Are AC Delco Oil Filters Good? (Answer explained)

Oil filtration or purification is indeed an essential factor in keeping the engine’s health fit. When you install an eminent oil filter in your machine, it will prevent internal wear and tear.

The oil becomes free of any contaminants when oil flows through the filter. As a result, it works as a lubricant for the motor vehicle.

AC Delco is one of the finest brands for making high-quality oil filters for different vehicles. But a question is there, are AC Delco oil filters good?

here is the short answer to Are AC Delco Oil Filters Good?

That’s fine! The brand focuses on producing oil filters that can fulfill all the needs of an engine to purify the oil. These filters have a sturdy construction and can filter the engine oil properly. Additionally, they can prevent wear and tear and increase the machine’s lifespan. You may buy these filters at a very affordable price. 

If you want to decide which oil filter is best, you may find Ac Delco on top of the priority list. After all, the brand has been ruling in the market for years. Therefore, I will discuss several interesting facts about the Ac Delco oil filters. 

What is AC Delco Filters Reputation Today?

Many experts believe you cannot go wrong with AC Delco. After all, the market has had its products for a long time. The brand has a superb reputation for serving the need for reliable and efficient products like oil filters. 

One central fact is that the oil filter should trap all the oil impurities. Otherwise, the engine eventually gets clogged and damaged. In the case of Ac Delco, their oil filters can clean all the micro contaminants and saves the engine. That’s why people now love to have this aftermarket product. 

People also love this filter to let the oil flow freely. It can fulfill the need for an engine for lubricant. So far, many mechanics and car enthusiasts have recommended Ac Delco filters. Even you can check the feedback on the web regarding these filters. 

History of AC Delco Oil Filters Brand

Ac Delco has a long history and colorful story about how they are appearing now. Earlier in the 1900s, the leading spark plug supplier was France. They created options for several spark plugs for the gasoline engine makers. But these products were not so affordable. 

A French two-wheeler racer named Albert Champion arrived in the United States in 1889. He took part in several races. There, he bought some bikes and motorbikes. But he could hardly find details of these vehicles. Thus, it was an inspiration to create a brand that might produce all the relevant parts and accessories. 

Charles Metz hired Champion in 1900 to race bikes and motorbikes for a US company. It was Waltham Manufacturing Company. After four years, Champion shifted to Flint, Michigan. He created Champion Ignition Company there to produce quality spark plugs. Things were going well till the problems appeared with the company’s investors. Unfortunately, he was not in the job, yet the investors used his name to produce those plugs. 

Champion started another business in 1908 with the support of Buick Motor Co. He became the president of this company named AC Spark Plug company. Then, Alfred P. Solan founded United Motors Corp. in 1916, and he bought Buick and AC Spark Plug. 

Champion didn’t stop as he created the Flint Faience and Tile company in 1921. Later, he had a heart attack and met death in October 1927. General Motors (GM) bought the ownership of Champion’s estate and AC Spark Plug. Lastly, General Motors announced AC as their entire division. 

GM stopped making tiles as the crowd sought more kilns for the spark plugs in 1933. Later in 1960, AC Spark Plugs and Delco Electronics took part in the space race. AC spark plugs were a part of the second and third stage rocket engines of the famous lunar traveler Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins. 

United Motors Service got a new name in 1971. It was called United Delco Division. Thus, the AC Delco appeared when AC Spark Plug Division and United Delco combined. 

Innovative Models of the Past 

How AC Delco Come Today:

  • AC Delco by GM and Champion Laboratories manufacture these oil filters though AC Delco is the prior manufacturer.
  • AC Delco brand consolidated vehicle parts by GM, including the aftermarket products for non-GM automobiles. 
  • This brand had several names earlier, like United Motors Corporation, United Motors Service, and United Delco. 
  • William Durant and United Motors Corporation owned a couple of brands in the 1900s. 
  • They bought Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (DELCO) that year. 
  • Then, GM appeared and added AC Spark Plug and changed United Motors Corporation to United Motors Service.
  • Later, AC Delco had several distribution centers in different parts of this current century, including NA, Africa, Japan, and India.

What is the Quality of AC Delco filters today? Are there any cons?

You can find many options when you want a quality oil filter for your car. Among all the brands, Ac Delco filters are some of the bests on the market.

Here are some pros and cons of Ac Delco filters to help you decide.


  • Long-lasting: Ac Delco filters are designed to last up to 700 miles, much longer than most other brands.
  • Excellent quality: They are made with high-quality materials that meet OEM standards.
  • Affordable: You can purchase them at more affordable prices than their counterparts. 


  • Not as widely available: Ac Delco filters are not as widely known as other brands, so it is difficult to have them. 
  • May not fit all vehicles: They are mostly designed to fit most GM vehicles, so they may not work with other vehicles. 

Who makes AC Delco Oil Filters?

Knowing a sole AC Delco oil filters manufacturer can be a bit complex. Instead, several owners can claim these products as their own. 

Most experts consider General Motors (GM) to make the AC Delco parts. They make their oil filters using versatile, recyclable parts. Hence, you can easily install many AC Delco oil filters for their incredible features. 

AC Delco is a brand of General Motors. In that sense, we cannot consider GM the leading manufacturer of oil filters. General Motors bought the parts from different suppliers. But they put AC Delco’s name on those collected parts. 

I have also found that Champions Laboratories, aka FRAM, mainly produces AC Delco oil filters. 

Is AC Delco oil filters better than FRAM oil filters?

There are a variety of oil filters on the market. So, it is pretty hard to choose the right one for your car. You may consider looking for a quality oil filter like AC Delco or FRAM. But do you know who is better?

Both AC Delco and FRAM oil filters can protect the engine and keep it running smoothly. However, AC Delco oil filters are made with higher quality materials. They come with more pleats and a substantial warranty. Alternatively, FRAM paper is comparatively thicker. It may resist the expected flow rate of oil. 

 So, it depends on you. In my opinion, AC Delco filters are suitable for GM vehicles. 

Are AC Delco oil filters any good?

Most oil filters from AC Delco can purify 98% oil with a single filtration at 25-30 microns. Besides, the cellulose paper can trap the thinnest pollutant, like 1/3rd width of our hair. It means it is good enough to trap the smallest particles. 

Below are some excellent reasons why you should use AC Delco oil filters:

  • AC Delco filters are a great replacement for GM products meeting OEM standards. 
  • You can get 985 multi-pass filtering efficiency at 25-30 microns.
  • Good choice for many GM and non-GM automobiles. 
  • These filters are good as OEM replacements to get a better oil flow rate. 
  • The filters work evenly when you put the car under maximum stress. 
  • The manufacturer injects nylon core into the oil filter to gain better strength. 

Top ACDelco oil filter on the market

If you want to try AC Delco oil filters, I can suggest two popular products from the brand. Here are short reviews of these oil filters from AC Delco:

1. ACDelco GM Original Equipment PF46E Engine Oil Filter

PF46E comes in a minimum size. But it can perform all the duties of a perfect oil filter. Mostly, you can use these filters in sports vehicles and trucks. The 98% multi-pass filtering capacity at 25-30 microns is great for proper oil filtration. 

Once you install this filter, it will offer an enhanced oil flow in the nylon core area. This central core has 2x the structural strength of typical metalcore. Also, you can recycle parts like steel shells, plates, and leaf springs. 

You can use the non-metallic cartridge as a source of energy. Besides, the lubricity gasket and full cover baseplate offer quick installation. 

2. ACDelco GM Original Equipment PF457G Engine Oil Filter

PF457G is another great oil filter from AC Delco. You can install it in most motor vehicle engines like PF46E. It also has the same 98% multi-pass filtering capacity at 25-30 microns. So, you can stay worry-free by installing this high-performing oil filter. 

It comes with cellulose media that can trap super small particles (width 1/3rd of a human hair). Again, PF457G has five times greater burst strength than other engine oil operating pressure. From cars to foreign and domestic vehicles, you can fit this filter. 

people also ask (FAQs)

Does FRAM make AC Delco filters?

Champion Laboratories aka FRAM makes most oil filters of the AC Delco brand though it is a subsidiary of GM.

How long do AC Delco oil filters last?

Depending on the oil and additives, an AC Delco oil filter can work well between 3000-7000 miles. 

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I hope you know now the best of AC Delco oil filters. They are brilliantly designed to withstand odd situations. Also, their performances are genuinely satisfactory as they can filter oil so well. Once you install the filter, it will last for long miles. Lastly, “are AC Delco oil filters good” is just a way to introduce this brand.

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