pleats that offer maximum filtration. 

Wix filters come in three different categories to handle different driving conditions. Wix Protec Oil Filter, Wix Oil Filter, Wix XP Oil Filter; Dirt rides, commuting, racing, towing, or heavy-duty driving- there is a Wix oil filter for everyone.

Who makes Wix oil filters?

Mann+Hummel makes Wix Oil Filters. Mann+Hummel has always controlled the production of Wix Oil filters to meet the standards and requirements of the brand. 

However, in May 2016, Wix was incorporated as part of the Mann+Hummel Group. This does not entail the full transfer of ownership. Mann+Hummel handle the production of Wix Oil filters, ensuring they meet and exceed the ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and ISO 14001:2015 industry standards.

Where is the Wix oil filter manufactured?

Wix Oil filter is made in the USA. A large number of Wix’s production plants are located in Gastonia, North Carolina, USA. Wix Oil filters are manufactured in different production areas situated in 12 locations, across four continents; Asia, Europe, North and South America. Although Wix Oil filters are produced in Gastonia, North Carolina, USA, they are also produced in Ukraine, Canada, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, and Shanghai. 

Mobile 1 oil filter: short overview

Mobil 1 oil filters have been maintaining their position as one of the best oil filters in the market. Although Mobil 1 Specializes in the production of XP filters, there are slight variations in their usage and preferences.

The use of high-quality materials and innovative design in production has sustained the efficiency of Mobil 1 oil filters at 99.6%. In fact, it can hold up to 28.0-gram impurities and has the ability to handle dry starts and extreme cold temperatures.

With the use of synthetic fiber filter media, Silicone anti-drain back valve, premium greased gasket, Mobil 1 oil filters are built to last. This includes the ability to remain compatible with all types of engine oil.

To ensure customer satisfaction, most Mobil 1 products come with a long-term warranty (One year).

To make it easy for users to make their choice, Mobil 1 has one line of oil filter production; the extended performance filters.

Who makes Mobil 1 oil filter?

Champion Labs makes Mobil 1 Oil filters. Mobil 1 doesn’t make its oil filters; instead, Champion laboratories oversee the production of Mobil 1 oil filters to meet the company’s design requirements.

Champion laboratories are one of the big names in the production of filters. From oil filters to air filters, Champion is renowned for high-service delivery and to meet heavy and light-duty needs.

The stories of Champion labs date back to 1936. Founded in 1955, Champion labs took the market into a frenzy with the introduction of the engine-end relief valve.

Its patent and use in Spin-on oil filters in 1959 was a major innovation in the industry. They still remain one of the largest global distributors of filters.

Where are Mobil 1 oil filters manufactured?

Mobil 1 filters are made in the USA. Champion Laboratories manufactures Mobil 1 oil filters in its production plant in Albion, Illinois, USA. 

There are rumors that Mobil 1 oil filters are made in China. This is entirely not true. Rather, with the help of Champion labs, Mobil 1 maintains its American heritage.

differences between Wix and Mobil 1 Oil Filter

FeaturesMobil 1 Oil FilterWix Filter
Base PlateSix holesEight Holes
Wired BackNoYes
Anti-drain back valveSiliconeSilicone
Bypass ValveYesYes
Coiled SpringYesYes
Filter MediaSyntheticCellulose
Efficiency rating99.6-99.9%99%
Filter Length4431 ¾
Filter media surface area44.56 sq. inches55.5 sq inches

Wire Backing

Wix filters have a wire back support to their filter media. This is not found in Mobil 1. A wire-backed media helps in offering extra filtration of oil and support to the media. 

However, some users prefer an oil filter without a wired backed media, because it allows better lubrication. It is up to you to decide.

Winner: Wix Oil Filter

Filter Media

The choice of filter media affects the flow rate, filtration, and efficiency achieved by the oil filter.

Synthetic filter media perform better than Cellulose media by trapping small deposits. Mobil 1 oil filter is regarded as a high-grade oil filter because of its use of synthetic media. 

A cellulose filter media can trap particles between an 8-10 micron rating, synthetic media captures 20 – 40 microns at over 50% efficiency and 24% at an 8-10 micron rating.

This is also reflected in the durability of the filter media as synthetic filter media lasts longer than cellulose filter media.

Winner: Mobil 1 Oil Filter

Overall Performance

Mobil 1 oil filter takes a lead in performance over Wix filters by using synthetic filter media. This is also visible in its durable design, use of enhanced nitrile gasket, and heavy-duty canister.

These features ensure a 9X improved strength and resistance against pressure and enhanced prevention of leaks and spillage.

Although Wix adopts the Spin-on filter technology and customized valves, Mobil-1 comes with a superior frame, design, and performance.

Winner: Mobil 1 Oil Filter

Wix vs Mobil 1 oil filter: which one to choose?

The comparison between Mobil 1 oil filter vs wix is a very tricky task. That’s because both have a lot of amazing features and it looks difficult to choose one above the other.

But I’ll prefer Mobil 1 because of the slightly superior features it offers in its performance, flow rate, and durable form. Wix uses a cellulose filter media and this records 75% efficiency, lower than what is achieved by Mobil 1’s synthetic media.

However, Mobil 1 oil filter comes for double the price of Wix. If price is amongst your yardsticks to compare both filters, then you should go for Wix because it is considerably cheaper.

Mobil 1 oil filter and wix oil filter (4 key similarities)

1. Anti-drain back valve

Wix and Mobil 1 oil filters use better materials for their anti-drain back valves. Both filters make use of silicone anti-drain back valves and not cheap plastics.

2. Bypass Valve

This is a major feature that separates low-quality filters from high-grade construction filters. Instead of the use of a stamp steel bypass valve, Mobil 1 and Wix use a coiled spring of superior quality.

3. Basic Structure

Both filters employ the use of metal end caps, base plates, efficiency, and achieved mileage. Although there are slight differences in the number of holes on the end caps, the radius is pretty much the same.

4. Compatible with all types of oil

Mobil 1 and Wix are compatible with all types of oil- conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blends. Hence, users are advised to use Mobil 1 oil filters with the Mobil oil for improved performance.

people also ask

How many miles are Wix oil filters good for?

Wix Oil filters are good for 20,000 miles. You should consider changing your oil filter after you have traveled this long.

What does XP mean on Wix Oil Filters?

The term “XP” is popular in oil filters. They mean “extended performance”, not just in Wix, but in most filters that are rated “XP”. For instance; Wix XP, and Mobil 1 XP.

The XP series is considered an advanced grade of oil filter, with improved durability, filtration, and design.

How many miles is a Mobil 1 oil filter good for?

Mobil 1 Oil filters are good for 20,000 miles. You should change them for these intervals in between oil changes.


Wix Vs Mobil 1 Oil Filter (some key Takeaway)

  • 1. Wix Oil filter uses a cellulose filter media which is inferior to Mobil 1’s synthetic media
  • 2. Both Oil filters are compatible with all types of oils
  • 3. Mobil 1 Oil filters provide a one-year warranty


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