Are Dextero Tires Good quality brand? (Answered!)

Comfortable driving, fantastic handling, and noise-free experience – these are the main things that make Dextero tires outstanding. Well, not only these actually, there are a whole lot of features for which you can Choose these tires.

That’s why, if you are thinking are Dextero tires good, then this article has all the answers. From the manufacturer to the place where it is produced, I’ll give brief info about all of these.

Besides, you’ll get an overview on how these tires perform under different driving conditions. Then along with the warranty policy of the brand, you’ll also get to know about some alternatives of this brand.

So, keep reading to explore each of these.

Here is the short answer who makes Dextero tires?

Dextero tires are made by the GITI tire brand. This company is primarily Singapore-based. But recently they have launched another manufacturing unit in North America.

Including all units, now the GITI tire brand has 8 production facilities for producing Dextero tires.

Where are Dextero tires made?

Dextero tires are made in Singapore. The GITI group is situated in This country. The manufacturing units are in various positions within Singapore.

Recently, another manufacturing unit has been established by the GITI group in North America. Since 2017, this unit has been also producing Dextero tires. So, we can say, Singapore and America are the places where Dextero tires are produced.

Where are Dextero tires manufacture

I’ve already mentioned that Dextero tires are owned by the GITI company. This company has multiple manufacturing units.

Primarily, the company is Singapore-based. The main branch is in Rancho Cucamonga, Singapore. However, they have eight state-of-art manufacturing plants. Besides, they launched their other manufacturing unit in North America.

This unit is in operation since 2017. Currently, the GITI group is one of the largest tire companies. They are serving consumers in more than 130 countries.

The products of Dextero tires that this brand makes

Now let’s focus on some other products from Dextero tires. These are also made by the GITI tires brand.

Dextero DAT1:

These are one of the finest tires within competitive price ranges. Performance in both dry and wet conditions is satisfactory.

Dextero DHT2:

These are excellent tires with super handling capability. It will also provide a quiet and comfortable riding experience.

How does the Dextero brand warranty work

The warranty policy for Cetero tires is simple. They will provide a replacement service with brand new tires till 2/32 inches of wear of the tires.

Within the first 12 months of buying Dextero tires and if the thickness of the tire is within the first 1.6 mm from the original tread depth, then you will get this replacement. Any Dextero seller will provide this service. 

How many miles do these tires last?

As the standard limited warranty policy from Dextero brand, they claim these tires can serve well for the first 50000 miles.

It will depend on how you drive your vehicle. Also, the roads and environmental conditions will play a vital role in terms of tire lifespan.

What Vehicles Can Use this Tire

Dextero tires are mainly for SUVs, CUVs, light trucks, and passenger cars. But what you should remember is that these tires are not for snowy roads.

If your vehicle has to operate on snowy roads, these tires may not provide perfect traction. So, in that case, look for alternatives that are dedicated to snowy weather.

What Are the Different Sizes of these Tires?

There are a lot of varieties when it comes to the sizes of Dextero tires. This thing makes Dextero stand out in the market.

Here I’m just mentioning those sizes that are produced in the USA. Check if any of these sizes is what you are looking for!

Available sizes of Dextero tires are P235/75R15, P235/70R16, P245/70R16, P255/70R16, P265/70R16, P245/75R16, etc.

Are Star fire tires better than Dextero?

Star fire tires are widely known as a brand that produces quality tires but doesn’t cost much. The combination of quality and affordability makes these tires great to choose from.

But some of the customers have said that they are not satisfied with the balancing capabilities of these tires. In fact, even with the excellent engineered tread pattern of the tires, you can face balancing problems.

If we keep this problem aside, then these Star fire tires can be a fantastic choice for everyday use.

Are Hankook better than Dextero?

High precision and quality are the key to Hankook tires. Because of their quality products, they now have eight production facilities all over the world.

These tires are also considered mid-budget tires. To maintain the standard of products, they always choose the best raw materials. The whole manufacturing operation is conducted by the robot to ensure precise quality.

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Are Dextero Tires Good? 5 reasons to buy them

The top 5 features of Dextero tires are listed here. For having these features, you must consider Dextero tires to choose for your vehicles. 

Environmental flexibility:

These tires can perform excellent service both on dry or wet roads.


The design of these tires generates less noise than most available tires in the market.


Driving with Dextero tires can be so satisfying as it will provide fantastic stability.


The raw materials of Dextero tires are maintained at a strict quality. So the end product also results in a good one.


These tires have a warranty of 50000 miles. So, we can hope these tires will last long.

Are there any drawbacks of Dextero tires?

To be honest, even this high-quality tire from Dextero has some drawbacks too. 

  • First, the performance of this tire on snowy roads is not satisfactory at all. Rather, the traction is only good on dry or wet roads.
  • The tread design is not maintained for heavy snow. So, if you’re looking for dedicated tires to drive in snow, you should look for alternatives.
  • Another thing is, that many users have claimed that the sidewalls of these tires tend to wear very soon. So, this can be irritating for drivers who are looking for durable tires.

You must consider these cons of Dextero tires before buying one.

Are there any good alternatives available for Dextero tires?

Some alternatives to these Dextero tires are shared here,

1. Hercules tires:

These tires have really good traction on dry roads. Besides, these also work well on rainy days.

Within an affordable budget, this brand provides a satisfactory tread warranty too.

2. Atturo tires:

This tire has excellent grip and provides good service for a long time.

people also ask (FAQs)

What is the user rating of Dextero tires?

According to some online platforms, these tires have an average of 4.5 rating out of 5.

When should I replace the Dextero tire?

Generally, you can replace your tire after 50000 miles of driving depending on your driving conditions.

Are Dextero tires quiet?

The five-pitch pattern tread reduces the noise while driving in a great portion. So, these tires are comparatively quiet.


Dextero tires are exceptionally good because of their outstanding performance. For less noisy and comfortable driving, these tires can be chosen without any hesitation.

So, are Dextero tires good? I’ll say, of course. Though there are many premium brands in the market, they will charge you much too. So, according to the price, these tires are a great choice for regular SUVs or pickup drivers.

But in terms of durability, you must be concerned and identify how you actually drive. If you live in a snowy area or have to drive through snowy roads, Dextero may not be a good option.

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