Are Kelly Tires Good Quality brand? Is It Worth To Buy?

The quality of tires depends on certain parameters. So, before buying tires, you need to consider them to identify which tires meet all your demand.

Kelly is one of the leading brands of tires nowadays. Affordable prices and near-perfect performance make these brands trusted globally. But nothing is perfect and has its own drawbacks. So, tires from this brand are not exceptions in this case.

So, when choosing tires, should you consider this brand? Are Kelly Tires Good Quality? Are there any unique features depending on which, we can buy Kelly tires? These are the topics I’m going to share here in this article.

So, let’s start.

Are Kelly Tires Good Quality

who makes Kelly tires?

Kelly is a sub-brand of the leading brand Goodyear tire company. This mother company of Kelly is very much known for producing premium tires.

Though Kelly operates independently and manufactures tires, the main brand is Goodyear. But Goodyear has so many varieties of tires under different brand names.

This company was founded in 1894. That’s why it is the oldest American tire company. In 1935, the parent company Goodyear consumed the brand. Since then, the company has been manufacturing tires.

Where are Kelly tires made and manufactured?

You already know that Kelly is owned by a great company named Goodyear. But the whole manufacturing process is done by Kelly-Springfield Tire Company.

From 1894 to 1995 the headquarters and manufacturing unit was in Springfield. But after that, Goodyear moved its headquarters of Kelly to Akron, Ohio.

They have a giant manufacturing unit in North Carolina, USA. Right now, they are producing and supplying Kelly tires from there.

How does the Kelly brand warranty work

Now what you’re going to know is really going to make you wonder. Yes, that is about the warranty of these tires.

Kelly tires have a full lifetime warranty for each of their tires. In case of any issues with manufacturing defects which are stated as material defects or workmanship, they will replace the tire.

But any kind of wear and tear is not covered by this warranty policy. In that scenario, you need to repair it on your own.

How many miles do Kelly tires last?

When it comes to durability, Kelly tires have a good reputation. The deep groove design and steel casing provide better support and protection for a long time.

As per some users’ reviews and CR tests, most products of these brands can last for about 60,000 miles consistently. But by proper maintenance, the performance time can be expanded.

You should check the tires and change the side and rotating directions after certain miles of driving,

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What Vehicles Can Use Kelly Tire?

Kelly has a wide variety of products like its parent company Goodyear. Whatever regular vehicle you have, Kelly has an option for you.

Kelly tires are compatible with passenger cars, sedans, coupes, SUVs, minivans, and crossovers. So, as you can see they cover almost all types of vehicles that you can use for regular driving.

What Are the Different Sizes of Kelly Tires?

As Kelly supports a lot of different vehicles, they need to have a lot of sizes too.

Most of the tires that I’ve mentioned above have certain sizes. On their official website, you can find each tire’s specifications differently. Most tires have the following sizes. Have a look if that helps you.

  • 11R22.5 G
  • 11R24.5 G
  • 285/75R24.5 G
  • 295/75RW2.5 G

If none of these matches yours, you can always have a look on their official website to find specific sizes for specific models of tires.

Are Kelly tires good quality? top reasons to buy them

Here, I’m going to share the top reasons why you should buy Kelly tires. These are pretty much the basic parameters based on what you can decide whether you should buy a specific brand tire or not.

Wet & dry performance:

These tires are capable of performing on both wet and dry roads. The fantastic trea design lets you drive confidently no matter what the weather is.

Stability in snow:

Kelly tires can provide grip and traction even on snowy roads. It can be an affordable tire for snowy weather.

Water removal design:

The grooves in treads let the water pass away while rolling over roads. As a result, it also reduces the possibility of hydroplaning.


These tires have a lifetime warranty for material defects of tires. So, you know, how durable this tire would be.

Riding comfort:

Unique tread design provides excellent grip on roads even at high speed. So, you can ride comfortably without any tension. 

The products of Kelly tires that this brand makes

Kelly has several available products in the market. Most of them are widely popular because of their quality.

Among them, here I’m going to mention the best two tires from this brand. So, let’s have a look.

Armorsteel® KDA®:

This particular model is famous for its proven tread compound with blading. That’s why it can provide sufficient traction and ensures uniform tread wear. Besides, the deep 28/32 tread depth provides original tread life.

The casing of these tires is made of steel. So the durability of these tires are worth mentioning. Even the price is within an affordable range.

Armorsteel® LHT®:

The tread compound is proven to balance the fuel economy and mileage. The resale value of this tire is also good enough in case you choose to switch to a new one.

The wear rate of the tire is low compared to other similar products. As a result, this is considered one of the best trailer tires in the market.

Are there any drawbacks of Kelly tires?

Kelly is good for most cases. But you should remember that this is not a high-end premium brand. This is basically a brand for those who don’t want to spend much on costly tires. And they don’t want to buy cheap tires either.

So, the overall performance will be above average for sure. But problems like regular repairing, wear and tear can be shown up. So, I’ll recommend taking proper care if you want to use these tires for a longer time.

Are there any good alternatives available for Kelly tires?

If you’re not convinced to buy a Kelly tire, don’t worry. Because Kelly is not the only option here.

Rather, I’ve come up with some similar products that can also meet your demand. So, have a look at those.

Hercules tires:

An affordable brand that is owned by Cooper tires company. It can be a good option for those who are looking for trusted service, and long-lasting performance within a budget.

Haida tires:

These tires have markets in almost 80 countries including Canada. They are also known for providing quality tires within budget. And the performance is also quite satisfactory. So, you can have a look at this tire too.

people also ask (FAQs)

Is Kelly a Chinese brand?

No. Kelly is an American brand owned by Goodyear tires and rubber corporation.

What is the overall rating of Kelly tires?

These tires have about 4.5 ratings as per their performance compared to their prices.

Are Kelly tires available at Walmart?

Yes. You can buy Kelly tires from Walmart.


So, now it’s time to summarize the whole discussion. What do you think now, are Kelly tires good quality?

As per my point of view, I would say a yes. These tires may not be the best in the market, but you should consider their price first. Depending on the price, these tires perform quite well.

But if you are looking for better, and spend some more, there are a whole lot of options for you. But why not try a tire for once, that has even a lifetime warranty?

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