Are Autolite Spark Plugs Pre Gapped?

To answer your question, yes, the spark plug from Autolite comes pre-gapped. All spark plug manufacturers, including Autolite pre-gap spark plugs into the most popular gap sizes.

In fact, no manufacturer makes a spark plug for generalized use for each and every vehicle. It is the job of the installer or the owner to calibrate according to their engine’s requirements.

Many individuals have the query in their mind, whether Autolite spark plugs are pre-gapped? Well, this confusion is normal and you should not be an exception here!

In this article, let us get some more details about the spark plug gap. Read along to get a clear idea about the topic.

Are Autolite Spark Plugs Pre-Gapped? – More details

You have already come to know the answer: all the spark plugs manufacturers pre-gap the plugs on different standard sizes. Why is this so? To know that, you need to understand the basic principle of how a spark plug works.

The basic principle behind why a spark plug is pre-gapped

Inside the combustion chamber, the air and fuel mixture must burn to generate the power output you get as the wheel rotation. There are two portions on a spark plug. One is the center electrode, and another is the ground electrode.

When high-voltage electricity passes through the center electrode, it wants to complete the circuit and move to the next possible conductor. Because of the gap, the electricity passes as high-temperature plasma, which burns the fuel.

If there is no gap, there will be no plasma generation; as a result, there will be no fuel burn, and hence the engine will sit idle.

What about the gap size?

There is a minimum parameter of a gap for plasma generation. Also, there are different sizes of the gap for various engines. Hence, standard gapping is required if you want to get the engine performance with no issues.

This is an installer’s job to know the ideal size for the engine and calibrate the gap according to that. Otherwise, the engine may work, but there may be frequent misfires.

How to gap a Spark Plug?

You will find the tool named gap reader in your nearest automotive parts store. Also, you can use the filler gauge to identify the gap between the electrodes.

To calibrate the ideal gap for your engine, you need to know the standard or manufacturer’s suggested parameter for the distance of the electrodes. Then take your spark plug and move the gap reader from the thinner end in between the electrodes.

Be careful and ensure you do not touch the ceramic portion of the plug with the reader. While moving the reader along the gap, stop when you feel the resistance. Then take the reading on the scale and check whether it is okay.

If the gap is large, you need to push gently on the ground electrode and check again.

When the gap is too small, stick a small hole in between the electrode gap and move it like a bottle opener to increase the gap. Examine the gap and move forward to installation if it is okay.

Are Autolite Spark Plugs good?

To some extent, Autolite is a very good and well-known brand for spark plugs. All their product lineups come with an advanced tip, which is good at staying away from corrosion.

This brand’s spark plugs are good at delivering the best efficiency, which is a crucial factor in every internal combustion engine. The spark is precisely concentrated, which ensures proper burning of the fuel and results in better fuel efficiency.

Autolite spark plug ensures better performance and a longer life span.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look into some common queries people have in their minds. Read along the section to clarify the topic and get an explicit idea.

What happens if spark plugs are not gapped properly?

An improper gap at the spark plug will lead to an engine misfire. Then again, it may result in firing the fuel at the wrong stroke. Therefore, the plug’s gap size can not be too small or wide.

How do I know if my spark plug gap is wrong?

If your spark plug is wrongly gapped, the main issue that will occur is engine misfire. The basic symptom to figure out something wrong with the spark plug is a knocking and popping sound. Also, there can be a hard starting of the engine.

What happens if the point gap is too big?

The too-wide gap will block the spark plug center coil from charging and discharging properly. As a result, the generated spark will be weak, and the engine will have difficulty burning the fuel correctly.

Does the spark plug gap increase over time?

Due to the continuous electric arc, the gap between the center and ground electrode grows gradually. The increase in the gap results in the need for more electricity. As the gap size becomes improper, it will show the symptoms of a bad spark plug.

Final Words

All the parts should work properly when you want to keep the engine working in its ideal condition. And a spark plug is the most important portion of an engine. Without it, the engine will not start at all.

Hopefully, now you have the answer to why Autolite Spark plugs are pre-gapped.

Always try to look for the symptoms and ensure that you are using the ideal gap for your engine when you change a faulty plug with a new one.

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