Are Copper Spark Plugs Good?

Copper spark plugs are known for great functionality and consistent performance. But the drawback of these spark plugs is their durability.

Compared to other available metals like platinum or iridium, copper spark plugs can perform better. Due to high conductivity and low resistance, these spark plugs are capable of remaining cool even after continuous use.

So, are these spark plugs the ultimate solution? Can you use these spark plugs in all the vehicles? Well, these are the things I’m going to share in this article.

So, to explore all of the answers, keep reading to the last.

Construction of copper spark plugs?

From the name, you can already assume that the base metal for this spark plug is copper. There are two electrodes, the side electrode is for the ground and the core electrode is for generating sparks.

These conventional spark plugs wear faster than high-priced metals. As a result, though it performs really well, you may need to compromise with durability.

Is copper spark plugs good for long time use?

Well, to be honest, copper spark plugs are not so good when it comes to durability. The wear resistance of copper spark plugs is inferior to platinum or iridium.

Though the firing capability is good without any doubt, it may get damaged soon. That’s why it is very important to discuss the warranty of these spark plugs if you are willing to buy one of these.

Generally, copper spark plugs can serve 10,000 to 20,000 miles of driving. Some brands claim, their spark plugs can serve for 50,000 miles.

Are copper spark plugs any good? – 5 reasons to buy these

Copper spark plugs are good for many reasons. Here, I’m mentioning the primary reasons why you should buy copper spark plugs.


I’ve already mentioned that copper is a highly conductive material. That’s why it can create a spark more efficiently than all other available materials. So, the overall efficiency is good.

Low heat generation:

Due to low resistivity, copper spark plugs generate less heat. So, the engine ignition system remains comparatively cool and works better.


Copper spark plugs are capable of serving for a long time without many misfires. Rather, its firing capability is better than most other materials.

Lower emission:

Since copper spark plugs are good conductor, it ensures clean and complete combustion. So, the engine emission reduces.


Copper spark plugs can be used in almost all vehicles. Specially, these spark plugs are great for older vehicles as well as modern cars too.


Top available Copper Spark Plugs

Some of the best brands that make copper spark plugs are listed here. Though there are many other types of spark plugs from these companies, here I’ll discuss copper plugs only.


Autolite makes some best copper spark plugs on the market. Autolite Copper Core is one of the best spark plugs from this company which also comes at an affordable price.

Champion Copper plus:

This copper spark plug from the Champions is another great spark plug. It is available in almost all online and offline stores.


This company makes platinum, iridium, and copper spark plugs. Among all of these products, copper spark plugs are highly available and affordable. You can find a lot of spark plug models in their inventory.


Which is better- Copper or Iridium spark plug?

While comparing copper and iridium spark plugs, some criteria should be remembered. Though copper plugs perform best, their durability is the minimum above all.

Copper is a highly conductive material. As a result, it performs really well on a better level. The generation of heat is also low. On the other hand, iridium spark plugs are of low conductivity.

That’s why a very high amount of heat is produced. But when it comes to longevity, iridium, and platinum is better than copper spark plugs. So, one should decide which feature suits the best for him.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the copper spark plugs good for older cars?

Yes. Copper spark plugs can work perfectly in older cars as well as modern high-performing cars.

How long does a copper spark plug last?

Generally, copper spark plug lasts for 10,000 to 20,000 miles.

Can you replace copper spark plugs with platinum?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your copper spark plugs with a platinum spark plug.



Copper spark plugs are good for functionality but bad for long time use. But the good thing is it costs very little compared to other metals.

So, though these spark plugs won’t last long, you need not spend a lot to replace them either. That’s why racing cars and other modern vehicles tend to use these spark plugs mostly.

But if you are looking for a spark plug that will last long, you may have a look at the iridium or platinum plugs. But remember that, these will cost you more than conventional copper spark plugs.

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