Wix vs Fram oil filter: Which One Is better?

The quest for finding the best oil filter for your vehicle lies in understanding the similarities and differences of some of the best oil filters in the market. Understanding their individual performances will help you select the best for your engine.

The truth remains that the type of oil filter you use affects the performance of your engine. However, there are unending arguments on Wix vs Fram oil filter, and which one is the best in terms of efficiency, durability, and overall performance.

Both Oil filters have a lot of things in common like a wire-backed filter media and a silicone anti-drain back valve. However, there are a lot of things you should know before you decide on the option for you.

Let’s explore the differences and similarities between Wix and Fram, comparing the features, strengths, and flaws of Fram vs wix Oil filter.

Wix Oil Filter: Overview

Wix Oil filters are popularly known for their durability and extended use. Its prolonged endurance level is very high because they are designed to handle harsh conditions.

Founded in 1939 by John Doane Jack Wicks and Paul G. Crawshaw, Wix filters has maintained an 83-year record of quality service. Wix invented and patented the Spin-on oil filter design in 1954. This issued in a wave of innovation in the industry.

Being committed to producing high-quality filters, Wix has maintained its aim; “All engines must run on clean oil.”

There are three types of Wix Oil filters; Protec, Wix filters, and Wix XP. There are even variations in design to match the different needs of every driver. 

Who makes Wix Oil Filter?

Mann+Hummel makes a Wix Oil filter. Mann+Hummel started as a textile company in 1938. The Second World War broadened the horizons of the company, expanding to the production of engine filters. 

By learning and implementation, Mann+Hummel grew to become one of the leading global manufacturers of Oil Filters.

Mann+Hummel employed its advanced filtration technologies to help Wix and other brands develop their filters to meet their requirements.

Where is Wix Oil Filter manufactured?

Wix Oil filters are manufactured in the USA. Wix has its production facilities scattered across 12 plant locations, eight countries, and four continents. The production plants of Wix are located in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, Ukraine, China, and Poland. 

Although Wix has its companies in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, a larger amount of its productions are done in the USA. 

Wix Oil filters are majorly produced in Gastonia, North Carolina, USA. Wix has always maintained its American heritage while expanding to the rest of the world. 

Fram Oil filter: Overview

Fram Oil filters began in 1932 with the invention of the non-reusable (easily replaceable) oil filtering element. The need for the brand to grow brought the innovative production of new products; Fram extra guard, Fram tough guard, and high mileage. The growth of Fram grew from inventions to patents and innovations. 

Gradually, what started as a project of Frederick Franklin and T. Edward Aldham grew to become a global leading brand. Advancements were made to the existing products; Fram extra guard, high mileage, tough guard, and ultra synthetic, and more innovative filters were developed.

Fram fresh breeze, Fram Titanium, force, and drive oil filters- these products were introduced to address the needs of drivers.

Contrary to the rumors in the media, Fram filters are not some piece of junk. They are not as bad as the internet presents them.

Who makes a Fram oil filter?

Trico Group makes Fram Oil Filters. Fram oil filters were initially under the ownership and control of Fram until the Trico group acquired Fram in 2019. 

The acquisition included the transfer of ownership and control in the production of Fram filters and Autolite spark plugs.

Where is the Fram oil filter manufactured?

Fram Oil Filters are made in the USA. Fram Oil filter which is now under the ownership of Trico Group is manufactured in Michigan, Kentucky, and Ohio. 

Although the production of Fram Oil filters has extended to five continents, Fram Oil Filters remain a proudly US-made product.

differences between Wix and fram Oil Filter

FeaturesWix Oil FiltersFram Oil Filters
PriceSlightly expensiveCheaper – Discounts
Base Plate8 Holes10 Holes
Bypass ValvesCoil SpringStamp Steel
Average mile use20,000 miles5,000 – 10,000 miles
Pleat SpacingBetterGood
Filter MediaSyntheticSynthetic

Pleat Spacing

Pleat Spacing plays an active role in the filtering ability of an oil filter. Wix has a better even pleat spacing, uniform and closely packed to each other.

Whereas, Fram has a pleat spacing that depicts a low-quality design.

Winner: Wix Oil Filters

Bypass Valve

The bypass valve maintains the flow rate even when the filter media degrades. Fram’s use of a stamp steel component makes it fall into the category of a low-end oil filter. A good oil filter should employ the use of a coiled spring, which is what Wix did.

Winner: Wix Oil Filter

Overall Performance 

Considering the pleat spacing, surface area, length, choice of materials, and performance, Wix can be a better choice than Fram. Although both filters maintain a similar efficiency rating, the number of deposits that each filter can capture places Wix on a superior scale. Wix employs the use of superior materials to sustain its durability.

Winner: Wix Oil Filter

Wix vs Fram oil filter: which one to choose?

The comparison between Wix vs Fram Oil filter should be clear to you now. Wix has superior quality, advanced performance, and better pleat spacing. This reflects in its superb filtration ability, extended mile use, efficiency, and micron rating.

However, if the price is part of your yardstick for comparison, then you should go for Fram. That’s because Fram is relatively cheaper than Wix.

Wix oil filter vs Fram oil filter (5 key similarities)

1. Oil Type

Both filters accommodate the use of the same oils, although there are slight changes in the uses. Extra guard works with conventional oil, high mileage with conventional or high mileage oil,  tough guard with conventional or synthetic, while ultra synthetic is paired with synthetic oil. 

Wix and Fram Oil filters can make use of any type of oil, but it is essential to confirm their compatibility before using them.

2. Wire Backing

The wire backing acts as a support for the filter media. It also helps in keeping the filter media in good shape and form. Wix and Fram Oil filters have wire-backed filter media.

3. Filter Media

Fram and Wix make use of synthetic filter media. This is superior to filter media made of cellulose. Both the oil filter maintain a similar scale on the performance of their filter media.

4. Anti-drain back valve

The anti-drain back valve ensures that oil is retained whenever the engine is turned off. This prevents dry starts. 

Wix and Fram filters make use of Silicone and not rubber for their anti-drain back valve. Silicone is a better material for the anti-drain back valve because it works well in odd temperatures. 

5. Design and Structure

Both oil filters employ the use of metal end caps and not the use of cheap plastics. Although there are slight changes in the number of holes on the base plate, the diameter and attained flow remain the same.

people also ask

How many miles is Wix Oil Filter good for?

Wix Oil filters are good for 20,000 miles in between oil intervals. Users are advised to change filters accordingly.

It is important to know that the miles that an oil filter is used for are also determined by how often the vehicle is used and the condition it is used for. You don’t need to wait till 20,000 miles if you are using your oil filter for dirt races.

How many miles are Fram Oil filters good for?

Fram Oil is good for up to 7,500 miles. Fram Oil filters can offer engine protection for 5,000 to 10,000 miles. You need to change the oil filter after using it to the maximum mileage, or in between two oil change intervals.

Nevertheless, the quality of Fram filters varies. For instance; Fram ultra synthetic oil filter is good for up to 20,000 miles. For maximum performance, use your Fram oil filters within 5,000 miles and check whether you need to change them.

Are Fram Oil Filters Junk?

Fram Oil Filters are not entirely junk. They are not as bad as the media presents them. The only problem is that they come with varying qualities. The cheapest Fram oil filters do not stand the taste of high quality, but some of the high-grade filters are pretty much good.


Wix vs Fram oil filter: (some key Takeaway)

  • Wix Oil Filters are better than Fram Oil filters in performance, structure, and durability.
  • Fram has a cheaply constructed bypass valve made of stamp steel. This is inferior to a coil spring.
  • Both Oil filters have a wire backing, silicone anti-drain back valves, and metal end caps.


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