Who Makes Screamin Eagle Spark Plugs?

Many vehicles, whether it’s motorcycles or others, use Screamin Eagle spark plugs. Especially in Harley-Davidson bikes, these plugs are widely used.

People often wonder who is the actual manufacturer of these spark plugs. Well, Harley-Davidson company itself produces Screamin Eagle spark plugs. But that doesn’t mean these spark plugs are only compatible with Harley bikes. Many other vehicles can use them too.

Here in this article, I’m going to share every detail about the manufacturing company and its plant location. Besides, I’ll also cover different aspects related to its performance.

So, let’s get started.

Which company makes Screamin Eagle spark plugs?

As I’ve mentioned above, the Harley-Davidson company makes these Screamin Eagle spark plugs. But don’t misunderstand it. Though Harley-Davidson makes these spark plugs, that doesn’t mean the brand uses only these spark plugs in all of their vehicles. Rather they also have deals with brands like NGK, and Denso as their spark plugs partners.

Where is Screamin Eagle spark plugs made?

The headquarters of Harley-Davidson is in Wisconsin, USA. But they have manufacturing units in Brazil, India, Thailand, and some other countries.

Only in the USA do they have four assembly plants. The Screamin Eagle spark plugs can be manufactured in any of these plants in or outside of the USA. Depending on raw materials, labor cost, and demand, the optimum plant location is chosen.

How does Screamin Eagle spark plugs warranty work?

When it comes to the warranty of Screamin Eagle spark plugs, there is no hard and fast rules in their warranty policy.

Some models of spark plugs come with a one-year limited warranty under some conditions. In some cases, if anything unexpected happens, which is not covered by their policy, you may not be able to enjoy the warranty.

So, discuss the matter briefly with the seller before buying Screamin Eagle spark plugs.

Are Screamin Eagle spark plugs good? – 5 reasons to buy these


These spark plugs come with three-layer platinum protection to improve wear resistance. The pre-gapped and properly engineered electrode design makes these products stand out in the market.


The ignition ability of these spark plugs is really good due to their specially engineered design. The V-shaped ground electrode ensures an improved flame propagation process.


Platinum protection ensures durable performance as the corrosion and wear resistance are improved. So it can serve for many more miles without any drop in functionality.


Though there are high-quality spark plugs available in the market, they also cost much more than Screamin Eagle. Compared to the performance, the price of Screamin Eagle spark plugs is quite affordable.

Consistent ignition:

These spark plugs are able to provide consistent sparks without any misfires. That’s why you can rely on Screamin Eagle if you’re facing ignition problems.

Top available products from Screamin Eagle

Harley-Davidson produces different spark plug parts along with Screamin Eagle. So, here below I’m mentioning two categories of Screamin Eagle and others.

Screamin Eagle High-performance spark plugs:

These spark plugs are platinum-coated special plugs that reduce erosion and ensure long time performance. The parts and wires are widely available for these spark plugs and are used in many other vehicles, including the Harley-Davidson.

Wires and others:

Along with the Screamin Eagle spark plugs, Harley-Davidson also produces different size spark plug phat wires and accessories. You can easily find your required products on the official website of Harley-Davidson.

Are there any good alternatives to Screamin Eagle?

There are several spark plugs available in the market. Even if you’re looking for a spark plug, especially for your Harley-Davidson, here are some alternatives to Screamin Eagle.


NGK spark plugs are compatible with Harley-Davidson motorcycles and can provide a very smooth performance. Moreover, it’s both durable and reliable and can be used with other vehicles too.


Harley-Davidson uses these spark plugs in some of their vehicles. So, you can use it on your bikes or cars too. These are also well known for their reliable performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Screamin Eagle spark plugs pre-gapped?

Yes. Screamin Eagle spark plugs are pre-gapped. This ensures a smooth and consistent ignition process.

How long does Screamin Eagle spark plugs last?

It depends on the engine as well as the driving conditions. Generally, a spark plug can last for years if maintained properly.

When to replace a Screamin Eagle spark plug?

If the ignition process is hampered or any of the parts like the core, electronics, etc get damaged, you should replace the plug with a new one. Well, if the issue is minor, try to repair it if possible.



So, now you know that the popular company Harley-Davidson makes these Screamin Eagle spark plugs. Along with Harley-Davidson, Screamin Eagle spark plugs are mentioned at the same time due to their best compatibility. That’s why these spark plugs are so popular among customers.

The long history of the brand ensures users trust and rely on its products without any hesitation. Though many of the users think the warranty policies should be improved, due to quality performance the issue is not considered intensely.

If you are thinking of buying new spark plugs, keep Screamin Eagle on your list. Also, don’t forget to have a look at the alternatives.

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