Are E3 Spark Plugs Good?

E3 stands for Energy, Efficiency, and Ecology. So, from the name, it’s clear that all of these parameters can be improved with these spark plugs.

E3 is not so an old company like other available brands in the market. But within a very short time, this brand has become one of the leading spark plug companies. Unique diamond-shaped electrodes, fuel-efficient design, and reduced carbon emission are some of the great features.

But is that all? Of course not. There are so many things to explore about these spark plugs. And here I’m going to cover all the different aspects of E3 spark plugs.

So, let’s get started.

Which company makes E3 spark plugs?

The brand is known as the E3 spark plug manufacturer. This brand produces spark plugs and other automotive parts as well.

The company was founded in January 1997. Since then, they have researched and developed their own ground electrode design. And finally, bought it for the market.

With this design, they succeeded to make the spark plug more efficient, and eco-friendly. As a result, they soon became one of the famous brands of spark plugs.

Where are E3 spark plugs made?

E3 spark plugs are manufactured in the USA. So, basically, this is an American brand.

The manufacturing unit of this company is in Ponte Verda, Florida, USA. This company is recognized as “Florida’s company to watch”. From the very beginning of its foundation, they focused on the design of the electrode, not the material they are using.

As a result, soon they discovered a new design of electrodes. Instead of J-strap, they invented a diamond shape edge for spark generation.

And this improved the spark quality to a great extent and since then the brand never looked back. Even now, the company is still growing.

How does the E3 spark plug warranty work?

E3 spark plugs come with a 5-year warranty policy. So, you can rest assured that the quality of the product is really good.

You can replace or enjoy servicing for any unwanted fault of the spark plugs for up to 100k miles of driving or 5 years from the purchase date. It should be mentioned that the performance of spark plugs depends on engine condition, driving environment, and many other variables.

Depending on those criteria, the performance can be good or bad.

Are E3 spark plugs any good? – 5 reasons to buy these

I’ve already mentioned that there are some unique features in E3 spark plugs. Here I’m sharing some of the best reasons why you should consider these spark plugs if you’re looking for one to buy.


E3 spark plugs have a unique ground design. Unlike conventional ground designs like J-strap, these spark plugs come with a diamond-shaped ground. This feature improves ignition quality and ensures consistency while generating sparks.

Increase power;

Compared to other available spark plugs of similar ranges, these can improve power-producing capability. Some users claim that this spark plug can increase power production up to 12 HP compared to other plugs which are in competition with E3 spark plugs.

Fuel efficiency;

Using an E3 spark plug will not only improve engine output power but also maintains optimum use of fuel. That’s why these spark plugs are really fuel efficient. E3 claims it can improve mileage by 3-5%.

Lower emission:

This feature is really exceptional. This spark plug is one of the finest plugs that are capable of reducing carbon emissions. This is not something we can see often from a spark plug. So, yes, these spark plugs have this unique ability too.


E3 spark plugs are compatible with motorbikes, cars, lawnmowers, snow bikes, and other modified engines. No matter whether it’s a 4-cycle or 2-cycle engine, E3 spark plugs can be used in all types.

Top available spark plugs from E3

Some of the best products from this brand are mentioned below. This list has been made based on the popularity of the products in both online and offline stores.

  1. E3.70 Automotive spark plug
  2. E3.72 Automotive spark plug
  3. E3 Small Engine spark plug

There are many other models like E3.40, E3.46, E3.83, etc. Depending on your requirements, you can choose any of these.

Are there any good alternatives to E3?

If you’re looking for alternatives to E3 spark plugs, there are several products that you can look at. Here below, I’m mentioning some of the most popular spark plug brands, that can be considered as an alternative to E3.

  1. NGK
  2. Savior
  3. Autolite


Frequently Asked Questions

Do E3 spark plugs need to be gapped?

No. The design of these spark plugs is such that no further gap is necessary.

How long does an E3 spark plug last?

Generally, an E3 spark plug will last for 5 years. After that, it’s better to replace it with a new one.

Is the E3 spark plug good for motorbikes?

Yes, E3 spark plugs can provide really good service while being used in motorbikes.


Final Verdict

Among so many available brands in the market, E3 spark plugs have really some amazing features to offer. This brand focus on the design of the electrode, not the material.

As a result, it provides better energy, and efficiency and reduces emissions which is undoubtedly environmentally friendly. That’s why the brand became one of the best spark plug brands in the market.

Though this may not be the best solution if you’re looking for some special requirements, you can look at the alternatives. Take a look at their features and see if this work for you.

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