Are Atturo Tires Good quality? Answer Explained!

Atturo tires are popular because of their great tread designs and variety of products. The price of these tires is also in the affordable range.

So, from the beginning of the journey of this brand, they have earned the trust of the users. Like most other brands, they also have faced ups and downs in their journey, but have maintained their quality in the first place.

These tires are very much versatile. Because it can be used in almost all driving conditions. No matter whether you are on smooth terrain or on off-roads, you’ll be amazed by the traction and grip of this tire.

But of course, that’s not the whole story. There are drawbacks and alternatives to these tires. To explore all those, keep reading this article to the end.

who makes Atturo tires?

Atturo tires are made by a Federal corporation. Though this is a USA-based company, the manufacturing unit is in Taiwan and Thailand.

The federal corporation is a very popular tire company. This brand has been producing high-quality tires for about 80 years. Back in 2016, the company faced a complaint from the customers. That was about, the roundness of the tire was not maintained.

So, to maintain its reputation the company has been supplying the best tires from then till now.

Where are Atturo tires made and manufactured?

As I’ve mentioned earlier. The Atturo tires are made in Taiwan and Thailand. But the distributed sales are controlled from the USA by the Federal group.

That type of combination is very common nowadays for most other tire companies too.

Due to the availability of raw materials, labor costs, and other business strategies, many companies make tires in some other countries and sell them from another. To make the business and profit optimum, they follow this system.

best Atturo tires on the market

There are several products available from the Atturo brand. Almost all of them are similarly popular. The top products of Atturo tires are described below.


These are basically on-road tires. Even in wet conditions and at high speed, the tire can provide sufficient traction. 

These tires are not only for SUVs but also for light cars and trucks. Again, these tires are compatible with most crossovers or sports vehicles. The directional tread pattern makes the control of these tires stands out.


These tires can be used for racing also. The material and design of these tires are maintained in such a way that they can serve well at high speed.

The channels in the tread allow water to evacuate from the tires. That’s why the possibility of slipping while running on wet roads is reduced by a great portion.

How does the Atturo brand warranty work

The brand Atturo has a warranty of 50000 miles. This limited treadwear warranty Indicates that the brand is confident about its quality.

In case of any unwanted circumstances, the company will replace your tires without any hassle. All you may need to afford is the repair or servicing cost. But of course, there are some conditions.

Like any issues related to your driving skill and in case of accidents, the warranty policies will not be available.

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How many miles do Atturo tires last?

As per the warranty that is provided by the brand, the tire will be replaced by 50000 miles. So, undoubtedly we can hope these tires can serve this mileage.

But like all other tires, the lifespan of Atturo tires also depends on the driving conditions. For example, smooth roads and better skills will result in a longer lifespan of tires.

What Vehicles Can Use Atturo Tire

Basically, Atturo tires are made for SUVs and light trucks. The owners of Land Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler, and Cherokee can use Atturo tires without any hesitation.

These tires are also good for some other vehicles like Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, Tundra, Ford F-150, Toyota 4Runner, Ranger and Bronco, Dodge Ram, Hummer H3, Chevrolet Silverado, etc.

What Are the Different Sizes of Atturo Tires?

What makes the Atturo tire brand special is the variety of their sizes of tires. From 29” to 37.6”, this tire brand has available sizes for almost all light or heavy-duty vehicles.

The most available model of Atturo tires is named LT. A wide range of varieties in sizes can be seen within this model. The most popular sizes of Atturo LT are  235/65R17, 255/75R17, 285/70R17, 255/70R18, 285/65R18, 33X12.50R18, 275/45R20, 295/60R20, etc.

Are Kumho Road Venture tires better than Atturo?

Kumho is another popular brand of all-terrain tires. The soft material of the tires provides excellent grip on almost all roads.

When it comes to deep snow, this tire can serve really well. Some claim that these tires are more fuel-efficient than most other models. But you should also consider that the noise level of this tire is a bit higher.

So, though driving will be comfortable, noise may be an issue for Kumho tires.

Are Firestone Destination tires better than Atturo?

Firestone is a widely popular tire brand all over the globe. This brand provides excellent traction and control even on wet roads and at high speed.

 But I won’t recommend this tire if you are looking for dedicated snowy road tires. Because this tire is not designed for heavy icy roads. But for regular roads, it can provide great control over the steering.

When comparing with Atturo tires, I’ll say the budget can make some difference between these two.

Are Atturo Tires Good? 5 reasons to buy them

Nowadays, tire brands in the market are providing unique and excellent features within an affordable price range. That’s why, to compete in the market, Atturo needs to offer some great features too.

Here I’m sharing the top five features for which these tires are worth buying.

1. Dry and wet performance:

These tires are known for consistent performance on both dry and wet roads. Handling vehicles in any condition won’t be a hassle at all.

2. Extreme environment performance:

The Atturo tires can do well in extreme environmental conditions like icy or snowy roads. This can provide sufficient traction.

3. Comfort and noise level:

The comfort of driving depends mostly on the tires you are using. Atturo tires are known for comfortable rides. But the noise level may seem a bit higher.

4. Price:

Atturo tires are very affordable. If you are looking for budget tires, this can be an option.

5. Design:

The tread design of the Atturo tires is specially engineered to provide sufficient traction even while running at a very high speed.

Are there any drawbacks of Atturo tires?

Yes. There are some issues with these Atturo tires that can be improved. Though these issues may not be important for all of the users, for some it can be severe. So, I’ve decided to share those here.

  • Firstly, these tires don’t have reinforced sidewall in all of their models. Rather, only for LT sizes, these features are available.
  • Traction on deeply muddy roads is not satisfactory.
  • Overall riding experience is not that good if compared to other available brands within this budget range.

So, if these issues may bother you, don’t worry. Next, I’m going to share some alternatives to the Atturo tires.

Are there any good alternatives available for Atturo tires?

So, if you still don’t want to go with the Atturo tires, have a look on these alternatives.


These tires also have 50000 miles of tread life warranty. These are also able to provide excellent off-road service like Atturo tires. So, in case you don’t want to go with Atturo tires, you can move with BFGoodrich.

Falken WildPeak:

These tires have 70000 miles of tread life warranty. So, at this point, these tires create the difference. Besides,  the performance of these tires on snowy roads is also well praised. 

people also ask (FAQs)

What is the user rating of Atturo tires?

Atturo tires have a 75% of overall performance rating on some online platforms.

Are Atturo dedicated snow tires?

No, they are not. But they can perform well even on deep icy roads.

Are Atturo directional tires?

Yes. Atturo tires are directional tires with a unique tread design.


So, you already have the answers to whether Atturo tires are good or not. . Compared to the price, this tire is a good deal.

But it may not serve well when it comes to muddy roads. Besides, the sidewall or the tires can be worn out soon. Though that depends on the driving roads and skill. And it can be extended by proper maintenance.

But if still you’re not convinced with the performance, you can have a look at the alternatives I’ve mentioned here. These may solve your problem.

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